BMW 7 Series vs. Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 and Lexus LS

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Days ago, the BMW 7 Series vs. Audi A8 attracted thousands of visitors to our blog and started one of the most heated conversations we …

Days ago, the BMW 7 Series vs. Audi A8 attracted thousands of visitors to our blog and started one of the most heated conversations we have seen on our site. To add more fuel to the fire, we are back with a new, even more detailed comparison and this time, we included the other “usual suspects”, read “7 Series’ competitors”.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Lexus LS are competing with BMW and Audi for the crown of best high end luxury sedan. All four luxury sedans play an important role in the overall sales and strategy of the aforementioned automakers.

With the help given by our friends over at Automarket, we’re going beyond a photo comparison and talk about performance and engines as well.

Since we are looking to be objective and simply just relate the facts, we are going to rely on the scoring system implemented by Automarket.

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Exterior Design

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The Audi A8 aligns itself with the other models in the line-up, featuring similar design lines and carrying the front-end and headlights that became famous among Audi fans. BMW 7 Series gives us a new and fresh design as well, moving away from the highly criticized but yet very successful “banglelized” 7 Series. The S-Class and LS are considered to feature a much safer design language.


1-2 BMW 7 Series; Audi A8 (4 points)

3. Mercedes-Benz (2 points)

4. Lexus Ls (1 point)

Interior Design


As expected, the new A8 excels with its interior design, one that for a long time has made BMW owners very jealous. The gadgetry offered and luxurious high-end materials makes the Audi one of the leaders in this segment, but truth is, BMW’s simplicity and use of high quality materials places the new 7 at similar levels. If you’re adding the Individual options, then BMW fans get all the luxury they ever craved for.

Surprisingly to some, the new 7 Series takes the first place in the interior design area, followed by the the S-Class and only third, the new A8.

Truth is that when it comes to interior design, personal taste varies from individual to another individual and the choice can be subjective.

  1. BMW 7 Series (4 points)
  2. Mercedes S-Class (3 points)
  3. Audi A8 (4 points) (2 points)
  4. Lexus LS (1 point)



The new A8 will be offering with three turbo diesel engines and one petrol. Two out of the four engines will be V8, while the others are V6 TDI. In contrast, BMW offers four petrol engines and three diesels, one of the largest motor offerings along with the S-Class. The new 7 Hybrid extends the engine options even further. The S-Class adds the S63 AMG and S65 AMG as their top models in the S family. Lexus LS offers the least amount of engines, a single petrol unit and one hybrid.

Excluding the S65 AMG, the new BMW 760Li offers the highest performance. The V12 engine outputs 544 horsepower at 5,000 rpm, with maximum torque of 533 lb-ft at 1,500. Second comes the Mercedes S600L outputting 517 horsepower. Lexus comes third with the LS600h offering 394 horsepower. The new A8 tops at 372 horsepower with their high-end model. (S8 will be unveiled in the future).

Extended engine offerings:

  1. Mercedes S-Class (4 points)
  2. BMW 7 Series (3 points)
  3. Audi A8 (2 points)
  4. Lexus LS (1 point)


  1. BMW 7 Series (4 points)
  2. S-Class (3 points)
  3. LS (2 points)
  4. Audi A8 (1 point)

Overall dimensions


The new A8 is the longest and widest in its segment, of course, excluding the long wheelbase models, measuring 5,137mm respectively 1,949mm. Second comes the 7.

  1. Audi A8 (4 points)
  2. BMW 7 Series (3 points)
  3. S-Class (2 points)
  4. Lexus LS (1 point)



From 0 to 62 mph, the fastest models are the BMW 760Li and the MB S600 L, their timed performance stopped the clock at 4.6 seconds. The top Audi A8 model shows in its official numbers a 5.7 seconds from 0-62 mph. LS 600h needs about 6.3 seconds to get there.

1-2 BMW 760Li, Mercedes S600 L (4 points)

3. Audi A8 (3 points)

4. Lexus LS (1 point)


Okay, we’ll give you this: it may not be the best, most accurate or appropriate comparison, but based on the facts we have, official numbers and other factors, this is simply a guide on how to outline a comparison between these fine cars. While some of us are looking for ultimate luxury in a car, there are many others out there that are more concern with the overall performance, driving experience, price, efficiency and comfort, just to name some of the few factors.

With this being said, let’s have a look at the podium:

  1. BMW 7 Series (22 points)
  2. Mercedes-Benz S-Class (18 points)
  3. Audi A8 (16 points)
  4. Lexus LS (8 points)
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162 responses to “BMW 7 Series vs. Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 and Lexus LS”

  1. Jordan says:

    Overall, I agree with this.

    there were a few things i didn’t agree with (ie: i would have given the S 3 pts for exterior design instead of 2 pts) but it wouldn’t have affected the end result at all. this seems like a pretty unbiased review on the cars. a lot of the ratings made sense.

    Horatiu… it would be nice if there was voting for comments. thumbs up and thumbs down just like the Automarket site has. i feel it helps add dimension to a “virtual conversation”. sites like Autoblog, YouTube, and others have similar features.

  2. Giom says:

    I don’t agree with exterior design – for me personally, the A8 is dead last.

    But, I do agree with the overall result. Just the other day, I was treated to a ride in the LS, but in the back seat. It was loaded with every gadget you could find, but to my surprise, everything felt – lets just say, not expensive. It felt Toyota-ish. To me, that experience was a big disapointment.

    This is a very good and brief summary of the top four luxo brands, thank you for putting it together!

