Dinan S3-R M3 Revealed – 527 hp, 407 lb-ft +200 mph

BMW M3 | March 18th, 2010 by 17
M3 E92 engine copy 750x500

Press Release: Dinan S3-R M3 Revealed. A 527 hp 407 lb-ft +200 mph monster when the pedal is to the firewall and a comfortable daily …

E92 M3 3 4 1 copy 655x436

Press Release: Dinan S3-R M3 Revealed. A 527 hp 407 lb-ft +200 mph monster when the pedal is to the firewall and a comfortable daily driver in bumper to bumper.

The M3 name by itself carries a lot of weight in the automotive world, sitting at the top of the 3 Series line as BMWs sportiest offering. An impressive car right out of the box, with details like a carbon fiber roof, powerful brakes and an electronically adjustable suspension that are reserved only for the M badge.

The Dinan S3-R M3 takes the M3 to a whole new level, hiding under the conspicuous hood is 527 horsepower and 407 foot-pounds of torque, up 113 horsepower from the stock engine.

The stock V8 engine is bored and stroked for a gain of 608cc of displacement. The Carbon Fiber High Flow Intake and bored out High Flow Throttle Bodies add more oxygen rich air while the Middle Racing Exhaust and the connected High Flow Exhaust let the spent gasses exit with ease. And the story does not end at the engine like so many of these stories do but continues on to the practical, with suspension upgrades to match the newly found power and the massive amount of rubber now beneath it.

M3 E92 3 4 Rear 655x436

Dinan’s wheel and tire combination put 275/30 tires on the front and 295/30 tires in the rear on a one piece forged wheel that weighs just 19 lbs, significantly reducing unsprung weight. To handle the power and torque delivered to the larger wheels the suspension was upgraded with new springs, front anti-swaybar, Carbon Fiber Front Strut Braces and Racing Rear Toe Links to put the power to the ground. The E92 M3 carries the tag line on the BMWNA website that “racecars shouldn’t be confined to race tracks”, Dinan could not agree more.

M3_E92_engine copy

Inspired by 30 years of BMW performance tuning, the Dinan S3-R M3 features a carefully engineered, balanced high performance package for the M3, backed by the only warranty on the market that matches the manufacturer coverage for up to 4 years/50,000 miles. The Dinan S3-R M3 offers remarkable performance that can be enjoyed without the fear of compromising warranty coverage or the reliability expected of a BMW automobile.

Dinan S3-R M3 Available for E92, E90, E93 M3


  • Engine 4.6L V8 • Free Flow Exhaust (Rear Mufflers)
  • High Flow Throttle Bodies
  • Carbon Fiber High Flow Air Intake
  • Underdrive Crankshaft Pulley Kit
  • Middle Racing Exhaust

Maximum Horsepower: 527 @ 7800 rpm Maximum Torque: 407 lb-ft @ 5200 rpm Suspension

  • Stage 3 Suspension System Includes: Performance Spring Set, Matching Front Bump-Stops, 28.5mm front anti-swaybar w/ urethane bushings, Front camber plates, Rear Upper Shock Mount Kit, Front Guide Supports
  • Carbon Fiber Front Strut Braces
  • Racing Rear Toe Link


  • Dinan/Brembo Front & Rear Brakes with black calipers & slotted rotors

Dinan Options Wheels and Tire

  • Front Wheel: Dinan 19 x 9.5” Lightweight Forged Wheel Rear Wheel: Dinan 19 x 10” Lightweight Forged Wheel
  • Front Tire: 275/30-19 Michelin Pilot Sport II
  • Rear Tire: 295/30-19 Michelin Pilot Sport II


  • Dinan Aluminum Pedal Pad Set
  • Dinan Deck Lid Badge
  • Dinan S3 Serial Numbered Plaque


  • Matching New Car Warranty coverage up to 4 years/50K miles. Except on “Racing” parts.
[Source: Dinan ]

17 responses to “Dinan S3-R M3 Revealed – 527 hp, 407 lb-ft +200 mph”

  1. Jordan says:

    it’s a private video :( …. i can’t view it!

