Jeremy Clarkson slams the BMW X1: “It’s not a car. It’s rubbish”

BMW X1 | April 26th, 2010 by 83
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And Mister Clarkson is back……In its usual language and writing style, Clarkson takes another stab at BMW and as expected by us, he is very …

And Mister Clarkson is back……In its usual language and writing style, Clarkson takes another stab at BMW and as expected by us, he is very much so against the BMW X1, just to put in a few nice words.

Not built for everyone, the BMW X1 came to the market to fill a gap, an entry level SAV that is highly fuel efficient, and that replaces the X3 at the bottom of the X-family. Not the most fun car to drive nor the most spacious, but with a defined demographic, especially in Europe.

With this being said, let’s see what Clarkson had to say:

I felt BMW might be able to pull off a bit of a winner, then. It had learnt some lessons with the woeful X3 and it really has got styling worked out these days. Plus, BMWs are almost always better to drive than any of the cars with which they compete.

Sadly, I was to be disappointed. First of all, the X1 looks like a Hyundai that’s been subjected to a thousand years of wind erosion. It’s dreary. And it’s much the same story on the inside, where you are greeted with lots of extremely scratchy plastic and almost no equipment at all. You want a built-in sat nav system? Well, tough.

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Rigid ride? Seats less comfy than Ford Galaxy?

It’s very uncomfortable as well. The ride is much too rigid and the seats are very nearly as firm as those fitted to a Ford Galaxy. Which means they are hard enough to shape diamonds. That’s nice if you actually want to shape diamonds, but if you just want a comfy place to sit while you go home, the X1 won’t do.

Off-road work? Well, yes, there is a four-wheel-drive version, which should be all right on farm tracks and the like, but the car I drove was fitted with something called sDrive. That sounds exciting. It sounds like the sort of system Captain Scarlet would have used to fight the Mysterons. But no. For some extraordinary reason, sDrive means rear-wheel drive.

…but he likes the RWD

Now I like rear-wheel drive. Rear-wheel drive makes a car feel better balanced than front-wheel drive, or even four-wheel drive. It’s right that the front wheels do the steering and those at the rear the propulsion. It’s why BMWs always feel so proper. But I can’t see the point of such a system in a tall car with the engine from a canal boat under the bonnet.

And here comes the slam..1 out of 5 stars

It robs space, adds cost and means that if we get another snowy winter, you won’t even get out of your drive. I fear the marketing men have insisted this car has rear drive even though it makes no sense at all. The whole package doesn’t, if I’m honest.

If it were a book, it would have no plot and a stupid cover and it would fall to pieces in the sun. But it isn’t a book. And neither is it a car. It’s rubbish.

Now this is all fair game and clearly, once again, this is not a car for everyone and we have not yet fully embraced it either, but what we would really wanted to see from Clarkson was a comparison against the competitors, a far more logic approach before the guillotine is sent down.

Full article at Times Online

83 responses to “Jeremy Clarkson slams the BMW X1: “It’s not a car. It’s rubbish””

  1. I can’t say I disagree with Clarkson. I wasn’t fan of the X1 from the outset. However, I agree with your stance that it should have been compared to direct competitors. If they’re all terrible so be it, then I guess we can write off that segment as unsatisfactory. If it fares better or worse than others though, then at least we know it’s something to do with that particular vehicle.

    • lennardt says:

      that’s just my opinion -> Thumbs up ;-)
      but still i like jeremy clarckson’s way to overact.

      • FreudeKing says:

        I went to this thing’s launch and I was very disappointed at the horrible styling, even in flesh. The styling just doesn’t qualify to be something premium/ exclusive. It’s like that Nissan small 4×4, but just more dramatic and worse overall. The angular wheel arches and the never rising bonnet just doesn’t flow. This is a car that displays a lack of elegance.

