Spy Photos: BMW M1 spotted during winter testing

Spy Photos | January 16th, 2010 by 12
2012 BMW M1 750x457

The highly rumored and somewhat confirmed BMW M1 makes its second appearance during a winter testing session. The final name has yet to be finalized, …

The highly rumored and somewhat confirmed BMW M1 makes its second appearance during a winter testing session.

The final name has yet to be finalized, but we believe the iconic M1 name will be restored due to its resonance and prestige. The 2012 BMW M1 is said to be inspired from BMW’s tii Concept revealed in 2007.

The new M1 is rumored to come equipped with a revised version of the N55 twin-scroll turbo six-cylinder engine producing around 345 horsepower and north of 300 lb-ft of torque.

As seen in these and previous spy photos, the new BMW M1 is based on the current generation 1 Series Coupe, but it features a wider track, unique M Drive differential and plenty of M1-like improvements.

2012 BMW M1 655x363

The underpinnings of the 1 Series Coupe – MacPherson strut (front) and multi-link (rear) suspension – will remain the same, but M engineers will introduce new suspensions, springs and dampers.

All BMW’s latest EfficientDynamics gizmos will be standard too, including stop/start, gearshift indicators, lower rolling resistance tires, on-demand oil and water pumps, a lighter air-con compressor and active aero.

Exterior design will get the special M treatment, deeper front spoiler, flared front wheel arches, chunkier sills, a rear deck spoiler and a deeper rear valance with four chromed exhaust pipes.

The decision to put the car into production has been attributed to an “overwhelmingly positive reaction” to recent customer clinics, according to at least one high-ranking BMW official. The demographic is said to be younger customers craving for BMW performance and the M1 will be the most affordable M in the line-up. It is also considered to be a direct competitor to the future Audi RS3.

Production is set to begin at the Leipzig factory in Germany and as we mentioned before, the new M1 will be unveiled in 2011.

[Source: Car Magazine ]

12 responses to “Spy Photos: BMW M1 spotted during winter testing”

  1. Shawn says:

    This will be a proper ///M car; we’re in for a treat! With the weight savings and power increase it will be very quick.

    I hope they fully dial out the understeer that exists in the current 1 series.

  2. _Auday_ says:

    The 1 series itself will be replaced soon, so I’m wondering why would BMW introduce a new M version of a car that’s soon to be obsolete and even use the legendary name M1 for it?
    My totally uneducated guess is that they would just introduce a sportier version of the 1 at the end of its life as they used to do (and still doing) with each 3 series, mabe a 135is, 135tii, or even 135i with an M badge on the side.

    I hope the M version of the 1er would be even lighter than that and uses a real high-revving M engine. And for Roundel sake leave the M1 name untouched, is there anything sacred for BMW money making machine?

  3. Josh says:

    I think it’s funny that if you look at the rear fender well, it looks as if it’s just a huge hole. It looks like they just chiseled the wheel well and forgot to fit it with a giant rear tire. But, I know that it is actually a plastic fender flare.

  4. Bryce says:

    This is an awesome-bummer. The awesome: there’s going to be an M1. The bummer: it’s being released in 2012, so the next-generation 1 must be farther away than we thought.

  5. XC says:

    I hope they develop this car to its full potential, not like Ferrari for instance, who tends to limit its cars not to outperform their more expensive siblings. A new M1 will just be a fenomenal car because the regular 135i is just a great driver’s car!

  6. T. says:

    The first 1er model will be the next generation Sporthatch in mid-2011. The Coupe will not be replaced until mid 2013. If you look at the timeline of the Z4 COUPE , this was introduced in 2006 and discontinued in 2008. So we have been there before regarding cars with a very short life. The F22 M1 Coupe will not be replaced until 2014 so the E82 will have a similiar lifespan to the Z4.
    The BMW M1 Concept is seen as the grand finale to the E82 and also the next chapter for M Division. The Compact segment and Project-i will be the focus of BMW for the next decade.

    Regarding M1 , The media went around claiming that the M1 Homage was coming to production , they were wrong. M1 Homage was strictly as it was named a Homage. There is no plans to offer a vehicle such as the M1 because it does not fit within our product strategy. And to put it simply there is no demand to justify production when interest is seperated from dreamers. The M1 will always be an iconic part of BMW’s history both with the supercar concept and in motorsport.
    It is now time to leave that car to history and to celebrate and remember it’s achievements.

    Back in December a focus group was given a varied list of names to choose from The most popular vote was for M1 because it is a 1er and provides continuity to the rest of the M portfolio. M1 is aimed precisely at a younger demographic open ti progress to an M car but the M3 is out of reach. M1 will state it’s position by not treading on the toes of the M3. PS output will be 345 as BMW do not see the car as a straight out performance car rather a performance car that can be enjoyed in a character similiar to the E30 M3. For the car itself a best word to decribe is “Ferocious”
    The car of course has to be fun, driver focused and desirable it has to open a new chapter in exciting compact cars that can pack excitement and outdrive cars that cost twice or three times as much In the marketing the car will appeal to younger demographics.

    The BMW M1 Coupe is the car that when you see it you have to have it , an indulgence if you will. afterall JOY IS INDULGENCE.

    • Doug says:

      “Joy is indulgence”? Is that a philosophical assertion?

    • Auday says:

      Thanks for the detailed post, sounds like we have an insider here :)

      For the timing of the E82, I see your point (taking the Z4M as an example) and it makes sense.

      Saying that there is no market for a BMW supercar is not an accurate statement IMO. I think the right statement would be there is no profitable market for such a car.

      Audi’s R8 is selling very well for a car of its caliber, but most probably Audi is losing money in each R8 they sell, yet they made a solid impact in developing the brand overall.
      A BMW supercar in the range of $150K would sell as good as Audi R8 or Aston Martin DB9 and probably would make a little bit of profit for BMW, but I think their point is that they simply don’t need it, either because BMW sport image is well established and unshakable (or at least that’s what they think) or because they figured out that the whole cars industry is on the edge of a very big change, the biggest since 1889, and BMW as a company needs to be the leader in the new world, that is the world of alternative power and efficiency so focusing on a super car is not something they would consider (wish they had the same opinion on (X5M/X6M).
      As for the M1 name, I really dont care what the focus group inside BMW think, …the name is a part of the whole motorsports heritage not only BMW and targeting new generation that probably never opened a book to look at the history of cars and never heard of the original M1 doesn’t mean you can throw that piece of history down the drainage. Yes it’s a convenient name and would fit well in the current market but in the big picture it will have a very negative impact on BMW image IMO.

  7. Resin8 says:

    So, this has a straight six mounted where the back seat used to be? Because if it doesn’t, it does the M1 name a disservice. BMW has a heritage to build on, unlike many other companies, and to throw that away for profit is foolhearty. Just call it the M2.

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