As we announced throughout the week, BMW Performance Driving School has entered the One Lap of America 2010 with a BMW X6 M, an interesting choice and quite different from the M3 used in the past to race along some of the fastest cars in the U.S.

This year’s One Lap is a joint adventure with the BMW United of Roswell, represented by Steve Maguire, one of the drivers of the X6 M as well. You have already had the chance to see multiple videos and photos from the road, but to make things even more interesting, we would like to create a few contests throughout the event and offer prizes from United BMW Roswell, such as the new BMW USB Keyfob and BMW Bluetooth earpiece.

So here we go. Today’s prize, a BMW branded keyfob that in fact is an 8 GB USB Stick, one of these nifty things that any geek and BMW lover would like to have. To enter the contest, all you have to do is to guess the number of miles the X6 M team has traveled from their departure in Spartanburg, SC until they return in 10 days.

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To accomplish this task, we decide to share with you a tip: in this article, you have outlined all the locations where the races will take place this year. The entries will be captured until May 10th at 11:59PM. The winner will be announced on May 10th.
Good luck!

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