An Oldie But a Goodie

Videos | February 8th, 2010 by 18
m3 e92 red top 750x500

In one of our single favorite pieces of automotive video-journalism, Tiff pits the E90 ///M3 Sedan against its claimed rival, the Lexus IS-F. With competition …

m3 e92 red top 655x482

In one of our single favorite pieces of automotive video-journalism, Tiff pits the E90 ///M3 Sedan against its claimed rival, the Lexus IS-F.

With competition that can’t design an accelerator pedal, the results are as you’d expect.

While this episode of 5th gear is not new, it does highlight the performance and fun-factor of BMW’s beloved ///M3. The recipe calls for an empty race track, a retired race car driver, 3 attractive young women, an ///M3 sedan and a fresh set of rubber.

Please enjoy the fun-filled video by 5th Gear.

Enjoy that much? Why not watch one more for good measure? In the following video by 5th gear, Tiff extracts every once of performance from what he calls “The most advanced road engine in the world.” The ///M3 is powered by an all-aluminum ///M built V8 producing 420 hp at a positively stratospheric 8,300 rpm. A stout 295 lb-ft of torque renders driver-aid a necessity for most.

Please enjoy the following video of the E92 ///M3 in action, brought to you by 5th Gear.

18 responses to “An Oldie But a Goodie”

  1. :p says:

    Wow the IS-F has similar power but with a better economy (16City 24Highway) than the M3 (14City 20Highway) and cost a bit less. Even so, the M3 prevails in style.

    • Alvin Wong says:

      The IS-F puts out better fuel economy because it has an eight speed automatic. Puts out a teeny bit more power than the M3, but it’s heavier. Costs less, but thats because no one would ever pay the M3’s MSRP for a Lexus.

      I loved this part when I was reading the article; “With competition that can’t design an accelerator pedal, the results are as you’d expect.”

      Hahaha, so ruthless…

      • :p says:

        Yes, but the DCT should be returning better fuel but it isnt

        • Alvin Wong says:

          Not necessarily. The trick is in the gears. In the IS-F, the last two gears are so tall they’re pretty much useless unless you’re highway cruising. Lexus just has it so it’ll look good on paper and seem more luxurious.

          It’s just like the Corvette. Chevrolet manages to pass US emissions/mileage standards with it because the 6th gear is so tall that when they calculate the fuel mileage the final gear ratio brings the mileage up.

    • lennardt says:

      If I had to choose, i wouldn’t have to think 2 seconds, which car to choose.
      ok, Toyota uses less fuel, but if I want a sportscar, I want to have fun with it and I like manual gear shifting. I don’t want a sportscar with EIGHT gears that is most times occupied by gearchanges. You don’t need so many gears, if the engine goes up to 8300 rpm. Also the performance curve of IS-F is a joke.. the maximum torque is just at the end of rpm-range, while the M3 has a more even curve. IS-F isn’t a bad car, but no competition in any sportive aspect and also not so well though as the M3.
      -> M3

  2. Laszlo says:

    I don’t get it. Which one is referred as an “oldie but goodie” car ? Neither car is old not even remotely aged. Both are current production cars. The author’s title is just plain dumb.
    the article is good otherwise, but the title does not make any sense. If he think that a 3-4 year old car is a “Oldie” then he is either a pimple faced kid or a “have more money then brain” writer.

  3. Babken says:

    Ridiculous. BMW M3 has no competition when it comes to track performance as it has a fantastic engine and unrivaled chassis.

  4. james may says:

    Cant wait to see tiff drive the M3 GTS

    • Plaxico says:

      Fifth Gear has been canceled, don’t hold your breath.

      • Tom says:

        I’m so glad Fifth Gear is dead and buried.

        Vicki was annoying. Worst of all, I couldn’t stand the loud fat guy anymore.

        Remember this classic? He would prefer a Chrysler 300c over a 335i!

        W T F

        • Alvin Wong says:

          Fifth Gear wasn’t that bad. I actually value Tiff and Jason’s opinion over Top Gear’s Jeremy and Richard when it came to the car tests. They have actual racing experience, so it helps. Top Gear just drifts the car around the test track and they call it a day.

          But…I guess you can’t beat the editing Top Gear uses and the humor the TG trio just have. I love Top Gear, but I always take their car reviews with a grain of salt.

      • plaxico says:

        come on mate wtf

  5. Laszlo says:

    yeah and the article is a WHOLE 2 years old (19months to be exact) sure its old news but to be an oldie ?

    Anyway the Lexus never was/is a competition to a BMW. Mercedes Porsche and in some cases Audi is. Lexus is an expensive toyota with better brand management.

    The new E-class whopped the new 5 series’s rear recently. This article writer will call that news probably an oldie but I call that fresh out of the oven.
    The M3 is still the king and the C-AMG can not touch it, S4 can not match it either. The RS5 comes pretty close and in some cases matches it but the 4WD setup makes it a bit of less of a handler. In looks however both Audi and Mercedes upped the BMW by a huge margin.
    I hope that a post Bangle cars which are much better looking will go back to the traditional (good) way. I can envision a pretty good M3 in about 3-4 years time when the new ones comes out. No more Bungle butt and no more flame surfacing bs.
    if you have to explain why is a car looks good then it doesn’t. Just look at the new E-class, most Aston Martins, Ferrari’s, Audi’s, heck even some Renault and Peugeot and Opel… some of the new cars are just stunning to look at. BMW ? they are awesome to drive but horrible to look at.

  6. Jag says:

    new E? you must be kidding
    Aston – deal
    Ferrari – deal
    Audi – bland
    Renault – weird
    Peugeot and Opel – so so

  7. viper says:

    never liked fifth gear , so glad about the news

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