The fellas over at DrivesTV sent in a video of the powerful, good looking 2011 BMW 335is, the high-performance 3 Series Coupe that made its world debut at the 2010 New York Auto Show. As a quick recap, the 2011 BMW 335is is powered by the same award winning N54 inline-6 3.0-liter twin-turbo motor that comes standard in the 335i, although the motor is now enhanced…ever so slightly.

It comes packing 320hp at 5,900 rpm and 332lb-ft of torque is available from 1,500-5,000 rpm. The engineers have tweaked the twin-turbo 3-liter motor to have an overboost function that increases torque to 370lb-ft.

During this video, DrivesTV also interviewed Joe Wierda, BMW Product Manager for the 3 Series, X3 and Advanced Diesel who provided an overview of the new BMW 335is.