Viral video: “Why Drive a BMW?”

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Let me start by saying that the following video has NOT been produced nor sanctioned by BMW. We don’t have the full details on who …

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Let me start by saying that the following video has NOT been produced nor sanctioned by BMW. We don’t have the full details on who has produced the video, but we know it has been going around the web for at least two weeks now.

BMW North America has reached out to us to deny any involvement in producing this and the content doesn’t represent BMW’s point of view.

Nonetheless, it is our duty to bring it upfront and let you decided what to make of it. While some of the assumptions made in there or the stereotypes might not be entirely accurate, from an artistic point of view, the viral is very well done.

You decide what to make of it!

26 responses to “Viral video: “Why Drive a BMW?””

  1. plaxico says:

    so you say BMW doesnt have anything to do with this …..COME ON,who are you kidding
    soooo classy…….bashing of others , merc, audi , porshe etc
    like BMW dont have anything else to do……….maybe build a machine thats gonna still run after 100.000 miles and more
    again ,soooo classy .

    • wazon8 says:

      Do you have any doubt that BMW are cars with the best weight distribution? And they can justifably bash Audi and Merc for lacking of it.

      And I suppose that you don’t know about BMWs nothing at all, since you suggest that after 100.000 miles lifes of these cars end. I made in my 335d above 170.000 miles in two years and this car was really reliable one. Taking its performance, I was actually really surprised by its reliability. My brother has 525d E60 with above 285000 miles of mileage. My friend has M5 E60 (used as everyday car) with more than 125.000 miles of milage (and this is high-rev performance engine!!!). Not mention about old BMWs numbers of which have above 310.000 miles. It’s not so hard to check the second hand market.

      BTW, didn’t 130i win the long distance test for performance car?

      And yes, the quality of BMW cars let one to call them classy cars, if she would call MB classy car. Once again, you tend to suggest that something is so unique about MB, but when one asks you, what exactly, you refer to taste of MB’s drivers. Man, taste is not quality!!!

      • Steve says:

        Take a look at any true performance machine and not one has 50/50 weight distribution. Whether you’re talking about Lotus, Porsche, Ferrari or other true performance cars, all are close to 40/60 front/rear bias. The Lotus Elise, generally accepted as one of the benchmarks for handling and agility has a 37%/63% distribution. Ferrari’s mid-engined cars are close to 40/60. My point? 50/50 weight distribution is far from the “best” in terms of weight distribution if your goal is performance, increased steering feedback/feel and maximum traction for the driven wheels.

        • Giom says:

          Actually, the cars you mention here, are mid engined sport cars. BMWs are front engined, so they achieve this distribution easyer because the bulk of the car is at the back. I’d say, for pasanger cars, 50/50 is ideal. 40/60 suits the mid mounted sport car better.

          To me, this is basic physics, it shouldn’t be desputed.

          • wazon8 says:

            I can’t agree more with you Giom. In genral, 50/50 is the best weight distribution for front engine car. Nissan GTR is an example of discount, front engine supercar and its weight distribution is 53/47 – very close to 50/50 and very far from 40/60.

          • wazon8 says:

            Another examples of weight distribution of front engine cars: Corvette ZR1 = 52/48, Corvette ZO6 = 50/50; Mercedes SLR = 50/50, Mercedes SLS = 47/53.

  2. Marc says:

    Its too long….

  3. Babken says:

    Funny, but at the same time realistic.

  4. Giom says:

    Well, it it’s isn’t from BMW, it sure captures the spirit of the brand accurately. But it isn’t in BMWs nature to rip other makes so blatantly like in this gig. It’s still better than what I had anticipated…

  5. Paul says:

    Great viral…i think its the same guy that did the voice on a previous 5 series GT video…this one sponsored by bmw…they should have mencioned the joy´s of rear wheel drive also to further set them apart from so called sport manufacters (audi) that sell front w drive cars and market them as sports cars….can someone be that dumb to buy that???

