2011 BMW 5 Series vs. Jaguar XF

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Historically, BMW has always been compared to its German compatriots from Ingolstadt and Stuttgart (Audi and Mercedes-Benz) and from time to time, vehicles produced by …

bmw 5 series jaguar xf 05 655x245

Historically, BMW has always been compared to its German compatriots from Ingolstadt and Stuttgart (Audi and Mercedes-Benz) and from time to time, vehicles produced by Lexus or Infiniti would jump into play. But now, surprisingly, there’s a British company that’s actually in the mix, not a new contender, but rather a classic in the automotive industry.

You see, Jaguar has always produced fine cars. But then it came the S-Type and their ambitious goals to try and gather up some sales from the BMW 5-Series, Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

It didn’t go over so well and Jaguar went back to the drawing board.

Jaguar XF – “The New Kid On The Block”

Last year, Jaguar introduced their latest sports luxury sedan, the new XF. Looking at some of the recent sales numbers, the XF has proven to be a success for Jag, and a true sales stealer from the German Big 3. While the BMW 5-Series is still the sportiest of its competitors, Jaguar is out to give it a go with the XF and its M5 slayer, the XFR.

Design wise, the XF was supposed to be a mirror of the C-XF Concept, but according to many automotive journalists, it fell a bit short. While the back-end reminds us of an Aston Martin design, in a gorgeous way, the front-end is somewhat boring and pale with an interesting choice of headlights sculpted into the bonnet.

Looking from the side, the Jaguar does stand out with its athletic appearance, but yet simple, with a single character line sweeping alongside the car and wrapping around.

bmw 5 series jaguar xf 02 655x614

Inside, as expected and seen across the line-up, Jaguar placed a higher priority on materials and craftsmanship, and according to Ian Callum, Design Director at Jaguar, the XF has more wood than any Jaguar since the MkII.

The Jaguar XF offers three different engine variations. The engines are a 4.2-liter V8 making 300hp and 310 lb-ft of torque, a 5.0-liter V8 making 385 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, as well as the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 that goes in the XFR making 510 hp and 461 lb-ft of torque. The standard 4.2-liter XF weighs in at 4,017 lbs, while the 5.0-liter XF pushes the scale 50 pounds more at 4,067. The XFR comes in at a staggering 4,306 lbs.

0-60 times for the XF are estimated by Jaguar at taking 6.2 seconds for the 4.2-liter engine, 5.5 seconds for the 5.0-liter and 4.7 seconds for the XFR.

F10 5 Series – The Return of Classic Design

The all-new 2011 F10 BMW 5-Series offers a bit more in the engine range department with four different variations, two of which include BMW’s award winning inline-6 engines. In the United States, you can opt for the 528i with 3.0-liter inline-6 making 230 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque, the turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 with an output of 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque, the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 550i with 400 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. And of course, the upcoming twin-turbo V8 M5 making an undisclosed, as of yet, amount of power.

Zero to sixty times range from 5.0 seconds with the 550i model to 6.6 seconds on the 528i.

The F10 5 Series exterior design is less radical than the E60 was back in its time, with a more classic lines flowing across the side and with an aggressive, but somewhat safe front-end. The front-grille is less massive than the one found in the 5 GT or the 7 Series, and it integrates well with the sporty bonnet. The rear-end design has always been an area where BMW typically has taken a less aggressive look to appease more of the subtle luxury crowd, but now they really give you something to stare at when you’re trailing behind the new car, for whatever reason that may be… The LED taillights are also been highly praised by many BMW fans.


When it comes to luxuries and sportiness, the XF and 5-Series are very close. But the Jag does have somewhat of the edge whenever you get into it and start wondering how to start it and go. The dial that slowly rises from the center console acts as the selector for the transmission… That’s pretty sweet. Also, the air vents open up whenever you turn the car on as well. The vehicle is also equipped with what Jaguar calls, “JaguarSense”. All you have to do is lightly touch pretty much anything in the car to turn it on/off along with increase or decrease the levels of something.


