Hofmeister Squared

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The Hofmeister Kink is a traditional BMW design element that is receiving even more attention and flare than before. On the new 7 series as well as other future models, the C-Pillar Kink will be encompassed by a secondary Hofmeister kink stamped in the sheet metal around it.

This artistic execution of a famous design trademark is a further tribute to Wilhelm Hofmeister. The double Hofmeister leaves a strong visual impact and is beautiful both visually and tactilely; a pleasure to run your hand across or view from any angle.

At the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1961 the Hofmeister Kink appeared on the BMW 1500; proudly displayed by then-Director of Design, Wilhelm Hofmeister. “The rest is history” as they say, with the strong design statement a standard feature on BMW cars since then.

bmw 1500

Under the watchful eye of BMW’s current Director of Design, Adrian Van Hooydonk, this traditional design element becomes even more sculpted and powerful.

Please enjoy these exclusive photos along with a look back to 1961.