According to the folks over at Phonescoop, BMW and Research In Motion, makers of Blackberry devices, have put together a new bluetooth technology that allows your Blackberry emails to be accessible via the iDrive system.

While BMW emphasizes that this is a safe feature due to the text-to-speech technology used, we just find this to be just another unnecessary distraction while driving.

Sure, it has a cool factor and clearly we are moving into a direction of mobility within your vehicles, but with texting and driving already keeping the headlines of major accidents reports, the iDrive/emails combination might be a bit too advanced for now. Even when voice-driven text is being used.

In BMW’s defense, they have done a great job at restricting the application to basic functionality. The email will never be fully displayed on the screen and it will only be available via the text-to-speech feature we mentioned earlier. Also, since safety is a priority for BMW, the ability to reply to email within the iDrive system has been eliminated as well.

Cool?  Not cool? We’ll let you decide.

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