BMW Flouts Politics and Unleashes a Monster

Motorrad | December 30th, 2009 by 8
S1000RR Wheelie 750x500

The UK’s first dynograph test on BMW’s new S1000RR was completed by ‘Bike’ Magazine and the results are staggering. 183 hp at the wheel. There are only four descriptive words I can think of; one I can’t say, what remains… ‘Das Ist Animal!’

Of course, BMW are typically conservative with their official power figures, and once again this holds true. There is thought that Motorrad were concerned of the legal and political implications involved around releasing a 200 hp motorcycle for street use. So what did they do? Well, it appears they tuned the bike for even more power and then told the press it punches out 193 hp. VVunderbar.

The demographic BMW are targeting with this bike are not ‘new learner’ teenagers, in fact, BMW refuse to sell their high output motorcycles to anyone short of experience on medium class bikes. My local Toronto Motorrad dealer takes pride in this policy, and as a Toronto Medic, I’m proud of them for it.

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The BMW S1000RR is now the world’s premier superbike with an output of 183.7 Rear Wheel hp at 13,200 rpm*. In fact, this bike has surpassed the vaunted Hayabusa by 3.7 hp, becoming the world’s most powerful production road bike.

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*These performance figures were found on a private Dyno in the UK and were published by “Bike” magazine and it’s sister publication “MCN” – both trusted authorities in motorcycle journalism.

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