Jacek Frohlich – New Director of Exterior Design at BMW

News | January 2nd, 2010 by 7
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The rumor around the BMW Headquarters in Munich is that the Group has a new chief of exterior design. Jacek Frohlich, the man who penned the new F10 BMW 5 Series, has been appointed as Director of Exterior Design at BMW.

Previously this position was occupied by Anders Warming, the designer direct responsible for the E85 Z4 roadster, GINA Light Concept and Mille Miglia 2006 Coupe Concept. It is unknown at the moment what position would Warming take on next.

44 years old Jacek Fröhlich, Polish born German, studied Architecture at Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland (Master 1989) and at Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences in Design, Technology and Business (1989-1993).

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If the rumors turns out to be true, we wish him good luck and looking forward to more exterior designs under his umbrella.

7 responses to “Jacek Frohlich – New Director of Exterior Design at BMW”

  1. Brookside says:

    Makes sense given the current climate at BMW. Jacek Frolich’s F10, tho one of the handsomest designs to come out of BMW in years (imho) is about summarizing BMW visual traits rather than breaking new ground.

    It’s like watching a pendulum swing to the other side after the Bangle years. First with AvH and now Frolich. The quality remains the same, but the work itself will be less risk taking and more about refinement. Working in this climate though won’t be as stimulating for younger designers who I’m sure, have seen the trend and know that it’ll be a tailored and visually crisp solution that gets the production nod rather than something that challenges the status-quo. It’s just speculation, but you don’t have to be a Houdini to see this strategy being implemented by talented (but not extraordinary) designers who are a good fit in this conservative era.

    My own feeling is that they need the bold expressive young designers to anticipate changes in society and culture.
    What happens to Anders Warming? I think they’ll send him to their think-tank design studio in California – or that he’s out the door. No matter- taking his influence out of the decision making process at the top is a loss.

    • bob says:

      We should keep in mind that the current generation of BMWs — the Concept CS generation — are meant to be *evolutionary*, following the previous *revolutionary* generation (Z9 X Coupe). Revolutionary->Evolutionary->Revolutionary->Evolutionary->con’t cycle.

      It is now 2010, perhaps it is Frohlich who came up with some or all of the design language for the next, *revolutionary*, generation, expected around 2015-16. Perhaps. That is also how long we’ll have to wait to see the first BMWs under AvH’s directorship.

      Frohlich will have to work closely with Marc Girard, Head of Interior Design- BMW Cars (if he doesn’t already). With his background at MINI, he doesn’t appear to be overly consevative, IMO.

      Yes, what about Warming? Not DW; Laurenz Schaffer became President of DW, effective 01 December 2009. When AvH succeeded CB as Design Director for The Group, AvH retained his position as Head of Design – BMW Cars. That seems like a possibility for AW, or replacing Schaffer as Head of DW Munich. We shall see…

  2. bob says:

    Thank Goodness he’s not wearing one of those scarfs like in some of the F10 videos — absolutely frightening. :-O

  3. Can says:

    Yes this is the evolutionary cycle, which will be followed by the revolutionary cycle. This is what Bangle himself laid down so those who rejoiced at his departure are cheering prematurely I believe.

  4. viper says:

    what a disaster..

  5. Peter Skelton says:

    Why should it be the disaster? Fröhlich designed one of the most beautiful BMW’s for years. How this car will feel ten years from now, we do not know. But they have to sell cars – this is about the survival, not about experimentation anymore.

    BMW tries to use the present crisis to solidify the lead position as the luxury car producer. They have to sell now. This car will sell.

  6. ahmed rashied says:

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