AC Schnitzer ACS3 3.5d Coupé reaches 288.7 km/h in Nardò. Third World Record in Succession: AC Schnitzer builds fastest diesel car. It’s a hat-trick: for the third time, AC Schnitzer has gone to Nardò in southern Italy and brought home a third world record for Aachen.

The legendary high-speed circuit has already been the setting for so many records. Once a year in southern Italy, under the aegis of “CONTINENTAL AG” and in collaboration with the editors of “AUTO BILD sportscars”, the ‘creme de la crème’ of vehicle tuners go head to head – this year on 18th and 19th October 2009.

The AC Schnitzer ACS3 3.5d Coupé succeeded in breaking the world record from 2006 for the fastest road-legal diesel car by over 8.7 km/h.

288.7 km/h was the figure on the display of the GPS speedometer system on the 13 km long high-speed circuit – which is in principle a giant oversized circle – after the fast lap of the AC Schnitzer ACS3 3.5d Coupé.

Nard 2009 ACS3 3.5d World Record 13 3001 655x438

After the records from 2006 with the TENSION as the fastest road-legal BMW, the world record still held by the GP3.10 GAS POWERED from 2007 for gas-powered vehicles, the ACS3 3.5d Coupé (based on the BMW 335d) has continued the success story.

Naturally the power upgrade which took the latest world record holder to success is part of the extensive AC Schnitzer special accessory range and available for all vehicles based on the 3.5d engine. It is TÜV-approved and available from BMW dealers.

Another impressive performance in Nardò came from the AC Schnitzer ACS4 3.5 turbo (based on the BMW Z4 sdrive 35i). At 303.1 km/h, this was not a new world, but such a high speed is almost unheard of for a Roadster. The Z4 was also running with the commercial version of the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade for 3.5i engines. Quickly, as we found out.