More information on the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

Rumors | January 5th, 2010 by 15

It has been a while since we posted new on the rumored BMW 3 Series GT, the niche model that will complete the next generation …

It has been a while since we posted new on the rumored BMW 3 Series GT, the niche model that will complete the next generation 3 Series line-up. The PAC, Progressive Activity Coupe or V3, as it is known internally, is expected to based on long-wheel base 3 Series.

The always resourceful Scott27 has some new information to relate. BMW sees the 3 Series Gran Turismo as an entirely separate model from the 5er Gran Turismo which means the emphasis will be more on the dynamics and performance of the car rather than space and luxury. Although the 3 Series Gran Turismo will share the same philosophy as the 5er GT and it will have a distinctive design when compared to the regular 3 Series model. As seen in the new 5 Series family and the 5 GT niche model, the bloodline will be there, but the details will be different.

According to the same source, BMW have been planning a Shooting Brake style car for quite some time now. To quote the source, BMW sees the rumored 3 Series Gran Turismo as “the alternative to alternatives, a style conscious car with the dynamic prowess to match its looks.”

bmw 3er gt rendering1 655x396

A rendering by Autobild

BMW calls this prototype “Progressive Activity Coupe”  because of the way the roof slopes down at the rear, but instead of a larger glass area as in a Touring, there is an additional quarter light and a wrap around tailgate. The rear end is a combination of Touring and a Shooting Brake . The 3 GT will not feature the flexible trunk arrangement seen in the 5 GT instead settling for a traditional trunk.

Now here comes the interesting statement, but we have to admit, we’re still reluctant to pass it on as valid. Having the 3er Gran Turismo Shooting Brake in their line-up, it will allow BMW to offer another niche concept under the M Division. Same source mentions that an BMW M3 Touring was considered in the past, but axed at the last minute. The rumor is that BMW did produce M3 Tourings prototypes before, based on the E30, E36 and E46 platforms, but they are currently locked away.

It is still unclear if the BMW 3 Series GT has been indeed greenlighted or it’s still in the design contest phase where several internal teams compete for the final design. As we move into 2010, we expect more details to emerge and we will learn more about BMW’s future strategy.