  6. lennardt says:

    I really..REALLY.. hate these apple-commercials with these freaks in their turtlenecks trying to tell you -by using words that would describe a good meal fantastic- that their product is so amazingly simple to use and gorgeous etc. and this spot seems to be exactly the same. I hope bmw will never do such a -sorry, but it is in my opinion- shit..

  7. Gord says:

    Its kinda like the 5 series GT teaser video.

  8. Tom says:

    lmao that was pretty good

  9. Daniel H. ( aka :p ) says:

    1 thing that is very true is that while other brands are trying to make you feel like your on your bed or couch, BMW has more sportiness in there cars while still being comfortable

  10. Ramon Juarez says:

    it’s not the same quality as the 5 GT viral teaser…but it’ll work. One of the things are the designs…not as good as the 5 GT!

  11. viper says:

    I just got sic when seeing this ridiculous cartoon

  12. Simba says:

    Brilliant STUFF! Well done to whoever made this.

  13. okeribok says:

    One word: naff

  14. rene says:

    love bmw’s

  15. John says:

    Two weeks from feb 12? No way, it’s way older, i’ve seen in 2009 already. But it’s still funny. :)

    @wazon8: 100.000 not possible with a BMW? What did you do with it for cryin’ out loud? With the lack of possibility to use the performance of these cars in the USA a mileage of 500.000 should be no problem at all!

    I drive my BMW’s on the Autobahn and with 200+ km/h (about 125 mph) on a daily basis! 100.000 mile is about 160.000km. Let me check.

    The one I drive now has about 95.000 km on it

    My M5 was sold with 130.000 km because somebody really wanted the unique color and interior I had.

    My 530d was sold with 229000km on it. never had any problem with it and sold it for a good price, because it was in excellent condition. the only thing we did was wash it every month or so, and the normal maintenance with an oil check after 20.000 km and a large maintenance and check up every 40.000km. Never had any additional costs on it!

    My 750iL was sold with 249000 km on it, still running like clockwork. I had some little expenses on this one, like a leaking shock absorber, but this car was about 20 years old and fully loaded. Apart from the leak shock absorber: No additional costs either, the car was completely original and everything was working!

    My 520i was sold with about 150000km on it, because we were in desperate need for a bigger car and bought a Chrysler Grand Voyager :( What a bad car. If i received a phone call on my handsfree i needed to slow down to 80km/h, otherwise the car was so noisy the one on the other end couldn’t hear a word I was saying.
    Sold that one for a Mercedes E290TDT and again: lots of additional costs :( Broken down gearbox, brakes that worn out way to fast, leaking injectors on the engine. Nice car to drive though, really relaxed.

    My 528i was sold with 248000km on it. About two years later i ran into it again. it had 325000 km on it. The only things replaced on this one where the waterpump when the car was about 6 months old (warranty ;) ) and the two front doors because they were rusting from the inside out when the car was 6 years old (warranty granted by BMW!) So again: No additional costs apart from the normal maintenace.

    My 316i was sold with about 175000km on it, and again: No additional costs, but i needed a bigger car for my work at that time, so i bought a Mercedes 250td. Nice car, but it left me standing twice and I had some large maintenance bills on it :(

    My 316 was sold with about 210000km on it, but was running on gas. So the engine should have been adjusted to this kind of fuel, which it hadn’t done.So i can’t blame BMW for it. At 210000km i could have done an engine repair for about $1000,- and keep on driving it, but i chose to buy the 316i which had my favorite color.

    A friend of mine had a 315 running on gas with an adjusted engine, and sold it with 500000km on it and never had any costs on the car!

    So if you come with stories that BMW’s are not able to run over 100000mph, you are doing something very wrong my man!

    I just do one thing: I let the engine become on operating temperature before i ask it to deliver the performance. That’s the only thing, and i give it it’s maintenance when it asks for it, but most of the time about 4000 – 5000km later ;)
    I guess that’s the trick: give the engine about 15 minutes to get to operating temperature before you hit the throttle. After that you can do with it what you want.

    I mean: i drive about 500km with an average of about 220km/h, including warming up and cooling down on a very regular basis. So don’t tell me I’m a slow driver. And yes, the cars aren’t limited on topspeed, and sometimes chipped for better performance.

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