One Lap of America Day 4: Hallett and Tulsa

Racing | May 4th, 2010 by 0

Things are looking good thus far for the BMW X6 M team. After 4 events the team has been dueling back in forth with a …

Things are looking good thus far for the BMW X6 M team. After 4 events the team has been dueling back in forth with a Mazda 5. After the Tire Rack Facility, Road America, Mid America Motorplex and now the Hallett Motor Racing Circuit and Tulsa Dragway, the X6 M is reigning in its competition from the Mazda.

According to Steve’s report of the X6 M managed to effectively run down the Mazda 5 and outpace it around both the track and taking first in class for the drag race portion of the day. However, reading about it is one thing – be sure to check out the video of the X6 M at Tulsa Dragway!

Today was a very successful day for the BMW Performance Center Driving School / United BMW Roswell BMW X6 M. We ran two events at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit and wrapped up the day with drag races at Tulsa Dragway.

If you have never been to Hallett, you should really put it on your bucket list of tracks to visit. Though only 1.8 miles long, the variety of corners and elevation changes creates a challenging track, backed up by a great group of people managing the facility.

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Our morning run was rather uneventful, if not surprising. We had expected this track to favor the nimble Mazda 5, but found to our surprise our BMW X6 M and driver took to this track, like a duck to water and led the Mazda home 2.95 seconds

We followed up our successful morning run by just narrowly beating out the Mazda 5 by 0.308 seconds over the course of three laps. Mike really did an excellent job of man handling our 5324 lb X6 M around this wonderful track.

This of course put us in a good spirits for the drag races this evening and Mike continued his excellent day of driving by winning our drag race class with a 13.008 sec. quarter mile, good for 107.09 mph, and 17th overall! Needless to say there were many observers including the P.A. announcer who were astounded at our performance.

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Next it was onto the bracket drag and progressed to the 3rd round, where we broke out of declared bracket of 12.95 by 0.2555 seconds.

Now we’re heading northeast up to St Louis for two sessions on the roval at Gateway International. Hopefully we’ll arrive at the hotel by 1:30 for a few hours sleep and then we’ll be up again around 6:00am.