BMW Group DesignworksUSA Translates Mobility into Dynamic and Emotive Designs for Earphones.  All three ranges of earphones will be revealed at the International CES Exhibition in Las Vegas on 7th January 2010 together with Sennheiser’s other exciting products, where CX 680 will be receiving an International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honoree title.

“Our partnership with Sennheiser has combined best expertise’s to create an overarching story for Sennheiser’s new, compelling earphone lines. We were able to integrate our in-depth understanding of consumer lifestyles, advanced technologies and excellence in design into a new and unique product experience,” said Laurenz Schaffer, President of DesignworksUSA. To fit specific target markets of exclusivity, technical excellence, and sports performance each earphone range features an individual iconic design. “Earphones are expected to provide top-quality sound on the move and at the same time have an excellent finish quality,” explained Maurice Quarré, Head of Product Management Consumer at Sennheiser. “DesignworksUSA created a design that goes beyond technical functionality”.

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Led by the strategic design consultancy’s Singapore Studio, that has extensive experience with consumer electronics products, all three studios including Los Angeles and Munich worked closely together during the design process of the earphones. “DesignworksUSA’s insight in expressing mobility and emotional connections through design enabled the team to create optimally differentiated products that express the active and dynamic nature of the Sennheiser earphones,” said Magnus Aspegren, Director of Singapore Studio, DesignworksUSA.

Sophisticated Metal-Crafted Designs for Jewel-like Icons

Designed to appeal to those looking for a premium solution to their mobile music needs, the premium range is the epitome of refined design. DesignworksUSA was able to bring its in-depth insights from working in a wide spectrum of premium industries spanning luxury phones to private jets to create an aesthetic expressed in a minimal surface area to create an understated exclusivity. This is emphasized with the use of authentic materials including high-quality metal giving an unparalleled sense of touch and emotional satisfaction to the user.

* CX 980: Simple yet powerful silhouette achieved with architectural precision and expert sculpting
* MX 980: A bold statement of premium value with visual sound quality
* OMX 980: Highly iconic and elegant Y-structure with detailed surfacing that expresses its ergonomic nature with adjustable lightweight ear hooks

Defined Facets Express Precision and Bold Style

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The easily recognizable faceted designs of the range of performance earphones give an iconic identity marked by engineering precision and performance. A distinctive form with a brush metal finish balances the design in its hard and soft appeals. Bold and defined brush metal pieces harmonize with the circular central ear bud to provide an intuitive grip.

* MX 880: Flowing lines, rich textures and faceted surfaces convey its power and sophistication, creating an instantly recognizable icon
* OCX 880: Clean and clutter-free design with an ergonomically shaped over-the-ear hook for a comfortable fit
* CX 870: Affordable high quality ear canal earphones with contrasting black glossy surfaces and bold brushed metal finishes
* CX 880: Expert detailing reflects strong focus on engineering precision and high fidelity

Dynamic Forms Emphasize Organic Character of Sports Earphones


Innovative detailing and dynamic forms are used to fuse Sennheiser’s heritage of technical excellence and adidas’ sports performance spirit into one cohesive design language for the sports range of earphones. A rhythmic application of opacity and translucency conveys visual lightness and expresses a sophisticated yet approachable organic character. To cater specifically for serious sportsmen who are focused with constant motion, an asymmetrical design was developed to provide an intuitive understanding of earphone placement and functionality.

* MX 680: Fluid and dynamic proportions reflect the sporty, versatile character of these earphones. The EarFin holding system ensures a perfect fit
* CX 680: Compact ear canal earphones with a flowing profile. The integrated design of the EarFin holding system gives the earphones a distinctive character.
* OMX 680: Flexible and adjustable ear clips allow the earphones to adhere comfortably to the ear
* PMX 680: Energetic curves form a sturdy and ergonomic neck band with integrated reflective strip for extra safety in the dark

[Source: BMW ]