One of our recent articles on car insurance and BMWs have created some further discussions around the factors that influence the insurance premiums and overall costs. We reached out to some of the insurance experts out there for further clarification.

Whether it is the BMW M5 series or regular BMW, these luxury cars are a favorite choice for many car enthusiasts. However, if you purchase BMW M5 series vehicle, sports car buffs will tell you that you are getting an extremely powerful fast car with a sleek and sporty design.

Since 1972, BMW has been making the BMW M Series. This series consist of mid-size and executive luxury cars. Currently in its fifth generation, the M5 series is sold as a sedan and as touring body styles. When you purchase a BMW M5, you will be paying for style, performance, and its expensive features. When paying for such a fantastic fast car, expect such high costs as maintenance, fuel, financing, and insurance. When it comes to insuring the BMW M series compared to traditional BMW vehicles, expect to pay more.

In addition to the higher price, insurance companies will factor in the powerful series engine, acceleration rates, and top speeds, which make these cars a high risk. Insurance companies know that drivers will be more likely to drive faster to get the full benefits of these high performance cars. Therefore, drivers of these cars are placed in a higher risk category and the insurance premiums they pay will reflect that risk.

For example, the costs to insure 2010 BMW M5 Series Sedan for five years includes: Year 1 – $2,486, Year 2 – $2,448, Year 3 – $2,411, Year 4 – $2,375, and Year 5 – $2,341.

The traditional luxury and sporty BMW cars have a less powerful engine compare to the M series. The regular BMWs are less expensive, less powerful so the insurance companies classify them in a lower risk category. For instance, the cost to insure 2010 BMW X3 for five years include: Year 1 – $1,162, Year 2 – $1,149, Year 3 – $1,136, Year 4 – $1,124, and Year 5 – $1,111.

When purchasing insurance for the BMW M5 series or a Regular BMW, it is important to comparison shop for the cheapest policy. To find cheap auto insurance online, you can use a free insurance comparison quote service available on insurance information websites. You will be offered the cheapest possible auto insurance quotes from a number of different insurance providers. As well, make sure you take advantage of discount incentives to lower your insurance premiums.