In terms of style, class and craftsmanship, well that’s up to the customer these days. Jaguar has certainly come up in the world of all three of these qualities. Where they were known for such things for so long, they had let them slip with cars like the S-Type and X-Type. But that’s all changing for the better. Especially since they’ve been rated very highly by J.D. Power and Associates that last few years.


BMW, however, has always kept a pretty firm grasp on the same qualities. There have been a few BMWs in the past that have wavered on such ideals, but now with the new F-code cars, it’s all going to become 100% second nature.

A detailed technology versus technology to come soon…

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87 responses to “2011 BMW 5 Series vs. Jaguar XF”

  1. X7TIGER says:

    Thanks guys :)

  2. Jeff says:

    The comparison I’m looking forward to is the new Saab 9-5 2.8V6 XWD vs. the new 530xi. Very apples to apples, and the Saab seems to be just a little bit lower pricewise. Should be interesting.

    • Theo says:

      Hardly apples to apples, the new 9-5 shares its key components (esp. undercarriage) with the Opel/Vauxhall/Buick Insignia. This model is not only positioned lower (between 3 and 5) but also aims and achieves a totally different (less costly and more accessible) level of luxury, dynamics and technology. Hardly a proper benchmark for the F10 (or E60 for that matter).

      Despite all that I really do hope that the 9-5 will make it into production and becomes the success that SAAB so desperately needs.

  3. badger says:

    I like both cars.
    Just the BMW looks more nimble and sporty.
    but i think the XF is a closer competator than the E class and A6

    • Saleem says:

      They are all in the same ball park. 5 series, E class, A6.

      Personally I cant wait till the Next gen A6 drops and really heats things up.

  4. plaxico says:

    E class is light years ahead
    the Benz is a far superior car than these. You get what you pay for!MB fit and finish is a lot better and elegant, and handles better too.
    Bottom line is Merceds-Benz is the pioneer of the modern automobile.
    bmw interior is crap as always

    • Saleem says:

      Did he just say MB handles better than BMW ???? I almost spit my coffee out. You look up handling in the dictionary there is a picture of a BMW roundel next to it.

      • plaxico says:

        child like you shouldnt be drinking coffee………
        i looked it up under bmw and there was advertising message about auto repair and maintenance shop next to it

        • wazon8 says:

          Show me at least one MB that runs slalom faster than its rival BMW. You’re simply fanatic.

        • Jose says:

          oh that’s why bmw turned out 2 be number one when it comes to reliability in the UK…Another MB fanboy fealing jealous bcz of the success BMW cars are having! Yeah pioneer :P…BMW is just THE car to have when it comes to technology, efficiency, power, handling, ergonomics, luxury…in its segment and the list goes on and on 4 miles. Man get over it and try 2 c the world as it is not as u want it 2 be. Don’t get me wrong MBs are gd cars but BMWs are better. That’s it.

    • Babken says:

      You idiot. As long as there is BMW 5 Series, your pathetic e-class will always be of second choice.
      BMW 5 Series is the best automobile in its segment want it or not. I’ve already brought comparison between the two models, and if after reading it you made such idiotic conclusion typical of stupid mercedes-benz fanboys, it remains nothing but to feel pity for your foolish brains.

    • Simba says:

      Your comments cannot be backed up! I am sorry but the interior of the new E class is disguisting, same for the C Class…unless, of course, you like cheap black plastics. I think the interior of the new BMWs are best in their respective classes. The 5’s interior is so much better than the E.

      What makes you think that MB is the pioneer of the modern automobile? Their A, B and R Class is not really inspiring the last time I checked. They also have an S Class that looks like the old 7 Series inside and out. Don’t base your judgement on the fact that they invented ABS a few decades ago.