        Furthermore, I am horrified to see how cheap and ugly the car looks without the monitor on the dash. It’s a black plastic storage compartment, just like the ones you would find in the Tata and Kia. Furthermore, it was an enomous turnoff to see the normal 1 Series headlamps behind the lens without any effort to make the car look nice, just parts dump from the 1 Series hatch. The interior is also nothing special and lacks class. The wood trim (although real, I guess), is poorly designed, looks like a piece here and there without proper design. All the dials and steering wheel and all that is straight from the 1 Series (some parts even the pre-facelift model). Although this is an entry level car, it should have the premium and quality feel of a BMW, yet it doesn’t. It is also very small inside. It looks and feels cheap! Poor effort!

        • Alan says:

          oh please shut up . this X1 has the most beautiful exterior its much good looking than any other crossover or 4×4 . if isnt so then what is better looking ? give me anexample …

          • Alan says:

            especially that brown collor oh GOD I love it .. it is the best color to me we are tired from the ordinary white , black …. and isnt this the first brown colored car ? i havent seen any other one in my life .

      • sIMBA says:

        Alan, you probably love Kia and Tata cars.

  2. Doug says:

    Although here \he says he likes the 135 quite a lot, he gave the 120d a terrible review as well. Does he feel that the 4-cyl diesel is what’s ruining these cars?

  3. 9w2zek says:

    I agreed with JC, with modern technology without Sat Navigation is RUBBISH, it’s like backward to 100yrs!

  4. Andrew says:

    While I wouldn’t necessarily love the idea of buying an X1 for myself, I’m sure its not as horrible as Clarkson implies. As usual, he is completely over the top – what he does best.

    • Alvin Wong says:

      That’s why he’s one of the best television presenters on TV. The way he reviews things and reacts to them is very over dramatic and sarcastic. It’s just fun to laugh at it and he knows he’s being ridiculous because it’s just his persona.

  5. Bryce says:

    This is interesting. I’m not sure how much weight to put into this review, but it is disappointing to read. Usually I don’t care about negative reviews on designs because I can judge for myself, but the fact that he says the seats are really hard and the ride is rough bothers me. I guess I’ll actually have to drive it to see for myself.

    • FreudeKing says:

      Try sitting at the back of the 1 Series Hatch and you’ll see what he means, esp on a long journey. My friends had to bring pillows to sit on and put on seat belts to prevent sliding around at the back of the car. Fronts seats are better though.

  6. wazon8 says:

    Well, I would like to know what JC would recommend to buy instead of X1. I have to say, I like this car, it looks a way better than similarily spacious cars in this segment. I has fine looking, massive front end which massiveness one can recognized only in real life circumstances and all the car looks interesting in my eyes. It turned out to be lower than I expected which is another pros. And even more important, people seem to like BMW’s ideas standing behind this car! It’s enough to look around in Europe to recognize that this car sells like a hot cakes. At least, I meet this car more often than any other BMW launched after 2008.

    I am pretty shocked by demanding of presence of nav in standard equipment in X1! It’s not stanard in any other car, it’s not standard even in 7-er (in my country it costs 2500+ euro) and the same thing concerns the offer of each other car-maker! Why then should one expect nav in X1?! Man, this review is really poor.

    • Jag says:

      yeah, saw one in Tasman green 2 weeks ago. very impressive!

    • FreudeKing says:

      How can BMW bring out a car without corona rings in this day and age! It is still using the same light unit first seen in 2004 on the pre-facelift 1 Series hatch. This car had so much potential but the company’s cost cutting strategy is preventing it from reaching that potential visually.

  7. plaxico says:

    well i so happy to say….i told you so))))) …….
    bmw x1 is GARBAGE , uncomfortable rubbish,pretty much all bimmers are really really uncomfortable ,its a sad truth bimmer fans.Interior is whole nother subject, it is ridicules how bad interiors bmw is doing, if you buy any bimmer in standard package you get interior that looks like the time stopped there……

    woooouu…sometimes man ,sunny morning is all i need for a great day but when you also get this news….. ooouu man. LMFAO

  8. David says:

    Im not a big fan of the X1 but Clarkson is known for bashing German cars, except for Merc, he even thinks the old Jag XJ was a better car than a 7, S or A8… That is the biggest BS I have ever heard… All English cars suck compared to German cars and that’s a fact!

