Overnight test drives? So it seems…

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BMW of Bridgeport joins the small network of dealerships that think outside the box. It all started last year when BMW Santa Monica kept the headlines for an entire month with, what we named, “Billboards War”. On the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Beverly Glen Blvd, Audi has put up some billboards showing the all new Audi A4 along with the headline: “Your move, BMW”. Santa Monica BMW, a local dealership, took on the challenge and responded with an M3 “Checkmate” ad.

Another unconventional billboard was recently reported to be displayed in Connecticut on Interstate 95, where the local dealership, BMW of Bridgeport put up an intriguing billboard showing a life-sized mannequin and teddy bear on top of it. The billboard is an advertisement for BMW of Bridgeport’s overnight test drive offer. The dealership’s general sales manager, Tim Coughlin, said there’s been very little negative feedback about the billboard, and they’ve gotten a lot of overnight test drives because of it.

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But here is where it gets interesting. Local police also reports that several emergency calls have been made to the station due to the 3D look-like bear and mannequin placed on top of the billboard.

Regardless of the confusion created, the viral ad seems to make waves and if it brings new business to the dealership, then more power to them.

[Source: Courant ]

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