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Our friends at WheelSTO are continuing their tuner in Japan and have a new story to share with us.

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“Recently, we ran a short feature on one of our favorite shops in Japan, Bond. Calling them a shop doesn’t really do them any justice as Bond is clearly one of the power houses in European car and Exotics tuning in Japan.
During our brief visit, we came across the infamous Blue G-Power M3. The Blue M3 was featured in multiple magazines, throughout the world. We first came across this car at the 2009 Tokyo Special Import-Car Show. G-power had just come out with the supercharger ahead of everyone else and this was the stuff of dreams. To me; it still is.

The car has come a long way since its days as the demo car for G-power Japan. It has gone through multiple changes in look and performance. It has been the test bed on which Lager has tested and designed many new products for the E9X M3.

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Even after a year, the car is still running on a healthy dose of boost , thanks to the G-Power Supercharger SK-I system. I am sure that this system needs no further introduction. The SK-I system runs on the ASA T1-518 supercharger, with air-to-air intercooler mounted in the front. Though, the SK-I not a titan in the world of supercharged M3’s, it produces a heart pounding 80hps, reaching 500hp. This was no. 0017 of many many more to come.

With the top speed limiter not in existent, it is certainly a fun car to drive if you can find the Roads. Much thanks for Naoki-san (Sales & Marketing Manager of Lager Corporation), I had the chance to experience the G-Power M3 in real life. A life that I felt could have easily been shortened abruptly, if not for the driving expertise of Naoki-san.


This car is responsible for the development of one of the best looking lips on the market right now for the E9X M3; the Awksher front lip spoiler. This front lip addition in full rich carbon fiber construction integrates to the vehicle seamlessly. It really looks like it belongs on the car. I imagine this is no poser either when it comes to performance with a substantial amount of surface area for down force.
The supercharger wasn’t the only thing boosting power. The Full Titanium Evolution system from Akrapovic is responsible for exhaust duties and it sure does a good job. It sounds amazing too!


What is the use of all the performance if you get weighed down by heavy shoes? That is why Lager has developed custom Monoblock Forged wheels called the Awksher AWF.5. The AWF.5 is an 8000ton forged monoblock of pure wheel supremacy. Design is sharp and the strength to weight ratio is phenomenal. The “Normal” disk up front and the “Concave” disk at the back just make it so much more menacing. Its footprint is 20 – 9.0 front and 20 – 10.5 rear.


All the power of the G-Power SK-I kit is put right through the tarmac with some continental rubber. But what really helps keep the rubber stay planted on the tarmac is a set of KW Variant 3 suspension.

What better way to test all this power and tuning than on one of the most renowned circuits in Japan, the Fuji Speedway (host to 2008 F1 Japan Grand Prix). With a professional race car driver on board, the G-Power SK-I recorded best lap time of 2:01.844. (For reference, the R35 GT-R did it in 1:56.5).
Here is a feature on the Circuit test at the Fuji Speedway on Special Cars Magazine in Japan.


It has been an honor to be able to have the experience that I had with this car and to be able to share it with my fellow BMW enthusiasts.