Mercedes CLS Estate – A competitor for BMW 5 Series GT

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According to UK magazine Autocar, Mercedes-Benz is preparing a rival to the BMW 5 Series GT and forthcoming Audi A7 with an estate version of …

According to UK magazine Autocar, Mercedes-Benz is preparing a rival to the BMW 5 Series GT and forthcoming Audi A7 with an estate version of the second-generation CLS. BMW 5 Series GT launched last year and while initially it has drawn extensive criticism from both consumers and automotive media, in time, the current of opinions has changed in its favor.

Back in March 2009, we were pretty confident in saying that “BMW 5 Series GT will follow the same path as the X6 by finding its own niche, clientele if you want, and it will dominate that segment. It is already the first luxurious car to take on that market and it can establish itself as a leader, a follower for other companies. ”

Not even a year later, BMW’s competitors are actively working on similar products.

Mercedes Benz 411010254514031600x1060

According to the same magazine, an inside sources mentions that Mercedes is seeking to improve their returns by better utilization of existing platforms, similar to BMW’s 5 GT which shares the same platform with the F01 7 Series.

The new four-door Mercedes CLS Estate will be based on a modified E-class platform. The two will share styling up to the trailing edge of the front doors but the estate will have a heavily sloping roofline and angled tailgate similar to the ConceptFascination revealed in 2008.

Codenamed X218, the CLS estate will be built at Mercedes’ Sindelfingen plant in Germany from early 2012.

Motoring options are still unknown, but Autocar speculates that new V6 and V8 turbocharged engine will be available in the line-up.

With the upcoming Audi A7, the niche will get crowed, but some competition never hurt anyone.

[Source: Autocar ]

20 responses to “Mercedes CLS Estate – A competitor for BMW 5 Series GT”

  1. Mike says:

    “The new four-door Mercedes CLS Estate will be based…” Umm… I see only two doors. And I would think to compete with A7 and 5-GT, you gotta have four!

  2. okeribok says:

    I’m hoping that the 3GT will be a crossover between coupe and touring, so very similar to this.

  3. Miles Ransom says:

    bmw really has to step up their game…this looks great

  4. Babken says:

    Nice. Once more the world will become a witness of BMW’s dominance over mercedes and audi.

  5. lennardt says:

    i like this car, because it looks like 5gt ;)

  6. efoza says:

    The GT will be the best in its class for years to come so it now seems

  7. Andrew says:

    Not bad, Benz did well with this one!

  8. Vaybach Khan says:

    whats up with r class?isn’t that 5gt competitor? gt is beast for this…so merc will have 3 or 4 models with same front end???…i just hope bmw will finally came out with competitor for merc cls in the 6gt version,also i hope for 1er and 3er gts,i just love the idea…
    and if u look at r class as a gt competitor,r class came out way before gt …and cls..and now sls..merc had set trends not just bmw…

    • Andrew says:

      R class was an abysmal failure – hence the CLS Estate

    • viper says:

      obviously they dont consider the R class as the true competitor , something bmw never had, they are building the proper competitor , MB has more models than anyone , more money and they can do whatever they want , there can be only one , follow the star

  9. Blaze1248 says:

    In the past BMW has entered previously existing markets and dominated (e.g. BMW’s X5 entry into the 4WD market), but it looks like BMW have run out of markets and are now looking to create markets.

    Good on them for bringing innovation to the game, but I think that they should watch that they don’t cannibalize their own products (e.g. the 5GT makes the touring 5-series a little redundant) and that their competitors don’t do something similar (e.g. bring a better product to market, in this instance surpassing the 5GT).

  10. Jordan says:

    this is one nice looking Benz!

  11. viper says:

    it was only a matter of time….have in mind that they will follow bmw in every step , whatever concept or a new model they build they will do the same , only MB has much more to offer than Munich , bmw doesnt follw Stuttgart however and thats whay they lack behind in so many things.

  12. Michael says:

    I am a big BMW fan but this Mecedes concept car looks really nice! It was presented some months ago and is a concept car only, I guess it was presented as a E-class concept car.

  13. Michael says:

    @viper: sorry, but you are completely wrong. MB is following BMW in every step because they have to and BMW does not follow MB because they don’t have to look back. Regarding engineering and reliability MB is looking towards to Munich because they used to be the best for many years but they lost their leadership years ago and they try hard to become no. 1 in engineering again…. but not yet, they still need some more time for this.
    Don’t get me wrong, they do have some beatiful cars, but depending on engineering they are no. 2 at present.

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