Spy Photos: 2010 BMW X5 Facelift – TwinTurbo engine also?

Spy Photos | December 7th, 2009 by 6
BMW Plant 10 May 2008 Original 012 1 750x500

Even though not officially confirmed, sources close to BMW place the new X5 Facelift version in the showroom at the Detroit Auto Show next month …

Even though not officially confirmed, sources close to BMW place the new X5 Facelift version in the showroom at the Detroit Auto Show next month which means that official photos are just days away. In the mean time, Palbay, returns with some new spy photos of the X5 LCI.

While the photos give us the same front-end as seen in previous shots, the most interesting piece of news could come from the lower part of the front-end, in the right side air intake, where we believe we’re looking at a turbo intercooler.

Now we don’t want to jump in a speculative game, but this could indeed give us the first clue that a twin turbo engine will be powering the facelifted X5 and our bets are on the six-cylinder powerplant. The second clue might come from the rear-end of this test mule where again for the first time, we are seeing the round twin exhaust seen on the 335i model as well.

2010 bmw x5 facelift 001 655x438Here is a comparison photo with the X6 xDrive35i:

BMW Plant 10 May 2008 Original 012 1 655x516

As we mentioned several times before, at the rear-end, the 2010 BMW X5 facelift model will receive LED taillights. Looking at these spy photos, we can also see the turn signal moving from the bottom corner up to the top corner. The hatch/tailgate combo will remain the same as in the current model, not a single lift hatch as some expected.


The front-end is where the most action will happen. The X6-style headlights will replace the current ones and a new set of signal indicators similar to the ones found on the 3 Series Sedan facelifted model. A more aggressive front-bumper will be available as well.

Inside, the one upgrade that will satisfy many BMW owners is the new generation iDrive which features the hard drive based navigation system, a revised iDrive knob controller and a larger, crisper LCD screen.

The 2010 BMW X5 LCI will be available in the U.S. in March-April 2010.

6 responses to “Spy Photos: 2010 BMW X5 Facelift – TwinTurbo engine also?”

  1. stuizdaman says:

    I saw a white X5M yesterday. Holyisht!! I tried to keep up but it was gone in exactly 3 seconds (I was driving my girl’s Kia Picanto). You know seeing a great car is always an event no matter how long it lasts. its like meeting the love of your life. I cant believe what the M division did to that SAV, on their first attempt at quick SUV-ing. AMAZING!

  2. L1ndja says:

    Im 100% sure bmw will add the Twin Turbo inline 6 and might name it xdrive 35i..
    By the way im sure its the engine from the 5GT with a single Turbo unit and the Mighty Double Vanos :P

  3. Parker says:

    Just FYI, the X5 4.8 has that oil cooler in the left front fenderwell. And, the updated iDrive is already in the 2010 cars.

    But the facelift is looking good!

  4. BMW Sales says:

    The word inside BMW is that 2010 models are ALL going to end production in March of 2010 (Odd, I know), and beginning with MY2011 the X5 will offer the turbo engines from the X6. BMW has told us they will be phasing out twin-turbos into single-turbo units in years to come to improve costs, but they are all still capable of twin-turbo torque if not better.

  5. 100$ GUY says:

    As expected.

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