    • Alvin Wong says:

      Not necessarily true. He did like the E92 M3 and thought the new Z4 was incredibly pretty (which it is). He tends to bash on a lot of the random niche cars that BMW makes, like the X6 and 1-series.

      Also, I wouldn’t necessarily say that ALL British cars suck compared to German. It’s definitely not a fact, more so just your personal opinion (which I agree with up to a certain point).

      • David says:

        True, not ALL British cars, Rolls-Royce and Bentley are good, but, indeed, they are owned by German companies. Jaguar, TVR or Aston Martin just don’t have the same building quality as their German competitors same thing counts for Italian cars whom are not owned by German manufacturers. They look and sound good, but that’s it.

        • Alvin Wong says:

          Heh, TVR…no comment there.

          Aston Martin still had pretty good quality even during their Ford days. Considering how much more you pay for an Aston over a BMW or Audi, they do have really good craftsmanship as expected.

          As for Jaguar I think they’ve started to pick up with the XF and XK. I got a chance to sit an a XF at the San Jose Auto Show and it was quite nice and on par with the Germans in my opinion. Can’t say the same for their past cars though. :P

          Also, are you suggesting that Ferraris aren’t well built? Some of the newer ones may be ugly, but the quality is still very top notch.

          • David says:

            Well, where i’m from an Aston Martin costs twice the amount of a BMW or Audi. (except for the R8 V10 or 760) True, Jaguar is doing well these days, especially the new XJ is a good car. But if you read/watch reviews they’re very positive but there are some inconsistancies in the sheedwork etc. Ferrari’s are well built but they seem to catch fire a lot! So i’d rather be driving a nice german built car instead of burning my eyebrowes in a Ferrari. ;-)

    • Barry Hearn. says:

      Hi David, I have owned both German and English cars over the last 45 years and I can tell you that both countries produce good and not so good cars. Some Germany cars, in particular VW have produced some right rubbish in the past. And Clarkson raves about VW. If you think all English cars suck, and German cars don’t, then you are a fool, and you demonstrate your complete lack of experience.

  9. Curawong says:

    Yes I watch Top Gear. And yes I enjoy Clarkson’s reviews but… I don’t care… Just ordered one!!!
    I’ve driven it, the sDrive and I liked it very much… Love the concept of the car.
    And don’t come to tell that you have a better looking car in this range… Qashqai, Kuga, Tiguan?!…

  10. Giuliani says:

    The only thing that’s rubbish here is Clarkson’s review!

    I have owned 5no 3 series saloons and 4no 3 series tourings over the last 27 years.

    I have just bought an X1 x drive 18d and I have to say that it is the best car I’ve had so far, road holding superb, soaks up potholes and bumps and no Mr Clarkson, the seats are not uncomfortable, they are large and well upholstered.

    With regard to the lower plastic finishing materials in the cabin, bear in mind this is a 4×4 which is likely to have more rough wear and tear so the interior needs to be more robust, no plush velvet here Jeremy please, also note the plastic external sills and inserts, what is he comparing this car with?

    I have looked back his review of the 1 series in 2004 and the comments are almost identical, “one star and rubbish”, it’s not done too badly has it?

    I think its about time the times found a critic more in tune with their readres views.

    • wazon8 says:

      Time has shown how “rubbish” 1-er is. It sells pretty well, keeps its value really well and is extrarodinary in its class due to be RWD. Similar goes for X1, the same fact that it’s avaible with sDrive makes it extraordinary.

      The complaints about quality of interior perhaps stem from comparing X1 with 5-er or something like this. But in fact, it’s enough that it has better quality interior than each of its rivals in segment. Which car is better? Quashqai? Tiguan?! The engines range and technological advance of them that makes X1 winner in its class by far margin. Which car in this segment offer similar efficiency as X1 23d does?

