One Lap of America Day 5: Gateway International

Racing | May 6th, 2010 by 2

The hits just keep on comin’! The X6 M has been making incredible progress throughout the week against their primary class rival in the Mazda 5. The most recent track excursion found them in St. Louis at the Gateway International to tear up the leaderboard. Gateway proved to be a bit of a mix of different tracks both a large oval and infield road course – not unlike Daytona – to give the drivers a challenge. Mike spent part of the morning walking the track to determine the appropriate method of attack and it seems to have worked after reading through Steve’s report for the day!

Tuesday proved to be a continuation of our successful effort in Oklahoma. After the drag races in Tulsa we had made our way to St Louis for today’s challenge at Gateway International, which would utilize the combined oval and infield road course to create 1.65 mile layout.

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BMW X6 M Continues to Astound!

After walking the course Mike realized he had a challenge on his hands and the win could go either way. One slip and the highly modified Mazda could potentially take back five or ten points. Fortunately for us, Mike and our stock X6 M with Dunlop Sport Max run-flat tires were up for the task. In the morning session we ran a 3.53.828 beating the Mazda by 1.236 seconds over three laps, netting us 5 points and now sharing the class lead.

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Could we continue our winning ways in the afternoon time trial? The Mazda ran in an earlier group and recorded a time of 3:52.671, faster than this morning’s time. As I conveyed this information to Mike I could see a look of determination in his eyes, he wanted the class lead! He set out on his run and appeared to be running near perfect laps, braking late as possible and powering through the corners with the Dunlop tires squealing on the limits of adhesion. At the end of three laps we had beaten the Mazda again by 1.105 seconds, which gave us the class lead and an amazing 18th overall! Not bad for a 5324 lb sport activity coupe.


Now it is time to pack up and make the 476 mile trip to Mid Ohio Sportscar Course, near Lexington OH.