BMW fans can be an eccletic, inventive bunch when it comes to their cars. In looking at most BMW enthusiast forums, you can easily find a large number of members who have modified their cars in at least some sort of manner. Whether it be short-shift-kits, the addition of Euro bumpers, or aftermarket wheels – BMW owners love to make their own cars unique and pop with personality. Even BMW modifies their own cars from time to time!

One user on decided to really set apart his late 80’s E28 – by turning it what can only be called a M5 CSL. In reading through the posting about the car, owner and forum member Matts Kinnby constructed his Frankenstein E28 for two purposes: to build something unique and to win races.

To build the one-off CSL, Kinnby took the body of an E28 M535i, stripped out the interior and discarded the engine replacing it with a modified S38B38 – the 3.8L inline-6 from the E28 successor the E34 M5. Additionally, the home grown race car received special lightweight brakes and the obligatory straight 80’s-style 16 inch deep dish, gold BBS rims, a fully revised race suspension and big, fat racing tires – all topped off with an enormous, nearly cartoonish, period-piece rear wing. To complete the look of a true Coupe Sport Light – Kinnby molded from another E28 a custom front and rear widebody kit requiring that the rear doors be sealed shut to accomodate the intakes for the brakes and round out the full replication of the 3.0 CSL body – effectively making this a true coupe. The E28 has even been topped off with the very 70’s M tri-color paint scheme. For those with very sharp eyes will notice the side vents of the current E60 M5 to supplement the longer, thinner vents of the standard E9 CSL.

To top it all off, Kinnby and his crew took the impressive one-off Bavarian racing across Europe in older touring car and BMW Car Club events. While 2009 was a bit of a teething season for Kinnby and his group, they plan to campaign the unreal E28 throughout the 2010 season – with all of the kinks being worked out this custom M5 coupe should be a formidable adversary on the track. For those interested in finding out more about the M5 CSL you can find pictures and information on Matts Kinnby’s website or follow the evolving discussion on

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[Source: via Bulgogi Brothers | Photo Credit: MickeOlsson]