At the end of an eventful year, we wish all of you, our readers, a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 2009 has been a fantastic year for us, with visitors traffic levels at an all time high, news coverage more than ever before and most important, our goal to build a BMW community around the blog has been achieved.

Of course all of these would have been impossible to achieve without the support received from you, our daily readers that give us all the horsepower we need to continue delivering the most, if not all, BMW news out there. The BMWBLOG team has grown this year, we have seen new enthusiasts writers come on board, some of the previous contributors have return as well and together, several milestones have been conquered.

In our last post of the year, we will remind you some of the things we have done this year, where we started, where we are now and what 2010 will bring for all of us and believe me, it will be exciting.

BMW Weihnachten 655x436

But this is not about us, this article is all about YOU….you have always been more than our readers, we consider you being our friends and when advice was needed, we tried to be there for you as well. Without your comments, insight, additional information, perspectives and why not, article corrections, we would have not gotten so far.

Truth is that we’re just in the passenger seat here and all of you are in fact the driver, you guys set the course and we try to deliver. Your response has been and will always be appreciated and this is what motivates us every day, to continue building a community that not many of us thought it was possible years ago, a new automotive media entity that we like to believe has inspired many others.

At the end, we wish all of you Happy Holidays together with your family and loved ones, and take the opportunity over the next days to recover from the stress of everyday life.

Those of you that live and breath BMW 24/7, we will be here for you and our coverage will continue every day.

Thank you!


Horatiu, Andrew, Benny, Josh, Shawn, Joey, Hugo, Stjepan, John, Al, Jim.