      I like Clarckson and his exeggerated point of view, in most cases his reviews are really funny and obviously annoying for enthusiasts of car-maker at stake. Just remember how Clarckson was making jokes from turbo lag in Lancer Evo IX and made slowest drag race with it against some Fiat. I can only imagine how annoying could it be for EvoIX funs. But this time there have appeared even complaints that concern the name “sDrive”. That’s really poor. Another problem is that Clarckson seems to misunderstand the reason why car-makers started to build small SUVs. During test he usually talkes about their off-road capabilities as if it was the most important thing for potential buyers. I bet that 80% of these cars won’t go demanding off-road during all their life (despite the fact that some videos from BMW show that it’s not so bad in off-road). As far as I can assess the situation, people are searching in such small SUVs higher sitting position, chassis hanged higher and more specious interior. The second feature is recognizably positive when you have to drive through low qualities roads or climb on higher curb. Ppl from Middle Europe and some of US’ cities (such as Chicago or Baltimore) should know something about the first question – “Egh… That’s my chassis touched road once again? Yes!”.

      • plaxico says:

        its so funny to see you go into this sad boring assay lamentation ….babbling about as always, doing everything to avoid the fact that is screaming in back of you mind that X1……SUX!!!!

        • lennardt says:

          it’s okay to post your opinion, but you really don’t need to insult people, because it makes you look like an <16year old son of a bmwhater. btw: what are you doing here, if you think bmws are crap, to expensive and other bad stuff?

          • plaxico says:

            what was an insult? tell me please
            my mission here is truly….just to spread the truth! Salvation! Jesus loves you!
            if you think i tell lies than you shouldnt care what i say…i centrally dont give a jack what you ppl think about almighty merc!!!!

          • m3zoom says:

            lan jiao na bei FUCK YOU kanninabu chao chee bai .go home and play with ur toy car lan jiao bin

        • wazon8 says:

          I have no particular interest in saying that X1 is great and I don’t do it here, especially that I don’t like SUV to the point to spend my money on them. I noticed only few things: 1. X1 is the best looking small SUV on the market; 2. It’s the most technologically advanced small SUV eighter; 3. I really like the way it looks like; 4. I like the fact that it’s lower than I expected; 5. I can understand the reasons for buying such small SUV, although I wouldn’t buy it anyway.

        • wazon8 says:

          BTW, plaxico, you are the only one who babbling here. You’ve been ready to query the fact that BMWs are the best hadling cars in their segments. That action was really close to exposing yourself on ridicule. Hopefully data according to which huge 5GT hadles better than brand new E-class gave you a reason to think about question once again.

          And final question: Why does X1 suck according to you? And please don’t repeat all these general craps about priority of MB. Give us detailed reasons or stay quiet.

  11. Chanter says:

    The X1 isn’t cater to us traditional bimmer fans, it’s more for posers who somehow like SUVs, but a SUV with more respectable mpg figures. I personally am never really into X cars, but heck, if there is a market out there, that’s fine with me. So long as the core models like the 3 and 5 series retain the performance and handling, I’ll be happy.

  12. bmwfan says:

    jc doesn’t like BMW at all the only BMWs he likes are the m3, z4 and 135i. maybe Richard Hammond and James may will have a completely different opinion. He is more of a jag and Mercedes man.

  13. me says:

    He is right. X1 is small, too expensive and plastic is cheap + no extras.

  14. Giuliani says:

    The X1 is based on the 3 series touring, so it’s not a small car, its also better equiped than the 3 and it’s a lot cheaper

  15. ferrarifan says:

    x1’s way overpriced in our place.. the lower spec models already the same price as the Q5..

  16. n8n says:

    I like Clarkson, but sometimes he makes me angry so badly… in my opinion he’s a British Cars lover… He thinks the German cars are made by Hitler or something… that’s not good cause I think the German cars are the best in the world.

  17. Babken says:

    The X1 is designated for the lower SUV segment, so don’t expect it to be an X5. But anyway it’s the clear ultimate automobile in its segment outshining the rest with everything including the safety.

  18. JoeDoe says:

    Clearly the people that are in the market for such a car disagree with Clarkson:
    In the first quarter of 2010, the X1 was SOLD OUT.
    Demand was higher than production, people were put on a waiting list.

    While this doesn’t invalidate any of Clarkson’s remarks, it just shows that his personal opinion, however entertaining, is notthing more than that: his opinion.

