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EVO, another UK magazine, is the next one in line to publish a review of the 2010 BMW M3 Competition Package. As we mentioned a …

EVO, another UK magazine, is the next one in line to publish a review of the 2010 BMW M3 Competition Package. As we mentioned a few minutes earlier, Car Enthusiast shared with us their impression of the M3 with Competition Package and the conclusion was fairly positive: four stars out five.

Without getting into all the details, it is worth mentioning that the Competition Package is available on the Coupe and Sedan models and in the U.S., the package price was set at $2,500.

What’s it like to drive?

As epic as ever and not much different. As we alluded to above, it’s only when you change the dampers into their firmest mode that you actually notice a difference – and on typical British tarmac you don’t really want the dampers at their stiffest. The front end is exceptionally accurate, aided by steering weight that always corresponds directly with the amount of work the wheels are having to do, meaning you feel in very close contact with what the car is telling you. For the umpteenth time though BMW, the steering wheel rim does not have to be as fat as a Bratwurst. It really doesn’t help.

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The sharper front end seems to add even more turn-in grip, allowing you to bring the rear end into play on corner entry. However, the M3 Competition simply isn’t as playful and adjustable as the M3 Edition we drove last summer. In short it’s got too much grip, and the blame for that can be laid at the door of the Michelin Pilot Sport tyres. The Conti CSC3’s that are the other OE fitment (you don’t get to choose which your car comes on) have lower limits, but a more manageable grip/slip balance that suits the M3 to a tee.

Nevertheless, we’re talking small differences, and the M3 Competition does have that bit more edge, helping make it more addictive than ever.

How does it compare?

The Audi RS5 will be the obvious comparo and as I haven’t driven it yet, I’m not in the position to give you the definitive answer. However, if you read Chris’s pieces on testing the Audi RS5 you’ll find out he doesn’t think the M3 has too much to worry about in the dynamic department. Shame.

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4 responses to “EVO reviews the BMW M3 Competition Package”

  1. S14 says:

    how come in some pictures of the competition package M3 i see carbon fiber splitters (article w/ the monte carlo blue car & the matte black one) and in others (like this article) they aren’t present. are the splitters euro-only? bmw-usa.com doesn’t show the splitters when i add the ZCP option.

  2. juan says:

    i love fat s,all steering wheels…oooh i love them

  3. juan says:

    i love fat small steering wheels,ooooh i love them

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