BMW Group U.S. Reports 9 percent increase sales in April 2010

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The BMW Group in the U.S. (BMW and MINI combined) reported April sales of 21,111 vehicles, an increase of 9 percent from the 19,362 vehicles sold in the same month of 2009.  Year to date, the BMW Group also reported a total sales volume of 76,162 vehicles, up 7.9 percent compared to 70,606 vehicles sold in the first four months of last year.

BMW Brand Sales
The BMW brand continued its positive results in April with good sales in the key volume segments of the premium market.  In total, sales increased 10 percent to reach 17,268 vehicles.  Year to date, sales increased 8.8 percent to 63,591 vehicles.

In the important midsize sports sedan segment, BMW maintained its leading position with sales of the 3 Series sedan up 63.7 percent to 5,464 units.  After just one year in the market, the BMW 7 Series also kept its lead in the large luxury vehicle segment with sales up 96.3 percent to 1,555 units in April.  With the 1 Series and Z4, BMW also continued its lead in two smaller volume segments of the premium market.

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“April’s positive results are an achievement keeping in mind we have two high volume models in short supply due to the end of their lifecycles,” said Jim O’Donnell, President of BMW of North America, LLC.  “Both the X3 and 5 Series are in transition and we anxiously await the new 5 on sale in June as it has received superb early reviews in comparisons with the competition.  The all-new X3 arrives at the end of this year and we anticipate strong demand for this new entry in the hot premium smaller crossover segment.”

To prepare for the production of the X3, BMW’s plant in Spartanburg, SC undergoes a $750 million expansion to be completed in late summer of this year.  The local manufacturing of the X3 will provide the company a range of opportunities when the vehicle is introduced to the market.

bmw sales april 2010

BMW Pre-Owned Vehicles
In April, sales of BMW’s used vehicles (including certified pre-owned vehicles) sold through BMW’s dealership network increased 23 percent to 15,472 vehicles.  Year-to-date, used vehicle sales were up 6 percent to 55,320 vehicles.

MINI Brand Sales
While the premium small car segment is lagging other segments, MINI continued to show a strong performance and increased its segment share.  In April, 3,843 MINI’s were sold, up 5.1 percent versus the 3,657 units reported in the same month a year ago.  Year-to-date, MINI USA also reported sales of 12,571 automobiles, an increase of 3.3 percent.

MINI’s long term growth prospects continue to be strong due to macro economic developments in the U.S.  To prepare for this future growth, MINI’s product range will double from three to six models starting in 2011 and the dealer network is being expanded to 100 exclusive stores by summer of this year with dealers investing a combined $200 million this year and last.

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7 responses to “BMW Group U.S. Reports 9 percent increase sales in April 2010”

  1. Brookside says:

    Good News all around- the economy is based on consumer spending…and if people are buying BMW’s in huge numbers it’s another indicator that points to a recovery.

  2. Alex Vintu says:

    Data pointing to recovery? yes.

    More interesting question is why are Audi at +33% and Merc at +21% yoy doing so much better? one can argue Audi’s volumes are half those of BMW, yet Merc’s volumes are very similar. Or will you say, well BMW is more consistent and did better in April 2009 (volumes: 604 BMW vs 560 Merc vs 270 Audi) and hence the the relative poor % gain this year. Either way, numbers show that Audi and Merc are gaining sales back at a faster rate than BMW. It’s prolly also worth mentioning that the 2009 vs 2010 comparison might not be the most indicative of whats coming because of the very large swings in all sorts of economic data. Nevertheless, facts are facts.

    Ford +25% YoY
    GM +6% (or 20%, excl discontinued models) YoY
    Hyundai +30% YoY
    Toyota +24.4 YoY

  3. 100$ GUY says:

    U are forgeting LEXUS.
    Those guys were up 29% and they sold more units than BMW.
    There volume was better, there percentage was superior as well.

  4. Chanter says:

    Whatever. Go and ahead and buy Audi and Lexus if you are dissatisfied with BMW’s sales performance.

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