Nowack Motors to give BMW X6 M 715 horsepower

BMW X6 M | March 14th, 2010 by 7
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NOWACK Motors launches their own tuned up version of the BMW X6 M. Dubbed the N700 4.8, the package features a complete revamp of the …

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NOWACK Motors launches their own tuned up version of the BMW X6 M. Dubbed the N700 4.8, the package features a complete revamp of the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. N700 produces 715 hp (533 kW / 725 PS) and torque of 845 Nm (623 lb-ft) of torque. The standard BMW X6 M produces 555 hp (414 kW / 563 PS) and 677 Nm (500 lb-ft) of torque.

Press Release: High Performance for all road surfaces and conditions: The brand new NOWACK MOTORS N700 4.8 on basis of the new BMW X5M / X6M

World famed high performance engine developer and manufacturer NOWACK MOTORS, proudly announces the birth of its latest masterpiece, the NOWACK N700, to all owners of the latest creations of the BMW M GmbH, the X5M and X6M.

Based on the M GmbH’s 4.4ltr. Biturbo V8 engine offering a maximum power of 555hp, NOWACK MOTORS created a new technical masterpiece.

Deliver a standard X5M or X6M to the small but highly experienced specialized German engineering and manufacturing outfit and they’ll nearly strip it back to a skeleton. All that’s left of the engine is the external look, which remains the same than in the standard cars.

It all starts with the disassembly of the standard engine, leaving only the external parts of the engine unchanged.

First, the cylinder block undergoes the process of machining (boring/honing) to fit the new NOWACK MOTORS oversize high performance pistons. Afterwards, a unique Alusil coating is being applied to the cylinders for less friction.

An all new, fine balanced NOWACK MOTORS exclusive crankshaft, individually weighed and fine balanced high performance connecting rods, 8 fine prepared, especially coated, exclusive high performance pistons with new valve pockets, specially coated piston rings and piston pins, high performance camshaft (in-/outlet), special intake valves with bigger diameter, extensively modified free flow high performance cylinderheads with re-engineered in- and outlets, each optimized on NOWACK MOTOR’s in-house SuperFlow 1020 flow bench, high performance camshaft (in-/outlet) and various modified components of the valve drive inclusive of special valve springs complete the exclusive mechanical internals of the N700.

For the first time in the history of BMW M engines, the new 4.4ltr. V8 features forced induction provided by two turbochargers.

NOWACK MOTORS extensively modified both turbochargers in order to provide a better and smoother performance perfectly suiting the requirements defined by the complete re-engineering of the internals.

The optimization of the intake air flow inclusive of high performance free flow air filters, modified high performance exhaust manifolds leading to an all new, complete NOWACK MOTORS high performance sport exhaust system inclusive of high performance motorsport catalytic converters and rear silencers, complete the list of external hardware components.

Upon completion of the mechanical manufacturing process, each car’s ECU is being individually re programmed. Needless to say that the works speed limiter is removed and set to 330km/h.

The maximum power of 715hp and torque of 845Nm at 2.600rpm. offered by this most sophisticated, bespoke powerplant can be seen as an impressive side effect resulting out of the extensive engineering and manufacturing knowledge.

It is not only the pursuit of speed alone, though.

The main target of NOWACK MOTORS when engineering the N700 was maximum driveability under nearly all circumstances in all parts of the world.
It is the way how power and torque are being delivered at any RPM that is most thrilling and rewarding. Be it for cruising, transporting, leisure or family purposes…. Or for real high performance driving pleasure as it can elsewhere only be found in real supercars.

As up to now, NOWACK MOTORS’s unique engine creations were only available for Limousines, Coupes and Roadsters.

With the NOWACK N700 4.8, times have changed, providing high performance luxury SUV enthusiasts with the opportunity of fully enjoying a high performance engine in countries with bad road conditions, where it was never possible before to even think of driving a NOWACK MOTORS top of the range creation based on a BMW M-model.

If requested, the gearbox and differential of the cars will be extensively modified in order to suit individual customers preferences.

22″ NOWACK MOTORS light alloy wheels, a high efficiency brake system (front and rear axle) and various different suspension upgrades to individually choose from do complete NOWACK MOTOR’s technical range of products.

A NOWACK MOTORS complete leather trim made from the finest Scottish leather available, various multimedia applications as well as High-end HiFi-systems guarantee an unforgettable cabin experience.