Jalopnik asks you to vote for cars to be included in Forza Motorsport 3

Interesting | January 25th, 2010 by 24
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Jalopnik and Microsoft’s Turn 10 are teaming up to release a custom-built car pack for Forza Motorsport 3. The Jalopnik readers get a chance to pick the cars that will be included and as expected, some BMW models are listed among many others.

Together with our good friends over at Jalopnik, we’re here to give you the chance to vote on the cars you would like to see in the game.

Here’s how this works:

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1. Voting will take place Monday, January 25th through Thursday, January 28th. The results, along with an extra car chosen by the Jalopnik staff, will be revealed on Friday, January 29th. The car pack itself will be released this summer.

2. In order to provide the greatest possible choice — and to include a lot of cars that both we and Microsoft/Turn 10 Studios wanted to see in the game — we’re starting off with a list of 120 vehicles.

3. For logistical reasons, the master 120-car list has been carefully broken down into twelve groups of ten cars each. Voting will occur in a tournament-like stagger: Monday and Tuesday will consist of three twenty-car votes, with each vote paring twenty cars down to ten. The winners from those polls will hit the semi-finals on Wednesday, and those winners will go into a series of finals on Thursday. Each poll will close at midnight on the day of the vote.

You can go and vote over at Jalopnik:

Forzalopnik: Round One, Group I
Forzalopnik: Round One, Group II

And here are some of the BMW’s listed there:

1959 BMW 507
To this day, no BMW has topped the 507’s good looks. Sleek and relatively powerful, with classic proportions and a 160-hp, 3.1-liter V-8. Often emulated but never duplicated — not even when BMW aped its looks with the Z8.

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1987 BMW M5 E28
The first M5, and the first modern sleeper to come out of Munich. Sported a massaged version of the M1’s DOHC six under its hood and was capable of 150 mph. When it was introduced, it was the fastest production sedan on the planet.


1999 BMW M5 E39
The American muscle car as built by autobahn-obsessed Germans. V-8 power, eight throttles, rear-wheel drive, and, when delimited, enough straight-line speed to outrun half of Stuttgart.