2012 BMW M5 going around the Nurburging track

Spy Photos | May 6th, 2010 by 11
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2011 cannot come soon enough and everyone in the BMW community is excited about the new F10 BMW M5. After plenty of spy photos and …

2011 cannot come soon enough and everyone in the BMW community is excited about the new F10 BMW M5. After plenty of spy photos and teaser information, we certainly have an idea on what to expect from this new generation M5, but seeing the car on a race track, it once again confirms the impressive stance and road presence that we have been mentioning in the past.

To fight off the increased dimensions, BMW focused on lightweight construction and materials. The chassis is pressed in aluminum and several lightweight materials are used in doors, bonnet and even roof (carbon fiber). To reduce drag and boost downforce and lower fuel consumption, special Aerodynamic aids that will be incorporated in the front of the car, including the outer-edge of the wheel arches , front bumpers and within the grille intake. Mini turbines are incorporated in the grille to convert drag under braking into electricity.

With the next F10 M5, BMW will continue to emphasize their efforts in the EfficientDynamics program. Further technologies aimed at reducing fuel consumption without sacrificing driving pleasure and performance, are being part of the new M5.

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While BMW has yet to confirm the full details on the KERS system, we learned in the past it will be utilizing super capacitors. The super capacitor is an electric double-layer capacitor which can have energy densities thousands of times greater than normal capacitors. Super capacitors can also be recharged quickly, transferring what otherwise would be heat energy in the braking process to stored electrical energy.

The KERS functionality will be implemented in the transmission most likely. BMW partnered with several other manufacturers to implement hybrid capabilities in a transmission over the past several years. The ZF eight speed automatic used in the new 5 Series family can be mated to a torque convertor or an electronic wet clutch, so there is some possibility that this will be the core of the 8-speed DCT used on the M5.

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Although the V10 in the current E60 M5 was a candidate for the next model, BMW M is moving into the direction of twin-turbo high-power engine. The new car inherits the V8 engine found in the X5 M and X6 M, but it has been modified to increase power. The number rumored at this point is around 580 horsepower.

The V8 will also feature cylinder shutdown to aid with fuel consumption overall figures and a 25-30% more efficiency is expected, when compared to the current E60 M5.

Obviously, the F10 M5 will feature all the M-characteristic design cues, from M-style front-fascia with larger, aggressive air intakes to the “M” gills and M-style wheels.

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