BMW Manufacturing Launches New X5

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Press Release: New Model includes 4,000 new parts More dynamic, efficient, and luxurious than ever, the new BMW X5 continues to strengthen its leading position …

Press Release:

New Model includes 4,000 new parts

More dynamic, efficient, and luxurious than ever, the new BMW X5 continues to strengthen its leading position within the four-wheel drive, premium vehicle segment. The new BMW X5 has a fresh new look and features new engines, drive trains, and thousands of new parts.  The associates at BMW Manufacturing have been planning the launch of this new model for over 18 months, which involves nearly 4,000 new parts.

Since launching the original BMW X5 in 1999, this new model X5, the fourth generation, features a completely revised range of engines, standard eight-speed automatic transmission and innovative driver assistance systems that ensure the driving pleasure of the new X5 offers even greater fascination.  The production launch of this new model occurred as a digital changeover within Plant Spartanburg, meaning that production associates learned new vehicle processes alongside existing processes and parts were seamlessly transferred into the new model X5.  This changeover took place over a single weekend, with no ramp-down of the 2010 model on March 19 and no ramp-up of the 2011 model on March 22.

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“The new model X5 features exterior design changes including new front and rear bumpers, new front fenders, new headlights and new tail lights.  This adaptation significantly enhances the presence of the new X5, making it look fresher and more elegant,” said Bobby Hitt, Department Manager for Corporate Affairs, BMW Manufacturing Co. “In spite of significantly improved performance, thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics, fuel consumption and emission levels are lower by up to 10%.”

“One of the most significant changes for our plant was the introduction of a completely new range of gasoline and diesel engines. Almost every new X5 is equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission as standard.  Further, each new drive train offers a new transfer case, new front and rear differentials, and new drive shafts,” states Craig Westbrook, BMW Manufacturing’s Project Manager for the New Model X5.

With the addition of BMW ConnectedDrive and new driver assistance systems, several new safety features come standard on the new BMW X5.  The Lane Departure Warning feature alerts the driver to unintentional drifting from the roadway by sending a vibration through the steering wheel.  Side View cameras integrated into the front of the car allow the driver to see traffic coming from the left or right.  Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function ensures that the selected distance from the vehicle ahead is maintained; the system will slow the car down and even come to a complete stop – without the driver ever touching the brake pedal.

BMW Manufacturing Co.
BMW Manufacturing Co. is a subsidiary of BMW AG in Munich, Germany and is the global producer of the BMW X5 Sports Activity Vehicle and X6 Sports Activity Coupe. In addition to the South Carolina manufacturing facility, BMW North American subsidiaries include sales, marketing and financial services operations in the United States, Canada and throughout Latin America; and a design firm and technology office in California. For more information on BMW Manufacturing, visit

4 responses to “BMW Manufacturing Launches New X5”

  1. viper says:

    off topic: dont know if anyone brought this info before but I just found out that the reason bmw is making a small FWD cars is because the owners of 1 er ( in a survey didnt know whenever their car is fwd or rwd quite frankly 80% thought the 1er is a fwd which just proves that 1er buyers or owners are complete idiots , well some good 80% , and care nothing less than zero about bmws rwd sporty character , they only care about the badge.
    what a pathetic excuse by bmw to make a fwd car and even more pathetic 1er owners who dont know anything. this is so shocking !

    • Bartek says:

      Do you really believe in that survey? I’m sure it is posted to make an excuse to make small FWD car by BMW. It is unbelieveable and not possible that 4 of 5 owners dont’s know anything about their car, like its FWD or RWD. If you believe in that survey it only proves that you are silly.

  2. viper says:

    if its fake then it lowers my respect for bmw even further

  3. Jack says:

    I love the new x5!

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