For several months, we have had an eye on Carbon Motors, an American company on the cusp of producing role specific police cars. The anomalies and challenges of police work are such that generic civilian vehicles – modified for police work – are not quite ideal. For this reason, officers all over the Continent have been longing for a custom built police car – a car that caters to their unique automotive needs.

Carbon answers this call with their avant-garde purpose built police car, the “E7.” ‘Suicide’ style rear doors allow for better control of a suspect upon ingress and egress from the vehicle. All storage compartments are purpose built to hold specific tools and weapons. The E7 is built upon an aluminum space frame for weight savings, handling and crash safety. The seats are “cut out” and contoured such that the thick and cumbersome utility belt worn by officers does not push against the back of the seat, needlessly causing poor posture and back ache. Currently, many officers find the standard seats of the popular Ford Crown Victoria to be very uncomfortable when wearing their tactical belt – and many officers have used a knife to cut the stuffing out of the sides of their seat to allow more room for their belt. Clearly, Carbon Motors is a relevant enterprise that will answer the call of law enforcement officers.

Previously, Carbon released information about their new police car – but left out specific details about the engine. We already knew that the E7 would utilize a turbo diesel engine with an expected 250 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque; what we did not know is who would produce this engine.

As it turns out, Carbon Motors really is gunning for the ultimate in quality and performance (excuse the pun) and a partnership with BMW has been officially announced as of 10:00 this morning.

The E7 Police car will be built in Indiana, with BMW’s inline-6 turbo diesel engines fitted.

For more information about Carbon Motors and their stunning new Police car, please click here.

One thing is for sure: this car will be extremely intimidating in your rear view mirror.