2012 BMW 3 Series Coupe and Cabrio Rendered

Rumors | April 26th, 2010 by 7

A new day and a new attempt at predicting a future BMW model. This time, german magazine Autobild take their turn at illustrating the future 3 Series Coupe and Convertible.

At the same time, the insightful and teasing Scott27, accompanies the renderings with some notes of his own, giving us a general idea on what to expect in the next generation 3 Series, the most important vehicle in BMW’s line-up.

What is known about the next generation model F32 and F33?The adaption of using a different exterior to the sedan , established with the E92 continues to the next platform as this has allowed the E92 to be BMW’s must successful interpretation of an executive compact sports coupe.

What is going to seperate the car further will be the inclusion of different shapes for the headlights and rear lights and further sculpture for the lower flanks along the body.

The headlights will incorporate the new look for Coupes which will be seen with the new 6er, and have the main unit with a recessed opening underneath which will incorporate the front indicators. This allow for a more a dramatic front profile to distinguish the car from the sedan.

The headlights are sharper and recessed to characterise the new 3er family bloodline beginning with the incoming F25 X3. The kidney-grille becomes sharper around the edges, but where the two grills meet, the edges are slightly rounded.

The inclusion of a V-shape allows additional ledges underneath the headlight units to form the air intakes for each side of the car, and also a trapezoid shape central intake which is shallower because of the inclusion of larger kidney grilles.


The rising line which appears at the bottom of the CS Concept , 7 Series and now the Gran Coupe and 6 Series, is not as dramatic. The line remains in the lower flanks, but instead of rising upwards to the wheel arch, it adds a triangular shape stretching the length and at the same time dcreasing in width as it flows to the rear wheel arch.

A dramatic sloping line that breaks over the rear wheel arch adds depth to the rear of the car, as similar with the new 6er; the line then continues in dramatic fashion towards the front wheel arch, similar to the upcoming X3.

The rear of the car will again like the E92 break away from convention and be different to the sedan. Whereas the new sedan receives a typical BMW L-shape design to provide continuity, the new 3er Coupe and Cabrio will retain a new stylish look inspired by the current car.

With the character line melting into the rear headlights allowing for a dramatic angular shape at the upper and lower edges. The upside down L-Shape at the top edge is rounder as the bootlid sits on top with the bottom edge in the licence plate recess sharper.

A design line surrounds the upper units rear corner forming the the top edge of the bootlid forming a typical conclusion of BMW design.

The current BMW 3er Cabrio has been a huge success for BMW, especially with the inclusion of a folding hardtop which has increased the sales for the Cabrio. Whether it is too early to say whether the F33 will retain a hardtop, it does not look likely the hardtop will be ditched ,especially when BMW installed a multi-million euro facility to build and fit hardtops at it’s Regensburg plant.

Whilst not exact, proportionally incorrect and basic, the renderings below give an idea of how the new car will look.”

Our take? Too early for full details, but as we approach the end of this year, the test mules will slowly begin to lose their camouflage and more specific design details could be seen. With an increased competiton from Audi, BMW has no room for error with the new 3 Series and the expectations, within the company and the general public, are very high.


[Rendering by Autobild.de ]