Here is the surprise we mentioned a few days back. With Twitter becoming one of the most popular tools to deliver news, we decided it is time to better leverage it. At the Detroit Auto Show, hundreds of automotive journalists around the world will be present to deliver some of the latest news in the auto industry and Twitter is just the righ medium spectrum to do so.

If our estimations are correct, for the next few days, millions of tweets about the Detroit Auto Show will be available, from live press conferences coverage to mini-interviews and of course, latest news and photos.

We will be part of this ecosystem and we will deliver the best BMW and MINI as we always do (, but this time, we will take it a bit further. In the sidebar, we incorporated a new banner that will take you directly to another page on our website where all the live tweets will be displayed.

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So regardless if you are a BMW fan or not, you will find all the news you need, in a single place. While we’re without a doubt huge BMW fans, we cannot deny our love for cars in general and we believe it will bring a lot of value to you, our readers, seeing the auto show news and reports in one single location.

As we said before, we don’t “own” the news out there and solely job is to simply report them, regardless where or from they’re coming from. Our goal has always been to provide you the most comprehensive news and we believe we’re on the right track here.

Along with the general automotive news, we will continue to update our own Twitter account with everything we see and learn at the BMW/MINI booth, so tune in on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

See you soon!