  19. mark says:

    Jeremy Clarkson, who seeks only to court controversy with his ridiculous pompous bellowing, really shouldn’t be afforded any credibility as an authority on the auto industry. His only motivation is to maintain his career as a minor celebrity thus no one should listen to a word he says about cars, or politics for that matter. The X1 has for the most part received good reviews, including Top Gear’s website, yet Clarkson is utterly damning. Why? Because the X1 is a BMW, an SUV and likely to be very popular.

  20. Tuesmq says:

    Jeremy Clarkson can be dramatic, but he makes the point very clear here and that’s something that badge whores don’t care see: SUVs or SAVs or crossovers are compromised vehicles. They don’t add more space, are less fuel efficient, and perform worse. Blame America for starting that trend.

    JC wants either a sports car or a useful offroad utility vehicle and hates compromises.

    As far as details go, other reviews have complained about the lack of quality in X1. X1 brings in sales volume, profit and badge, but it doesn’t seem to enhance the driving experience.

  21. badger says:

    of course this is one mans opinion and if you disagree then forget it, but i agree that the styling of the car isn’t so perfect. Its odd and doesn’t appeal to me. However the new X3 looks promising :D

  22. Doug says:

    Just happen to be watching top gear, their car-of-the-year segment.

    Clarkson: “What we look for in a car is …. an ‘X-factor’; something you can’t really put your finger on.”

  23. KOUKI507 says:

    Clarkson’s way might not be the kindest but i have to agree with him, it was also the case when he tested the X6 at Top Gear. The X5, X3, X1 models and especially the X6 are just wrong to me… But BMW is a business, and thanks to these extra models, BMW is now in front of Audi and Mercedes-Benz. This surely works in the short term, after that, only time will tell…

  24. viper says:

    screw x1 along with the stupid moderator

  25. Auday says:

    I don’t agree with people who wants JC to compare BMWs against other cars, BMW is far ahead on the top (or at least it used to be) that it sets its own high standard for itself. Any new BMW that comes short of that standard will disappoint the expectations and will be judged badly. I don’t car that the 3 series drives better than any other car of it’s segment if it doesn’t drive better than the older generation 3 series, or has lesser interior quality. It’s not an excuse to sync down if Mercs or other competitors have crappy cars.

  26. The Lee says:

    Pretty much what I expected to hear from him, since Clarkson and I tend to agree on the subject of SUVs.

    The old X3 was a turd; I can’t say I’m surprised to see that the X1 has taken its rightful place within the BMW lineup.

  27. billmilo says:

    That car is not made to be liked by people who drive supercars for a living, or to be liked by the type of people who read and comment on a car blog. In order for an independent company like BMW to make the fast cars, it has to sell slow and ugly ones first.

  28. Plamen says:


  29. X1 says:

    I am beautiful no matter what they say, words can’t bring me down. I am beautiful in every single way, yes words can’t bring me down. So don’t you bring me down today.

  30. X5SoB says:

    Doesn’t the X1 have an Xdrive option? And when did we put any stock in what Clarkson had to say? He is a pathetic fame hound hoping to be relevant. Seriously, the X1 is a good update on the original tennents of the X3, with the new X3 being the fill product between the X5 and the X1, going up against the Q5. I wish BMW would bring the X1 to the USA.

  31. nonagon says:

    Clarkson is hysterical and I love Top Gear. Not sure why he was given what seems like a base model X1 to test. He should have gotten a decked out one with all the options, including the largest gasoline engine, XDrive, ivory leather interior, sport package, premium package, nav, etc., etc. He probably would have still hated it, but it wouldn’t have been as scathing. I personally think the X1 is fantastic, but wish it were available with the N54 or N55 engine. Looking forward to when it hits the States and will either get that or the next gen X3.

    • FreudeKing says:



    • Armandtirol Davila says:

      If you own a BMW x1 and you drive it in heavy traffic or in corrugated roads, YOU WILL BE HYSTERICAL!

  32. GB says:

    Doesint stop with JC. There is this other review from casrguide. Goes like “Something went wrong between a good idea and the BMW X1….”. Reminds me on reviews of Chris Bangle’s first designs!

