The concept for the BMW Mega City Vehicle is the iSetta?

Rumors | April 5th, 2010 by 14
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That’s the latest rumor from the same old inside source Scott27. In his latest update for the BMW community, he/she confirms some of our previous statements and in a way, they align with what other insiders have told us.

Without much editing, let’s see what’s next in the BMW world.

The i-Setta Easter egg special.

Since the announcement of Norbert Reithofer’s revelation that the BMW brand will go front wheel drive the interweb has gone off on an agenda portraying that BMW will abandon it’s philosophy of Sporty driving rear wheel drive cars.

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Whilst the fury has been spread across the globe , the outcome allays to one specific product. Future cars, such as the 1 Series right through the 7 Series will remain rear wheel drive. The small BMW city car will be the only front wheel drive BMW and contrary to the Internet rumour mill, the car will not be branded as the “0” series. As the new city car will fall under the sub-branding being developed for our Megacity vehicle.

To understand the direction for the BMW City Car look away from the Audi A1 as that focus will be specifically for MINI. The BMW template begins at where BMW has traded in before ideas for a new compact concept in the city car segment.

When the proposal was announced , a meeting was set up in a hanger within Munich Airport in which designers , engineers and marketing all became familiar with BMW’s previous compact history, from the Dixi , isetta and 2002, right through concepts, such as E1 and Z13, and today’s MINI and its 2000 first MINI. This was to put everyone involved in the mind set for the Mega City and City BMW Vehicles.

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The concept for the BMW Mega City Vehicle is the i-Setta and the concept for the City Vehicle is a template using the idea of the Z13. (our recent article on BMW Z13)

The key to understand how these two projects will work out will be the synergy with the BMW Motorrad Division. Components and technology will be shared within the two which will allow BMW offer an unique interpretation of the front wheel drive concept.

The city car is unique in i’s own way because it will offer sufficient powertrain options; it won’t overlap with MINI as BMW know how to distinguish the two brands without colliding their characters.

What will the city car be called?

It will not be named as the “0” series.

The sub-brand models will be distinguished in a way as the “X” and “Z” series, introduce with a new letter, followed by the powertrain size, say 1300cc, and as an hypothetical suggestion “F” (not the actual name) – F 13. Our note: This comes to confirms some of the latest BMW trademark registration fillings for “i” and “E” Series.

Now as always, we advice you take these news with a grain of salt, maybe less than before. Some of these assumptions have been mentioned by us before, but there are still some fine details that we’re trying to find out more about.