Episode 3: BMWBLOG’s Joy Campaign

Featured Posts, Others | April 17th, 2010 by 1

We’re happy to see the responses start to roll in from readers on their personal cars and great photos they’ve come across on the web. This week we have a personal contribution from our reader Sheldon with his own 1988 325iS which has a handful of mods such as 16 inch BBS alloys, a revised suspension and, in this picture, a nice prep for a wedding carriage duty!

Reader Mounir sent us a handful of pictures he came across – my favorites being the BMW M1 grabbing air at the Nurburgring and a heavily modified, diesel powered X3 also catching quite a bit of air as it looks like it is being run for a serious off-roading event!

We hope all of our readers continue to enjoy the BMWBLOG Joy feature and that those of you interested continue to contribute pictures that demonstrate the essence of a BMW to you! What moves you about BMW’s in photos?

DSC 0346 655x467

x raid x3 big jump 655x438

BMW M1: AusMotive via Dedicated reader Mounir

BMW X3: BMW Heaven via Dedicated reader Mounir

BMW 325iS: Dedicated reader Sheldon

BMW 3’s at Monticello: Bulgogi Brothers

BMW M6: From PKB Visions via Flickr