First customer BMW 335xi turbo upgrade in progress

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Those of you that are into modding, tuning and car experiments, you will come to appreciate this article. Jonah, a reader of our online magazine, …

Those of you that are into modding, tuning and car experiments, you will come to appreciate this article. Jonah, a reader of our online magazine, has decided to upgrade the turbos in his 335xi.

“My car (08′ 335xi) is currently under the knife having the first set of TiAL Sport upgraded turbos installed. I will essentially be the first “customer” car with upgraded turbos who is actually vocal and talks about what is going on (compared to say the ASR upgrade which supposedly has sold 10 times but no one has ever mentioned a word about them).  The upgrade consists of a custom compressor and clipped turbine.

Here are the results from my initial test day. Remember this is an AWD Mustang Dyno, so the numbers are smaller than most people are used to seeing.

tial epl turboComparison09 655x436

For comparable numbers to a typical dynojet, add 12% to what you see here. Everything you see here was done on Shell 93 octane pump gas.

jonah stock comparo text


Take note: The baseline you see on this graph is roughly ~20whp more than what would have been observed had I not had a completely catless exhaust + upgraded FMIC + intakes.

Peak gains: 40awhp/50awtq on pump gas alone

Baseline (w/ catless exhaust/fmic/intakes): 256awhp / 289awtq
Stage 3+ Stock turbos: 345awhp / 392awtq
Upgraded turbos: 386awhp / 443awtq

11 responses to “First customer BMW 335xi turbo upgrade in progress”

  1. Sincai says:

    Very nice!
    Some of my friends were thinking about making a 335xd.

  2. e92 says:

    What is the the drivability of the car now? From the looks of the dyno, you lost some low end power.

    • Doug says:

      that’s right…the data is truncated below 2000rpm. Don’t know if the power decreases there, but the torque definitely does.

      because this engine is turbocharged and incurs lag, I have to wonder about the difference between available power/torque and peak power/torque at any particular RPM. Was this affected by the change?

  3. jp says:

    Those slight low end losses (due to the clipped turbine) are not noticeable on the road at all. Plus the gains after 3k through redline more than make up for it.

  4. Doug says:

    Also…. I tried to estimate engine HP using 386 * 1.15 and came up wtih 443, which is your wheel torque figure. Coincidence?

    1.17 was probably the right number anyway, but still….

  5. Nickles551 says:

    BMW has had my 335xi for a month and can’t get it runing and are giving me bull shit. What ASS HOLES

  6. Nickles551 says:

    BMW won’t stand behind cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 335xi has less than 30000 mi.

  7. Nickles551 says:

    when you pay over 50,000 for a car it should at least run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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