In a welcome move, BMW Canada is conducting a test drive event where every guest can sample 5 BMWs, including both of BMW’s new 5 Series models, the 535i and 550i.

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BMW’s “Innovation Drive” event lasts two and a half hours and is conducted in a closed-course setting where the cars can be unleashed free of red and blue. Participants will put each BMW through 5 driving tasks including a slalom course, acceleration run, heavy braking run, accident avoidance run, and a “long corner” designed to simulate an on or off ramp. All segments of the test drive will be completed at low speed thresh-holds; this is not a track-day, but rather a safe and controlled environment to sample the legendary handling and performance of several BMW vehicles. On hand will be BMW Canada’s lead driving instructor, Pierre Savoy. Pierre has extensive racing experience and having met him once before, I can say he is a particularly friendly fellow – he will make sure your 2.5 hours fly by very quickly.

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The 5 vehicles participants will drive include BMW’s 135i Coupe, 335d Sedan, 335i Coupe, 535i Sedan, and 550i Sedan. The 550i GT and ActiveHybrid X6 will be on hand for information sessions about their advanced technology – but will not be driven. Dates for the events are as follows: Vancouver – May 7th to 9th, Montreal – May 28th to 30th, Toronto – June 11th to 13th and 18th to 20th.

To be fair, test-driving a BMW on Canadian public roads does not allow the buyer to experience even a fraction of the car’s performance and handling ability. This event is for anyone who is sitting on the fence about a new car purchase, and would like to better understand the performance supremacy of BMW products.

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Attendance is limited, so if you are interested in purchasing one of the five cars mentioned but need a stint behind the wheel to seal the deal, click here.

BMWBLOG will be attending this event in Toronto – we’ll report back with our impressions of the event for those who cannot attend.