BMW 1 Series FWD Hydrogen Hybrid Concept

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A BMW 1 Series front-wheel drive powered by hydrogen? That seems to be the latest news. According to a report by citing some recently …

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A BMW 1 Series front-wheel drive powered by hydrogen? That seems to be the latest news. According to a report by citing some recently released documents,  BMW has big plans for the 1 Series family. From a four-cylinder gasoline engine, to fuel cell and electric drivetrain, all the technology comes together in this secret project: Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle.

And did we forget to mention front-wheel drive?

It all start with relatively normal 120 horsepower four-cylinder gasoline engine. But opening the hood, gives us the big surprise: this concept has a front-wheel drive. At least, on longer journeys.

The rear-drive system is still there, but only operated by an electric motor. This unit gets its energy from some very powerful capacitors and fuel cell. The fuel cell converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity, and recharges the batteries. The capacitors temporarily store electricity from the fuel. During acceleration, they can provide a great amount of energy. The energy coming from braking gets stored as well.

The fuel cell and electric motor are designed for urban driving. The four-cylinder is available when traveling over long-distances. Best case scenario gives us a car with very little to none emissions.

According to BMW, this technique implemented in the concept is still very expensive, but this gives us some hope that BMW hydrogen cars remain important in BMW’s strategy.

13 responses to “BMW 1 Series FWD Hydrogen Hybrid Concept”

  1. Lariv says:

    Thats plain wrong.

  2. Bryce says:

    I love that BMW is leading the way in Hydrogen technology… however, it seems like the 1 series is becoming rather pedestrian and getting away from the motorsport heritage that BMW is known for.

  3. L1ndja says:

    I too love the fact that bmw is concentrating on hydrogen power and hope that this will be the future of the automotive industry because im not a big fan of the electric automobiles

  4. Vaybach Khan says:

    i think the hydrogen is best solution for cars ,and not just for cars ,but for all fuel consumers machines and such…the hybrids is funny thing..its not all electrical cmon..its just poitics..but good to know that bmw is ready 4 any solution..

  5. Is that an electric motor with an axle to the rear wheels? So really this is AWD? I’m starting to like it…

    • X5SoB says:

      Not really all wheel drive in the sense of force apportioned to all the wheels at the same time, rather, sometimes FWD, sometimes RWD. BMW would probably still label it XDrive, though.

  6. X5SoB says:

    An engine sitting sideways in the nose of a BMW… heresy!
    It does look like the engine is behind the front axle centerline, and that combined with the weight of the hybrid mechanicals and the motor in back should allow it to still handle like a BMW, but still, it’s unnatural. BMW enthusiasts will stay away, but the buying public may like it.

  7. Doug says:

    HAH! What did I tell you all?? Electrics manage the torque split in the rear for RWD-style handling.

    Told You So…. Told You So…. Told You So….!

  8. Doug says:

    Wait a minute… I can see a hydrogen-powered combustion engine….OR a hydrogen fuel cell. But why both a gas combustion engine and a fuel cell? And batteries/caps? It’s excessively complicated.

    Also, .look where the engine and tranny are mounted — Ahead of the front wheels??!

  9. CalebC says:

    I’m not sure whether to be happy BMW is putting all the suck into one car I can ignore or sad that it turns out BMW won’t be building a hybrid I can get excited for…

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