Edmunds drives the 2011 BMW 335i Coupe Facelift

3-Series | March 24th, 2010 by 8
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The folks over at Edmunds InsideLine had the opportunity to drive the new 2011 BMW 335i Coupe Facelift, or LCI if you would use BMW’s …

The folks over at Edmunds InsideLine had the opportunity to drive the new 2011 BMW 335i Coupe Facelift, or LCI if you would use BMW’s own buzzword.

Here is an excerpt from their review:

“We tested the midlife 335i coupe and convertible with the dual-clutch Getrag rather than the ZF-built six-speed automatic manual that will be the U.S. option for this car. That’s because the Europeans can have any transmission they darn well want in the 3 Series, while BMW North America wants to reserve the Getrag for more exclusive models like the 335is and M3.

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But, as already written, there’s more than just a different tranny to the revised 3 Series. The N55 inline-6 puts up the same power and torque numbers as the N54 twin-turbo, only now with less mechanical effort and fewer CO2 emissions. The N55 combines direct fuel injection, variable valve timing and a single BorgWarner twin-scroll turbocharger that can deliver peak boost of 10 psi.

So, yes, BMW has been scooching around various technical pieces in the 3 Series formula as if they were chess pieces in order to create a new, upper level of 3 Series cars. To our thinking, the new 335i and 335is are different enough to warrant one another’s existence. (Is the $7,000 extra for the 335is warranted? Well, can’t decide that one since it’s up to them what buy ’em.)

One more subtle change to be seen first in this 2011 BMW 335i is the use of Sachs dampers at all corners. The objective is a more linear cycle of compression and rebound across the low-speed bumps in town, as well as over the high-speed bumps of the highway. The system of coil spring and piston within the dampers has given way to a stack of thin washerlike discs that produce more progressive fluid flow and less vibration over everyday pavement imperfections. (GM has used this technology in the U.S. for years.) We can attest that we felt the difference and also that none of the goodness on the sporty side of the equation has been lost.”

Full Review at InsideLine

8 responses to “Edmunds drives the 2011 BMW 335i Coupe Facelift”

  1. Freedom Rings says:

    BMW is going to miss the hello out of Chris bangle you mark my words SMH

  2. Andrew Burns says:

    Agreed. I’ve never understood why he was criticized by the media so much. Most consumers love what he did with the design of the BMW. He brought it into the 20th century and everyone is still trying to copy him. I hope BMW designs don’t go back to being boring.

  3. Julien says:

    PLEASE BANGLE COME BACK TO BMW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. gregg says:

    well- this sucks i was at the bmw 2011 site.. it still says twin turbo for the 335i and the 135i BUT the 135i get the dual cluth the more espensive 335i doesnt… seems like the 135i has the better mecchanical options while the 3 has better looks.. i would but i feel cheated the dual clutch isnt in the 335i

  5. Eric says:

    I’m having a hard time trying to justify spending 6k more on a 335i vice the 135i seeing the only real benefit would be a bit more space..

    I don’t care what sort of slushbox trannies either have as I’m a real enthusiast, I drive true manual.

    In regards to looks, I’ve seen a few 135i’s around town and thought they looked very attractive. I don’t know how in the world some think they’re ugly, etc.

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