BMWBLOG’s Joy Campaign

Featured Posts | April 2nd, 2010 by 5
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As many are now aware, BMW is in the process of implementing its new Joy campaign. The campaign, in a broad stroke, will compliment the long-standing “Ultimate Driving Machine” slogan. The essence of Joy and the proceeding campaign is to show the pleasure that can be derived from these Bavarian masterpieces as true performance machines. In commercials, BMW shows the joy of the driver and the open road, the sensations that the car feeds through its tactile points and, of course, the camaraderie felt by many through the large enthusiast community.

BMW isn’t a company about just making money, they’re a company about evoking emotion.

We at BMWBLOG concur with the Joy campaign. After all, it is, in part why we spend our time on this site and why many of our readers spend their time here pouring over the latest details and stories about the cars that provide Joy in Driving. As a result we thought that, in our own way, we would like to present to our readers a minature Joy campaign of simple pictures that demonstrate the the joy and emotion that can be derived from the ownership or even just the application of Bimmers at what they do best: sporty driving.

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For that reason, we will be running these pictures every Friday to get all of our collective blood running for the weekends where, across the planet, BMW’s are found trackside ready to turn fast laps at a trackday, found in shopping centers helping haul our families, on professional races setting new records or simply sitting in our driveways to be waiting washed and admired before being taken out to a favorite backroad and put through its paces.

Our first collection comes to us via our friends at Bulgogi Brothers, a great enthusiast site with an excellent eye for automotive art. We will continue to provide this content but as this is a website driven by enthusiasts – we want to see your own interpretations of BMW Joy – send an email to and you’ll see your “BMW Joy” photo make an appearance – show us your essence of BMW photos!

(Pictures via Bulgogi Brothers and TCL, Ring Taxis by NordscheilefenFan via Bulgogi Brothers)