      • plaxico says:

        de gustibus non est disputandum…de gustibus non est disputandum
        but ill say this…if i have to choose between 1950 Airline guitar and new les paul id ALWAYS pick aireline ’50 and you les paul, de gustibus non est disputandum

    • JR says:

      A Merc more superior than a BMW, don’t think so (owned 2 MB’s
      and 3 BM’s) you’d be better of comparing MB to a Toyota.

  5. No dough the most number of people have voted for BMW,’coz its BMW blog :) let’s compare our results with another Jaguar blog figures.

    • Babken says:

      I wonder if there’s a Jaguar blog. Aleksey, BMW 5 Series beats its competitors all the way. BMW 5 Series was, is and will always be the best choice in its segment.

  6. Haitham says:

    ohhhh plzzzzzz… the interior of the the E class is the ugliest of all Sedans!

    • plaxico says:

      child ………please ,go drive that kia you own

      • Saleem says:

        LOL @ child please.

      • wazon8 says:

        When I read your stupid comments, I know that you’ve never driven any BMW above 318i. Otherwise, you would have to appreciate some of BMW cars merit. They can be recognized even by people who dislike BMW. If there is Kia driver here, I will point you out.

      • wazon8 says:

        Ohh, I almost forget: didn’t you recognize similarity between back of Hyundai Sonata and MB E-class. E-class Combi is even worse, it looks like Subaru Legacy, which doesn’t belong to the class of good looking cars IMO.

  7. Haitham says:

    sorry @ plaxico

  8. Bolfer says:

    Despite my obvious interest for bmw, in fairness, the Jaguar XF does stand out quite nicely. The XF is a refreshing change from the rather old and stuffy designs. However any real comparison has to come down to the driving. We’ll have to see some driving comparison tests.

    • Bryce says:

      I agree, while the Jaguar has a good stance and looks sporty, it will never drive like a BMW. Also, the interior of the Jag does not even compare to the BMW; those air vents aren’t integrated into the dash at all! It looks like the took a saws-all to the dash and inserted square, black vents.

  9. Zack says:

    For me the winner is the 5 Series.
    I like the XF’s back, but the front is ugly, very ugly.
    I like both cars interior designs.

  10. lennardt says:

    the last beatiful car, jaguar made was the first v12 after ww2, the xj12. the new jaguars all have the front that looks just cheap in my opinion..

  11. michael says:

    interesting comparision!

    I think the XF is a fascinating car and the interior is a truly a work of art (interior of most of the new jags are gorgeous). But as it stands I do think BMW does have the best looking sedan in this segment now. If this would have been the XF vs E60 – I would have voted for the jag.

  12. LMendez says:

    I like the new XF for it’s departure from the “old” Jaguar way, however, there is no doubt in my mind that the new 5ser is much, much better for BMW has an higher build quality and better engines/transmissions.
    The Ford stain is still here and will take some time to clean (just hope it’s not with Ganges water).

  13. n8n says:

    Both cars are great :D and I would be very happy if I could have one of these :D

    @Haitham I agree – E-Class looks poor…

  14. Saleem says:

    The Eclass is eh ok. I mean if some one gave me one for free i’d be one grateful B**** but then i’d trade it for an A7 sportback soon as it drops.

  15. NJS says:

    I test drove the XF and actually have a BMW 335i. The XF is a great car indeed. However, the front of the XF really bothered me, especially the plastic/cheap looking grill. The fact that the XF has a DVD driven and slow touch screen navigation system was also a disappointment. Jaguar has to make a better car bumper-to-bumper to compete with BMW. I am looking forward to trying out the new 535i this summer.

  16. I’m sorry to say but THe Jag wins every angle except interior and directly head on… Every other just goes to the XF and no the enlarged 3-series called the new 5

    • Babken says:

      The Jag wins only in your imagination. I guess you’re unaware of this market segment. Well, maybe you’ll be disappointed to hear that BMW 5 Series is the best-seller in its segment, whereas Jaguar is fa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ar behind. Your statement has nothing in common with reality.

