Rumor: “Joy is sheer” – Attention to detail and a new BMW Concept?

Rumors | April 28th, 2010 by 6
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Is BMW preparing for the unveiling of a new concept? BMW Gran Turismo “Shooting Brake” ?

According to a subtle, but interesting note from the restless BMW inside Scott27, BMW will soon showcase a new interior design case study that reflects future design trends.

Let’s have a look.

INTRODUCTION: The new Aesthetic Path.


BMW is deeply convinced that designers should constantly seek for new aesthetic and expression languages. Interior design should challenge our sensibility and push the borders of conventions. Wood and leather are the conventional choices, but a premium feeling can be obtained by using unconventional materials never before found in a car.

Automobile interior Design is innovation in all senses, it is not a fixed formula of curves, shapes, colors, materials and proportions that can be proposed over and over, because it is the recognizable interior features of any automobile.

The interior of a car should reflect its aesthetic: Premium, Sporty and Luxurious. There should always be an ethic, intelligent and functional support to all of that. Beautiful? Yes. High quality craftmanship? Yes, but with substance.

Part I : Take Your Seat : Innovation providing the best seat in the house.
Part II : Progression of Leather and Wood : New Interior materials for a premium market.
Part III : Design Concept BMW Gran Turismo “Shooting Brake” A new Conception in Interior Materials.

Propaganda or is BMW indeed ready to unveil a new concept, shortly after the unexpected widely and positively received Gran Coupe Concept?

[Source: Germancarforum ]