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Jonathan Spira over at The Diesel Driver continues its quest in the diesel world and this week, he gives us a full review on the …

Jonathan Spira over at The Diesel Driver continues its quest in the diesel world and this week, he gives us a full review on the 2010 BMW X5 xDrive35d. Those of you that remember, the same model served as transportation method for us on our trip to Spartanburg and after thousands of miles, we were more impressed with it than any other SAV we’ve driven before.

Does TDD share a similar experience? Let’s find out.

“We took the X5 xDrive35d on a variety of trips, from local errands to long drives along scenic and windy parkways. The view from the driver’s seat was impressive. We found it true to BMW’s Freude am Fahren (the Joy of Driving) slogan whether on city streets or the open road. This was one large vehicle but it was eminently floggable nonetheless.

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Besides performance, in diesel guise the X5 has a significant price advantage over its petrol-powered V-8 stablemate. The diesel X5 starts at $52,175 (the V-8 starts at $57,175) and is eligible for BMW’s $4500 Eco Credit, making the actual cost a very attractive $47,675. On top of that the buyer is entitled to an $1800 tax credit and the knowledge that the diesel X5 can travel close to 600 miles on a tank of fuel, about 30% farther than the V-8.

(In fairness, it must be mentioned that the petrol-powered twin turbo X5 xDrive30i gets 21 mpg and sells for $48,475, only $800 more than the cost of the diesel X5.)”

Full complete review at The Diesel Driver

5 responses to “TDD Review: 2010 BMW X5 xDrive35d”

  1. E90M3 says:

    Inside the cabin, the diesel engine’s pleasant clamor was noticeable at low speed (unlike in other diesel-powered cars in its class

    What do u mean???

  2. E90M3 says:

    Compare the sound, the eagerness to rev of the engine, the exhaust note, with the V8 X5.

  3. 4x4pakistan says:

    With a powerful diesel engine, responsive accelration and fuel econgomy of a four cylinder, BMW X5 xDrive35d performs much better than its comeptitors in the market which include Audi Q7 TDI, Mercedes-Benz GL320 BlueTech, and the Volkswagen Touareg.
    It features intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system that gives amazing experience of a SAV(Sports Activity Vehilcle) because it provides excellent handling by continuously adapting to changing road conditions and difficult terrains. Its interior is really very spacious, comfortable as well as luxurious.

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