    • FreudeKing says:

      Exactly, as I said before, this car just lacks premium feel all round. BMW saw an opportunity, but missed to take full potential to make it most attractive as usual because they are so concerned about $$$$. The report also sums up quite nicely:
      “Practically, the X1 is ok. It can fit a pram. It can fit (just) my giant baby bag, the dogs, the kid and my mum. But what the X1 cannot fit is my expectation for a car that promises so much – but then fails to deliver.”

      This is not an exceptional vehicle, it’s just another car – is that what BMWs are suposed to be? like a VW? They have missed the opportunity and Audi and Merc will come and fill up and make more appealing car than them in the near future. Such a PITY!

  33. GB says:

    Excuse, but I dont mean to agree with that article! Actually I have been relieved by Mr. Giuliani’s comments. I wanted to here from someone who owns one and here it was. The press seems to be sharp on the x1 as it has been on the some Beemers earlier. We are getting this car here in India later this year. I am eagerly looking forward to buying one and was taken back by Clarkson’s views. I’v owned three 4X4 over the years. Non of them had traction control. In slippery situations, it was fundamentally only a 2 WD system and that too, 2 useless wheel drive. 1 wheel on a lower traction surface on the front and the one on the lower traction surface at the rear went spinning. Coming to think of it, I might have been better off in a two wheel drive system with traction control. This way at least one wheel on a better traction surface would have received power, helping me steer out of the slush. S-drive as I know it, does exactly this. Its an intelligent RWD system. Spider gears always made the differentials intelligent. It helped cope with the differential rotation experienced by the left and right of the vehicle along the course of a turn. However same results in diverting engine’s power to the wheel on the lower traction surface during a loss of traction situation. Come dynamic traction controls and this problem is sorted. Without the frictional losses associated with 4 WD system, I am hoping for this system to be an off-road evolution in my country.

    • Armandtirol Davila says:

      Test drive the BMW X1 on smooth and on CORRUGATED ROADS! Your test drive is the most accurate review! Am from the Philippines and I have BMW x1 , my mistake was I did not test it on rough roads! There are only two major things to focuss on your test drive : 1 . Steering: 2. Suspension. If this two major areas passes to your standard, then I do not see any reason why BMW X1 is not good for you in India!

  34. FreudeKing says:

    Doesn’t BMW’s xDrive system also send power to individual wheels as needed? or is the X1 too cheap to get what the X5 and X6’s have?

  35. GB says:

    From the below video, it looks like the x1 does have such a system. I was comparing s-drive to the non-traction control, 4 WD setups.

  36. andy says:

    I really hate Clarkson!!
    Tell me how many people drive at car at top speed and spin around at the track at top gear!

    I just got my X1 and I love it! Is so quite inside is unbelievable..

    It drives well and it looks great.
    Currently BMW can only build 100 per day MAX.
    The build list now starts at SEP2010

    What can I say, BMW cannot make enough!
    I think the sames figures speaks for itself.
    BMW X1 sales exceeded expectations – 36,000 units sold

  37. GB says:

    is it a X or a S-drive?

  38. GB says:

    I’m frm India. We are getting this car out here, later this year. S-drive is my favourate too! Have you taken your car on an offroad trial?

  39. ZE says:

    Poor Mr Clark; his dream is to have a BMW some day… must work a little more and talk ba little less… X1 is a perfect BMW entry car with absolutely no competitor in the market at all!! I grade it 11 out of a 10.

  40. Andy says:

    Yes ze,
    I got my X1 for 3 weeks now I am extremely happy with it,
    It feels like a much bigger car. I had many cars before, my last car was the Honda cr-v which I think is a very good car for the price.
    Clarkson must compare with like to like like the VW Tiguan In my mind BMW Is still a better choice. In australia is only 8000aud difference.

    Anyone got anymore comments.

  41. Gniblock says:

    I drove a loaner X1 FWD 2.8 for a day and COULD NOT WAIT TO GIVE IT BACK and get back into my 128i coupe. I abhored that car. From the stupid electronic autobox shifter that i couldn’t get into reverse to the horrid seats, wallowing yet harsh ride, lack of power and always being in the wrong gear..The car is compact but felt bloated. I don’t know why the bothered. A 3-series Estate blows it away for all purposes. Don’t buy it.