      • Simba says:

        I don’t see what the problem is here. If someone thinks that the exterior of the Jag looks better than the 5, thenso be it. Bringing out comments about who is the best seller does not justify your arguement. I also think that the Jag looks really nice from an exterior point of view and I aminclined to say that it looks better than the 5, yet I will not buy the Jag.

  17. \/iper ;) says:

    Why don’t you take all your accounts and go somewhere else plaxico, you really are a troll of the worst order.
    Childish comments slating BMW on a BMW blog, what do you think you are going to achieve, educate the world with your banal comments, one sided and ill informed opinions.

    Stop it.
    Go away.

  18. Giom says:

    Well, I must admit… (what is this world coming to…) the Jag does look better from all angles except the front. There, in my opinion the 5 just pips it. More classy and sophisticated on the outside.

    Interior is a different story tho. The 5 is so composed on the inside. It’s like its not trying to be special, it IS.

  19. Babken says:

    As soon as the new generation 5 Series hits the showrooms, people will forget about the other automobiles including e-class.

  20. Tom says:

    i love the 5er of course, but the XF’s rear is just simply, perfect. they hit the nail on the head with that design. the XF’s front and interior though.. needs an over haul.

  21. lennardt says:

    :-D You drive s class and you say mb has better chassis? compare for example s63 against 760li. bmw has less fuel consumption, less engine volume, but more power, a batter chassis and as i can say the interior (seats etc) are good, as in s-class, too. mb doesn’t build bad cars, but compared to bmws in the same class (sclass with 7series, eclass with 5series) bmw with the same enginevolume and price class has more power, a more sportive chassis and often is more comfortable. and please don’t use insults like ‘child’ or something to response somebody. if you drive an sclass, which is not bought by your daddy, you should be smart. but the way you’re writing it seems your driving mommys fiat multipla at weekend ;-)

  22. lennardt says:

    and btw: eclass stole led-fog-lamps from audi, who stole it from cheap ebay-tuners ;-)

    • Simba says:

      Correction! LED front lights first appeared on BMW’s Rolls Royce. As always, VW’s Audi enjoy stealing ideas for themselves, trying to compete with the premium bunch using VW chassis, parts and engines.

      It makes me sick when that Audi designer explains what he calls his idea (A5 Sportback) when everyone knows that what he is explaining is the 5GT’s design concept. They are such copycats of the industry.

      • lennardt says:

        led headlights as used at audi a8 looks just nasty and cheap. i’m very happy, that bmw doesn’t use them on their cars. if they were used at rr first, i wouldn’t be proud of it..

        • wazon8 says:

          BMW has actually something better than led lights. They have rings around lenses, which look a way better and are so unique for BMW.

  23. Josh says:

    I’m hearing a lot of people say bad things about the front and interior of the Jag, and while I agreed when it first came out, after talking to Iam Callum personally and actually going around the car inside and out, seeing it on the road, and playing with it, it’s a fantastic car inside and out. I love the interior and full exterior design. It’s something that has to grow on you, but when it does, you realize that there’s no bad angle on that car.

    In response to Plaxico, the E-Class is a very good car. It’s very well designed automobile. It’s certainly a lot better inside and out than the outgoing model. But in terms of handling, everyone, including the people I’ve talked to a Mercedes-Benz, know that the 5-Series is always going to be a better car for sporting ventures. It’s just what BMW is made for and less of what Mercedes-Benz is made for. If you think it handles better, than that’s fine. But you don’t have to present a case that it’s so much better to everyone else when you know they’re not going to agree.

    On the case that BMW repairs and maintenance is expensive, you’re right. It very well can be. But, BMW does offer a free maintenance plan with the purchase of a brand new car for a reason… Mercedes-Benz does not and will not.

