Rumors: BMW M1 not happening, 135is instead?

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Geneva Motor Show came and left, and yes,  BMW M1 or any other M product was yet to be introduced by the Munich automaker. As …

Geneva Motor Show came and left, and yes,  BMW M1 or any other M product was yet to be introduced by the Munich automaker. As expected, new rumors are starting to flow in. Autoblog, quoting the fellows at Inside Line, came out with a new prediction: forget about the M1, look for 135is instead.

Many of you have already emailed us asking for inside scoop, but truth is that at this point, the car remains a total mystery. BMW has neither confirmed or denied the car, and its existence is still in the gray area.

Yes, information have been nothing but contradictory so far.

Let’s look at the timeline of these endless rumors and speculations.

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First, last year, we learned that a BMW 135i Supersports model is in works, an upgraded version of the current 135i Coupe that will carry many M elements without the M badge.

Second, back in October, a 135i based prototype was spotted near Garching, the M Divisions Headquarters. Days after, the rumors of an M1 model resurfaced, with the help of BMW insiders, but also, aided by a report presented by Autocar UK.

Third, late last year, BMW introduced the Z4 sDrive35is and 335is, two upgraded models that sport M-like capabilities…without the M badge. While not true M cars, many consumers have seen these new models as being built for the enthusiast crowd.

Now, Inside Line quoting an anonymous source at the Geneva Motor Show, reports that “If we do something, it’ll be a 135is like we’ve done with the Z4 and the 3 Series”.

Ohh… and the source added a wink at the end.

We won’t make anything of these news at this point and we will continue to simply report what we hear without validating the rumors.

Truth is that at Geneva, there was no talk, no hints around a new M model, but that could be interpreted in several ways. The common sense also kicks in now and tells us that an M1 based on the current generation 1 Series won’t make much sense, but the dynamics in the automotive industry have changed in the several years and future vehicles are being planned and scrapped within months, so nothing surprises us anymore.

As always, we’ll keep you updated when we get something more solid.

22 responses to “Rumors: BMW M1 not happening, 135is instead?”

  1. bob says:

    Really? After the Z4 35IS & 3 series 35IS, who would’ve predicted that BMW would come out with an IS version of the 1 series, not “M1”? I’m shocked. Shocked! :-)

  2. Giom says:

    I never thought that it would be called M1. IS makes sence and it fits in with the rest of the sport model nomenclature. What I do hope for, is that it will be a more aggressive package than any of the other IS models. I mean, that is one hell of a rear fender covering those wheels at the back… and, the One Series needs this to be special.

  3. dmh says:

    “If the M don’t fit, you must acquit!” ;^)

  4. Alan says:

    Well, it’s not a true M1 (as in a mid-engine vehicle) afterall. So maybe BMW decided that they wouldn’t tarnish the reputation and history of the real M1.

  5. Elio says:

    Disappointing BMW. Where was the ‘M1’? Where was the rally Crossman/Countryman? Where was the updated VED concept?

    I don’t see any progress. Audi are releasing the promising A1, they’ve already got the R8, the RS5 ‘looks’ like very dangerous competition to the M3 and their E-Tron range has now had more coverage than the VED concept ever got. Stop playing catch-up.

  6. Elio says:

    Also I think it’s silly that they can’t bring out a product just because the name was used previously in the 70s. If they went ahead and launched a Z8 / 9 / 10, nobody would care if they used the M1 badge again for a M powered 1 series. We won’t forget the original M1 and it’s not like the production version of the VED concept would ever be called the M1 – that would be far too confusing.

    • Giom says:

      You speak like someone that knows very little about BMW. That would make your concerns valid. But take it from me. BMW is doing things very much by the book. They will stay on top – don’t worry about it.

      PS. The above mentioined book… they wrote it:)

      • Elio says:

        No need to be patronising. I know plenty about BMW believe me.

        I know that the next 6 series is going to be very exciting indeed but it will initially come out only as a hard-top convertible – contrary to recent reports.

  7. petko says:

    guys, look, there will not be an m1 model now… the prototype on the photo doesn’t have any m-badge!! it will surely be a 135is..

  8. Misha says:

    Thanks for the update, H.

  9. viper says:

    your hopes of M1 will die last. disappointing bmw , as always. screw bmw and their ‘is’ wanna be Ms but do not haves balls to makes ones

  10. Vaybach Khan says:

    well i dont care if they call it 135is(but stupid,branding, too confusing for average people who are not that much in bmws)
    i just wonder will it be changes the scott announced …
    and yes im disappointed cos its not gonna be truly m car,whatever they call it….

  11. XC says:

    Lol, BMW must be laughing at us! (In a good way, hopefully). But anyway, one think is certain, BMW never leaps before looking, so it’s pretty sure those folks in Munich have all kinds of studies et al, figuring out what WE really want and buy.

  12. Michal Hink says:

    Guys, it is quite simple. We want M1 no matter how you look at it. Hopefully, BMW folks will hear us eventually!

  13. wazon8 says:

    Does it really matter to you how this car gonna be named? If it will have all the features that were rumored about it, it will be great car anyway.

    @Elio: I disagree about your assessment of Audi progress. Just take a look what they have recently:
    Audi A1 – it’s hard to be impressed by a car smaller than VW Golf, at least IMO. I’m not sure I would like to see BMW making BMW’s competitor to it. Premium cars maker shouldn’t go into VW Polo range competition. Going down to such segment doesn’t fit to my image of premium car-maker. I understood reasons for which 1-er was introduced and it’s indeed great car, similar in some aspects to e46 and is the only compact with RWD on the market. It would be better for BMW to let MINI do the work at this level of competition. And since BMW has MINI, they actually are in niche to which A1 is aiming.

    Audi has E-trone. Ok, but what fallowing from it? BMW made VED concept, which got green light and gonna be highly efficient and performance production car. Is there something similar to it in Audi’s offer? The only fully electric car about which Audi is thinking seriously is smaller and less powerful car to which electric version of 1-er gonna be competitor. VED was breath concept and BMW made a breath decision to give green light to it, E-tron won’t see day light at all. I agree with you, VED gonna be called M1, but maybe something with its body gonna be M1. BMW surely have some engines by applying of which they could get M1 as result. It could be 4.4 litre as known from M5 F10 or modyfied V12 known from 760i.

    R8: I don’t know why to expect that the only independent premium car maker gonna produce supercar during financial crisis. This would be stupid decision to invest in non-profit car recently and I’m happy to see that BMW’s management is resonable.

    RS5 is a great car, but I don’t see what BMW did wrong in this case. They have M3 e92 against it and I don’t think that RS5 will be able to defeat M3 at race truck and when it comes to driving pleasure.

    • viper says:

      audi is doing their thing , and as far as competition between RS5 and M3 , respect to M3 but I think RS5 will crush already did in the looks

      • wazon8 says:

        I don’t see this car could handle batter than M3e92 due to being 100kg heavier and since performance in other aspects is very close, I predict that M3 will be better car on the tracks. But we’ll see. And it’s hard to me to get excited about design, pattern of which I have known since 2004. M3e92 fits better to my taste and in general is better looking car, espcially the front of it. I liked Audi, but it was 5-6 years ago, when they had a frash design. Right now, I get really bored by the similarities between their cars.

    • XC says:

      Agree wason, it’s simply stupid to produce a supercar now, as much as we all would love to see one made by BMW.

  14. Bryce says:

    I want an M1, but I don’t want it to be a 1-series M. I want an actual M1 supercar, either that or an 8-series supercar. I think the 1-series is perfect for an ‘is’ version, especially since the next version of the 1-series is due in just 2 years.

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