  42. To all the people that are ther thinking of buying an X1 let me tell you my experience after many months driving it: Mr Clarkson is right, the car is very rigid…VERY,  so beware.

    Does it works as a premium off road? I have theXDrive version and the answer is YES! I went sking to the Andes a couple months ago where roads there are not so good, it was snowing with a lot of ice, there were many cars and SUV with 4×4 capabilities stocked with their drivers trying to put chains to the tires but this baby didn t need it. I was amazed how the car responded with quickly corrections to the four wheel traction. At one point a had trouble on little mount of now but I solved it by simply clicking the DTC button and so allowing more slipping on the tires.On the way back the control descent feature worked great. When I bought it I was afraid that the car was not tall enuogh but this experience showed me that it is. The only problem is that the car is so hard that every hole on the road felt like driving a tank.

    The 2.0 Diesel engine is fast, powerfull and with low consumption. Looks? Some times a I see it and I like it but most of the time I see it and wish it didn´t look like such family station wagon. I am single with no children but using this car feels worst than using a wedding ring. However, it has style and I dont feel like driving a Hyundai at all!

  43. To all the people that are ther thinking of buying an X1 let me tell you my experience after many months driving it: Mr Clarkson is right, the car is very rigid…VERY,  so beware.

    Does it works as a premium off road? I have theXDrive version and the answer is YES! I went sking to the Andes a couple months ago where roads there are not so good, it was snowing with a lot of ice, there were many cars and SUV with 4×4 capabilities stocked with their drivers trying to put chains to the tires but this baby didn t need it. I was amazed how the car responded with quickly corrections to the four wheel traction. At one point a had trouble on little mount of now but I solved it by simply clicking the DTC button and so allowing more slipping on the tires.On the way back the control descent feature worked great. When I bought it I was afraid that the car was not tall enuogh but this experience showed me that it is. The only problem is that the car is so hard that every hole on the road felt like driving a tank.

    The 2.0 Diesel engine is fast, powerfull and with low consumption. Looks? Some times a I see it and I like it but most of the time I see it and wish it didn´t look like such family station wagon. I am single with no children but using this car feels worst than using a wedding ring. However, it has style and I dont feel like driving a Hyundai at all!

  44. PKM says:

    Recently purchased an X1. Absolutely brilliant car. I went for the X drive which is an all wheel drive.
    The car is not intended for driving across a muddy field it is simply an all weather road vehicle which is what I wanted.
    No other car can match the versatility, acceleration & economy.

  45. BMW no more says:

    Wait till you drive it in cold weather.
    The brakes squeel like a banshee ….BMW refuses to acknowledge the problem or offer a solution.
    I hope that it doesn’t end up being a safety concern in some future law suit …where covering ther ears will be their only defence !

  46. j81 says:

    all the X1 haters, suck clarksons co*k

  47. armandtiroldavila says:

    BMW X1 well, it’s a head turner allright!, But this car could put you to SHAME! Unless your road is as smooth as as glass, Driving the BMW X1 in countries like the Philippines is just like riding in a WOODEN CART!

  48. armandtiroldavila says:

    Mind you, the entry level of BMW X1 in the Philippines is 80,000 U.S. DOLLARS! I will do everything in my knowledge to make this car road and money worthy! I will keep this car after I have re-manufactured it as a symbol if the WORST CAR EVER MANUFACTURED!

  49. armandtiroldavila says:

    BMW X1 with a heavy steering and an idiotic suspension EQUALS MORON! Improving the ride of BMW X1 by using NON RFT tires with higher sidewall and decreasing ire pressure to 28 psi in order to get a comfortable ride, the steering would kill you,so heavy that you feel you have dumbbels in both of your hands! Increasing tire pressure to lighten the steering! WOW, you feel the smallest road irregularities and if you are unlucky you hit a pothole, sounds like breaking the whole car! What a car,! I mean what a wooden cart!

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