    If you buy a used Mercedes-Benz versus a used BMW, it depends a lot on who owned it before. But in most cases, Mercedes-Benz’s have been rated much more poorly for repair costs and time being repaired than BMW. In fact, Mercedes-Benz has been rated as bad as Range Rover over the last decade…

    If you have an S-Class, good for you. If you really do, what model S-Class is it, what year along with color and options?

    • plaxico says:

      Josh ,BMW repairs and maintenance is expensive .BMW are significanty significanty significanty less reliable than benz
      BMW have replaced complete engine families, i.e. Nikasil V8s and recent M3 engines due to design flaws.ANY professional BMW mechanic will advise you’ll be lucky to get 100K from the ZF automatic transmissions BMW installs.
      These, of course are major components.Mercedes indeed had some problems with some electrical systems, not major components of course.You should be reading “Tech Talk” in the BMW CCA (car club of america) Roundel, as there’s plenty more.Of course, it’s hard to define “reliable,” and for example Consumer Reports appears to think it’s whether wheels get brake dust on them. BMW and Mercedes are pretty equal in that respect.Wonder whether the term “reliable” comes into play when a BMW driver has a flat with a runflat tire and finds the whole thing has to be replaced and only a dealer can do it and may not have one in stock and of course there’s no spare tire?
      Mercedes-Benz S 320 CDI ’09 , my girlfriend drives E coupe and i have to say that coupe is a bloody beast,love driving it…..
      i respect 6 and x6 but that is it…..everything else….rubbish
      about used mercs ….http://mercedes-benz-blog.blogspot.com/2010/01/value-retention-champion-2010-mercedes.html

      • lennardt says:

        “BMW are significanty significanty significanty less reliable than benz”
        that’s why bmws engines win the “engine of the year”award so often(just google for winner in classes above 1.8 litres and you will find bmw twice for every merc) and that’s why bmw 130 won 2 times the long-term test from “autobildt”. for example this:
        there is at least one or two bmws in every category better than a merc and it doesn’t get much better for merc the next years till 2009.
        mercedes builds good cars, no doubt, but bmws engines are almost the same reliable and in size/power-ratio more effective, there’s also no doubt. so the engineering is just better at bmw.

        • plaxico says:

          awards….come on mate…..i googled ”grammy” and beyonce won 20 and bob dylan 2 awards……
          so whats your point again ?

          • XC says:

            So Beyonce’s ride is a MB and Bod Dylan’s a BMW.. or I don’t get…

          • Babken says:

            I feel pity for your diseased brains.

          • plaxico says:

            OK,lets do this one more time for XC and Babken

            lennardt -‘that’s why BMWS engines WIN the “engine of the year”AWARD so often(just google for winner in classes above 1.8 litres and you will find bmw’

            me -‘awards….come on mate…..i googled ”grammy” and beyonce won 20 and bob dylan 2 awards……
            so whats your point again ?


          • XC says:

            You are rather a simplistic man, aren’t you plaxico? Completely unaware of the subtle nuances of english language… Are you familiar with the term ‘sarcasm’. Yes, I imagined that. Simple minds, simple pleasures.

      • :p says:

        I doubt The Retention value is true. I can find a 2006 C 320 for 15 grand. while a 330i and Audi A4 2.0 is 20 grand.

        Mercedes Benz= Best Euro Luxury Used car for someone on a budget

    • XC says:

      Don’t bother, these kids are loyal asskissers of wathever isn’t BMW, always were and will be.

  24. viper says:

    dont bother , these kids are loyal bmw asskissers , always were and will be

  25. Bandile Sam says:

    BMW 5 series is better obviously.. but i must say if the Merc E-class and the Audi A6 dont step thier game up then number 2 will be the Jaguar…

  26. Rad Dockery says:

    The XF is the closest car to the 5 Series in my opinion. I prefer the exterior styling of the XF. The Interiors’s are close, as the new 5 is much better inside than the previous.

    Later this year, I will have to make a choice and it will come down to these two.

