The third brand of the BMW Group, Rolls Royce, was also present at the Geneva Motor Show 2010. With no new models to unveil, the attention continue to be focused on their latest model launched at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 2009: Rolls Royce Ghost.

The much more tailored to the driver and dynamic, RR Ghost, was sitting next to the usually chauffeur driven Phantom. Both cars are sporting a V12 engine, but the design of these powerplants are quite different. Ghost uses a twin-turbocharged V12 that has a lot more potent than the currently offered V12 naturally aspirated engine in the Phantom . As a quick reminder, the Ghost is built on the 7 Series extended platform and due to this, the overall weight is lower therefore its dynamics are improved.

Compared to the Phantom, with its superior attitude, the Ghost’s interior, while still luxurious, it certainly feels closer to the “regular people”. Ghost also offers a very exclusive interior design, but the overall ambiance in the Phantom is still more special, the typical feeling of Rolls Royce is thus more present than in the initial model.

The next project to involve Rolls Royce is the rumored, semi-confirmed MINI by Rolls Royce exclusive model, a super high-end MINI vehicle manufactured at the Goodwood plant. With this special MINI, Rolls-Royce will focus on upgrading the MINI’s interior bringing to the standards of a luxury car.

Sounds intriguing and we cannot wonder how the the image of a MINI will blend into the Rolls Royce ultra luxury style.