Sneak peak inside BMW’s Secret Motorsport location

Interesting | February 17th, 2010 by 4


Our friends over at Jalopnik are giving us a sneak peak inside BMW’s secret Motorsport location, a small building in the heart of Munich. In the past, we learned about BMW’s uber-secret locations where reside one-off models, concepts or simply failed projects, but this time, we are actually going to take a look at the Motorsport facility.

Sam over at Jalopnik took a tour of the firm’s Mobile Tradition facility, the storage area where most of the historic production and motorsport fleet is kept.

For a dyed-in-the-wool BMW geek like yours truly, it was essentially nirvana. I haven’t been back since, but at the time, the MT collection was divided up by purpose: a floor for production cars, a floor for racers, a room for motorcycles, and so on. Everything was arranged as it would be in an ordinary person’s garage — a few display cases and used tires filled the corners, but by and large, it was a storage facility. Cars were parked bumper-to-bumper, and racing engines lived on stands in the corners. For the most part, the cars were so deeply stacked that you couldn’t walk anywhere but down each room’s center aisle. Being a sedan dork, I gravitated to the production-based racing cars, which is why the images are slanted in that direction.

It does sound like a dream come true for any BMW fan, right?

Here are some of the historical things parked in there: a 1000-plus-hp, four-cylinder Brabham F1 car, a Zakspeed-campaigned, Warsteiner-clad DTM E30 M3, an ex-Hans Stuck Group 5 320i, the famous BMW Art Cars, the Apfelbeck-engined Formula 2, and many other unique cars that many of us have not seen in real life.

A few photos can be seen below, but feel free to head over to Jalopnik for more.