2011 BMW 5 Series spotted on the streets of Munich

5-series | December 27th, 2009 by 9
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Spring 2010 cannot come soon enough for the BMW fans. The newest and latest 5 Series is due to launch and this could be one …

Spring 2010 cannot come soon enough for the BMW fans. The newest and latest 5 Series is due to launch and this could be one of the most exciting models released in 2010. The F10 5 Series was unveiled back in November and it as has so far received fairly positive reviews from automotive magazines around the world.

In the past few weeks, several test mules continued to be seen around Munich, starting with the Titanium Silver we’ve seen two weeks ago and today, with a black painted model. Same as in the other photos, the 2011 BMW 5 Series stands out with its road presence and design lines. The overall consensus has been that the new 5er design is less adventurous than before, some even called it a “safe bet”, but seeing the car on the road has changed our opinion.

The dynamics, attractiveness, luxury and sportiness are some attributes that classify a 5 Series model and this new one makes no exception, offering a design that will attract new buyers, both from the competitors, and also from existing 3 Series owners.

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Sure, many might argue that the new F10 5 Series carries some design features seen before in the 2010 3 and 7-Series models, but in the end and from a closer look, the F10 5 Series is as unique as one would expect. The headlights are slightly modified over the 3-Series units and much smaller than the 5-Series GT, making the new F10 its own uniquely styled BMW. The eyebrow remains an important characteristic in the latest headlights’ design. The hood is a design feature shared with the current 6 and 3-Series, a look enhanced by the creases coming across the hood.

But its strongest point comes from the rear-end, an unique combination of style, luxury and sportiveness, that has made the now famous “Bangle butt” well forgotten. The rear-end design has always been an area where BMW typically has taken a less aggressive look to appease more of the subtle luxury crowd, but now they really give us something to stare at when we’re trailing behind the new car. The lower and sleeker rear-end look is complemented by pronounced L-shaped taillights, one of the most attractive design cues on the car.

Initial engine offerings for the U.S. will likely remain close to those of the current model, with the 230-hp, naturally aspirated 3.0-liter 528i as the entry-level model and the 300-hp, turbocharged 535i following shortly. Like the new 535i GT, the turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six in the new 535i will now use the N55 twin-scroller engine. The high-end model remains the 550i, a 400-horsepower beast powered twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8. In the U.S., all models will be using the new ZF 8-speed automatic; no word on a manual transmission yet.

Non-U.S. models include naturally aspirated four-cylinder gasoline engines as well as four- and six-cylinder turbo-diesels.

European sales begin in Spring 2010.

[Photos by Christian Wimmer ]