  27. Eggiloo says:

    I love both…but something about the headlights of the Jaguar from the side is bothering me :(:(
    I also think the new 5 series have better looking headlights than the current 5-series…but from head-on it looks like it has sleepy eyes xD

  28. Girly Girl says:

    Hopefully, the new 5 will do better than the last one in the side impact test.

  29. 2011bmw says:

    This is a showdown between two heavyweights indeed
    I thought the new 5 was very hot, pretty darn elegant and sporty.
    But comparing it side by side vrs the jag, wow, what a whole new horizon appears.
    This jag is stunning, making look the 5 kinda bland.
    The 5 on its own right is gorgeous, especially the back end, but the back end of the jag and his profile is too beautiful and sexy.
    Inside, I prefer the 5 series interior, thou the jag not far behind, but yes, a clear winner the new 5, has too much luxury and sensous appeal.
    Indeed it is a tough choice as horatiu puts it, the new 550i with M-sport package probably would seal the deal, but a visit to the jag dealership wouldn´t be a bad choice at all.

  30. MIKEL says:

    Bmw interior ? You just have to touch XF´s leather and then the BMW¨s you will tell me then the difference. Also Jaguar´s diesel engines exterior and interior silence tells a lot about the british car. If you add the handling been at least at the same level as the german, I have no doubt I have already bought an XFS.
    By the way I have always had BMWs so far.

  31. Rad Dockery says:

    spend time with the XF this past weekend – the interior is flawless. and the car’s stance is very aggressive. a legit competitor to the 5 series

  32. JC says:


    • Daniel Hoang says:

      The XF comes with a 385hp V8 (23MPG) for 50 grand and its a really nice car. The New 535i has 300hp and 30MPG for the same price. It depends on what you want, Power or effieciency?

  33. Jenna says:

    All you have to do is look at the facts: the XF has more horsepower, a better warranty, and comes fully loaded standard; if you were to get a fully loaded 535i you would have to pay nearly $5,000. Plus, Jaguar now has a privileges program where you get some awesome opportunities. It’s all listed at http://www.jaguarplatinumaccess.com. Moral of the story, the XF puts the 535i to shame.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      The 535i is more efficient, has more cargo room, and looks more conservative than the Jag. Preformance figures are similar dispite the Jag’s extra horsepower. Both are very good cars but it all depends on the taste.

      Ill take the 5 series only with a 6 speed manual. Other than that, Ill take the Audi A6.

  34. I’d rather choos the 5-series cause it’s better in everything :)

  35. Sourabh Agarwal says:

    Mercedes would win hands down for its smoother drive…

    Jaguar XF Beats – BMW 5.35 and E 350 in looks.

    Cornering ability is better in the Jaguar than BMW and Mercedes.

    Jaguar has more torque than a Lamborghini… 600 NM…

    Now.. you cant be biased and say..I will choose BMW or JAG or MERC. It all comes down to a matter of personal choice..

    However, you must agree that or know.. JAG has been equally longer in the market for about the same time and Beamers and Mercs…. Jag is rolling out models which are snatching away the competition from the Audi’s , BMWs and Mercs…

    What does that say ? about the JAGUAR brand as a whole..

    Its different… takes a special person to understand the feasbility of putting in money into a car.. which not only provides speed, torque but also unmatched interior styling….

    simpler than BMWs and MERCs…

    I’d say … in my personal opinion.

    JAG 3.0 V6 Diesel S- wins hands down compared to Audi A6, BMW 5 series, and MERC E-350.. ( In this segment)

  36. BM_lover says:

    I think there is no comparison to BMW! Although I must XF is a fine model..

  37. KM says:

    I just bought BMW 5 series. And guys this is the true ‘Ultimate driving machine’! :)

  38. citizen187 says:

    The Jag XF is step up in class to BMW owners that is tough for them to accept and grasp that the Jag outperforms and seriously looks so much better.

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