  2. Mark says:

    Why does he keep calling it a “little car?”

  3. L1ndja says:

    Great finally a non Forcedinduction tuner which makes it a monster with 530Hp.Great

  4. rolren says:

    It’s nice to compare it with the 4.5 litre V8 of Ferrari 458 Italia which delivers 570bhp@9,000rpm and 398 lb/ft torque@6,000rpm. It’s good to note that the red mark on the Ferrari 458 Italia is at 9,500rpm, which means that the engine is pretty stressed.

    BMW is definitely way better.

    • Jordan says:

      You’re comparing apples and oranges. you’re comparing a flat-plane V8 (458 Italia) to a cross-plane V8 (S3-R M3)… and not only that, they’re made for different purposes.

      the BMW is made to be an all around performer with fabulous performance with everyday drive-ability. the Ferrari is made to be super light, have a super high revving V8 and is not meant to be a daily driver. the BMW is truly fantastic at what it does and so is the 458 Italia!

      going back to crankshaft design… the 458’s flat-plane does not require counterweights, the crankshaft has less mass and thus inertia, allowing higher rpm and quicker acceleration. that’s why you have the higher rpm! it’s false to suggest that it’s not as good. flat-planes are used commonly in racing engines and Ferrari V8s, as well as others including the legendary Cosworth. it’s got the highest specific output of any production V8 at 127hp/L, not to mention the top speed north of 200mph! this new Ferrari is a really good car!

      oh and if you’re concerned about the high rpm… don’t get a motorcycle! the BMW S1000RR redlines at 14,200rpm!

      • rolren says:

        You’re right but despite all the differences, I wanted to see how close the BMW M3 S3-R could get versus the Ferrari 458 Italia. I’m not concerned a lot by how far Ferrari’s engine revs up because when it comes to revving and horsepower, BMW has the edge over any other car manufacturer. We’ve all seen how BMW dominated the engine’s war in F1 (2001/2/3/4/5) before the engine freeze saga.

        • Jordan says:

          Ya, the S3-R is pretty good. it’s got more power due to the extra displacement but they also optimized it and got a significant increase in specific output over the stock M3. i’d love to own either car!

          • rolren says:

            I only and proudly chose a BMW.

            I hate Ferrari as much as I hate demons lol.

          • David Bana says:

            I see where your coming from rolren and jordan. I’m a mechanic and an engineer and I worked for bmw. The m3 v8 is a special car and dinan just showcased some of its potential. The ferrari is a totally different car and are not competitors in the industry. The bmw is more of a gt car in comparison where the ferrari is more of an ocassion if you will. Both are brilliant and please do not disrepeect any of these cars as they are brilliant in their own right. Ferrari made a great engineering achievement with the specifications of the 4.5 v8 blowing away the f430. The 458 is a brilliant car and the total package is phenomenonal. The bmw m3 v8 like I said is a great vehicle and if yu can deal with the residuals you’ll never want to put it down. The gts is even better in terms of performance and showcases what happens when you bore out the s65 a little more. So the dinan gives you a piece of that. Root for them both but respect them both neither is better as they are focused on different things.

  5. Alex says:

    I’m thinking a racing spec top notch ecu (motec, bmw’s GT2 racing ecu) and tuning of course with such a tool (vanos map modification for cam timing, fuel/air, etc, possible bump up in redline with cam profile, larger injectors) could essentially close the gap with the 458 (for a full on racing engine, not nearly as streetable). I’m surprised to see how well this M3 handles, though

  6. rolren says:

    The BMW M3 GT2 is outstanding but so race spec., it is even different than the BMW Z4 GT3 although the latter one is also race spec. with a gap of only 20bhp or around.

  7. Syclone s says:

    You are still a dirty arab Rolren.
    How dare you criticise Ferrari, how is that BMW F1 team going?

  8. Syclone S says:


  9. acehigh5 says:

    I have one. :-)

  10. David Bana says:

    Is this car or package still available as I’d like to our has one?

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