2011 BMW X3 spied during winter testing

Spy Photos | January 25th, 2010 by 2

Another highly expected BMW this year, is the second generation BMW X3, codename F25, due to launch later this year. According to sources close to the brand, the new X3 will be technologically more advanced than the first generation X3 E83 and will offer better steering and improved suspensions tailored to a car that plans to become even more dynamic and sporty than its predecessor.

Design wise, the rear kicked-up quarter light window, as introduced on the E83 model, gets a better integration thanks to the sloping roof which thankfully does not compromise headroom. The new design cues show a very dynamic sporting look, with rounder corners and better aerodynamics. At the rear-end, the window is now shorter, thanks to the glass area rising towards the rear of the car while the roof slopes downwards. This gives the new X3 a more cohesive appearance and dynamic look.

X3 F25 Spy Carmagazine 655x363

The rear arches are very reminiscent of how the first generation X5’s rear and front arches met with the shoulder line.

The interior has been an area where BMW spent a lot of time. One of the most common negative aspects in reviews revolved around the interior design of the car introduced in 2003. Although the 2006 facelift addressed some of these issues and offered better quality materials.

The new X3 takes the interior design to a new level, regaining the premium status seen in some of the newer models. High quality materials and components found in other latest BMW’s, such as the 5 and 7 Series , 5er GT and Z4, will make their way into the F25 model.

The first generation BMW X3 has surpassed 550,000 sold units since its introduction in 2003, a number that outlines the X3’s success and why BMW’s competitors were eager to introduce their own vehicles in the mid Premium SAV/SUV segment.

The latest rumor around the Munich HQ says that an “is” version is being considered, but everything is in a planning stage at the moment. A similar aerodynamic packages as on the Z4 could indeed be available in the future.

While BMW has not confirmed the launch date, we expect the 2011 BMW X3 to debut at the Paris Auto Show this fall.