Update: Postponed due to technical difficulties. Join our live webcast with Jack Pitney

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Update: Due to unfortunate technical difficulties, the webcast has been stopped. We will follow up with Jack next week at the New York Auto Show …

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Update: Due to unfortunate technical difficulties, the webcast has been stopped. We will follow up with Jack next week at the New York Auto Show and speak to him on camera about the Joy campaign. Please accept our sincere apologies. Tune in Wednesday, March 31st for “Take two”

Jack Pitney, Vice President of Marketing, BMW North America, has offered to sit down with us and take some questions live from our audience around the “Joy” marketing campaign and the “Ultimate Driving Machine” slogan.

The scope of this interview is to focus on the marketing side of “Joy” and some previous assumptions that it will replace the iconic, “Ultimate Driving Machine” slogan.

For the first time in the history of BMWBLOG, we will offer a live video interview with Mr. Pitney which will be broadcasted on our website at www.bmwblog.com/udm, as well as on USTREAM.tv.

The interview will take place on March 26th beginning at 12:30 EST (11:30 CST; 9:30 PST).

Starting today until Thursday, March 25th, we will be taking your questions through the comment form below, as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages. A set of questions will be compiled and Mr. Pitney will respond live during our webcast.

Live video by Ustream

6 responses to “Update: Postponed due to technical difficulties. Join our live webcast with Jack Pitney”

  1. billmilo says:

    An interview would be fine. I can live without the webcast.

  2. Lame says:

    I work in Washington, when something is delayed because of “technical difficulties” that invariably means one of the parties involved doesn’t want to do it for whatever reason.

    Be honest with us and tell us why you or he didn’t want to do it and why it was postponed.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Wrong assumption. If you go back to the stream, you see that we started recording a few minutes and then the Ustream server did not function. Believe me, this project has been in works for weeks and everyone was thrilled about it, especially Jack Pitney.

      We’ll regroup next Wed and present the interview from the NYC Auto Show.

  3. RoundelLoyal73 says:

    I would like to commend BMWBlog for taking such great strides in helping to push social media from behind the closed business doors and into direct contact with loyal owners and enthusiasts (as it should be). These webcasts will create a tremendous value for all parties involved and demonstrate to the entire automotive industry how it can be done correctly.

    As fantastically patient as Mr. Pitney was, it was painfully embarrassing to experience “technically difficulties” which appeared could have been avoided with proper testing prior to establishing the live feed. Please be respectful of everyone’s time, especially to the guest who can encourage future BMWblog speakers. Understandably this was the first live webcast for the site and sometimes stuff just happens.

    Though coming from a corporate background I did have a sense that a handler pulled the plug either due to how much time was left for Q&A or after the first somewhat critical question on the brands eco image. Establish trust; get approvals by running some questions by their team then rock and roll! If possible next week, I would love to see a great follow-up sit down with Jack and preferably not a three question catch-up from the mobbed NYC show floor.

    We fall down seven times; now let’s stand back up eight more. Let’s show them how it’s done.

    Cheers mates!

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Not to beat a dead horse, but we tested the system every day almost for two weeks and it all worked flawless. Jack was great and we hope to do this in the near future again, BMWNA is opened to these ideas and would like to engage the audience, and we are here to provide that medium of communication.

      I understand your frustration since we strive to be very professional and I personally took this failure personal, but I’m recovering from it now :)

      This was not an ad-hoc webcast, we ran the questions by Jack and his team before and agreed on the most interesting ones.

      We’ll do a great video at NYC auto show and share it with everyone.

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