    • Jordan says:

      I agree about the LS… it just doesn’t have that solid, “German” quality feel to it like the others do.

      btw… I was looking at Audi’s site and found that the new A8 has what seems like all LED headlights which I think is pretty sweet. i looked at some more videos of it and it’s definitely a step forward from the last A8. the interior looks better in the videos and i really do like an option for the seat upholstery that is similar to Bentley’s, with diagonal squares on the bottom and backs of the seats. i’m sure there is a name for it but i don’t know.

      i’d still take a 7 tho!

      • Lance says:

        Furthermore, there is nothing amazing about the A8 when compared to the class leading 7 Series. There are lots of |old| technology and is nothinig drastically innovative when compared to the 7 Series, which I am sure Audi will conveniently copy when it is time for a facelift. That cheap plastic pop up screen is something that I expect from a Toyota! It has just been cut and pasted from the old A8, like most of the other parts.

        • I have to agree with you on the a8. That pop up screen looks like an after market cd player. It does not belong inside this line up. I’ve had a chance to view the interior/exterior of the BMW, Lexus, and the a8. I feel that all 3-had very nice interior options. Now as far as the exterior, the Lexus looked too plain, a8 looked to bulky, and the BMW was just right……….

      • Baloney says:

        It’s called “diamond” seating pattern.

  3. Babken says:

    The final results reflect the reality. BMW 7 SERIES is the best automobile in the top-end luxury segment outperforming all the rest. As I always said mercedes and audi are fighting just for the 2nd place.

    • Mobinmaulvi says:

      these tests did not make any sense ohk and wen u put these tets on road as
      cars are made to be driven on road !! wen these tests are put on road den ull cum to knw who is fighting
      for second place!! merc is anyrime better than these two “ANYTIME”!!

  4. viper says:

    exterior1. S class ,2. A8 , 3. 7 , 4. LS
    inerior 1. A8 , 2 S class , 3 LS ………4 7er
    the front is all A8 but the rear A8 comes in last…pity
    7er has the smallest appearance although its not small on a paper.
    overall Id chose 7 series after S class and A8

    • Colinbentley says:

      Open you’re yes and see what’s infront of you, not what tradition has conditioned you to think you see.
      Lexus have reliability, build quality and overall value for money wins the day. Once only French wines featured at top table!

  5. michael says:

    I think the S-Class looked better before the facelift…
    I find the LEDs on the back to look a bit well cheap. Not what you’d expect from a car that’s meant to be the top of the range.

    I’d like the see the hybrids other than the lexus in Australia though. We could be very tempted by the 7 active-hybrid :)

  6. lennardt says:

    “the front is all A8 but the rear A8”
    what?! the front looks like honda civic and in my country every ebaytuned car has these leds as foglamps. just embarassing to drive around with it, when you have the money to buy an a8 in my opinion.
    i think at the front of 7series, the grill is to big, compared to the headlights and i don’t like that, so i would say honestly that mercedes has the niciest front.
    and the lexus :-D i agree! it’s a wannabe pimped up toyota ;-)

  7. W12 says:

    The previous Audi A8 is much better and looks more beautiful then the current model.The current model looks like the long Audi A4.I was excepting more from them,the exterior design looks poor,but interior is very good.
    To be honest i think that the best luxury vehicle is the new BMW 7 series,after all those tests and comparsions maded.So thank you again BMW for making us proud.

  8. KidrauhlM5 says:

    Well I agree with this comparison. Overall in my opinion, the fight goes to S-Class and the 7er. True that the LS is a bit of.. a pimped out Toyota. I don’t really like the A8 front lights but if they made it look like the one in the A4, then that’d look good. The rear of the A8 is similar to the current A4 but I don’t like it when it becomes bigger. The interior, I would choose the 7er out of any others. I don’t like the interior of the LS at all neither the MB nor the A8 although the A8 looks nice (I’m not bias).

    For the engine, the 7er 760iL really is a mind boggling car after I watched Top Gear where they tested it out with the S63 AMG. Not to mention that James May said that the S63 is a split personality car. How can a racing stopwatch to be in an luxury S-Class?? Maybe the S8 could give some Audi fans a favour to fight with the MB and the 7er. Whatever it is, this time around, I mean… in my eyes and mind, 7er is a winner. Owh. remember that the 7er has already won the Chauffeur Car Of The Year award??

  9. Babken says:


    BMW 7 Series is the king. Who is the 2nd and the 3rd? Well, it doesn’t matter to me at all. The most important thing is that BMW 7 SERIES is the 1st.

    • viper says:

      maybe in ur mind and in this comparison bmw is first , 7 series will never beat the looks and power of S class , AMG and Brabus S classes are bottom line wherever they show up…they make better job than what Alpina does to BMW

      • shmidly says:

        stock & beats S63 amg around the track. bmw knows how to tune and alpina takes it even further. bottom line is that stock 7 beats stock S any day. that takes my vote. plus the new style has really grown on me, especially that lovely ///m body

      • nick says:

        there are a couple of things called Ac schnitzer, G-power… in case u didnt know
        if u did … have u forgotten?

  10. :p says:

    The S class should have a better score when it comes to engines from AMG. Naturally Aspirated V12 and V8 giving more power than BMW could have done. 11City,17 MPG highway for 600hp is really good for NA engines. BMW is turbocharging its cars to help save the environment. even though. Its V12 in the 760LI is still low with only 13 MPG City. (These scores are from EPA.) I have to say the 7 and the S are tied if you added a bit more categories.

  11. ferrarifan says:

    dont argue, 7 series is best in a bmw site..

    but seriously, i think 7 series is a bit too sporty for a limo.. most comfy would be the s-class.. a8 for the younger buyers..

    lexus doesnt belong to the group..

  12. Ray says:

    IMO, the 7er is the best in terms of design, though I would like to see the tail lights redesigned to reduce the visual mass and make it a bit lighter and more graceful.

    The S has grown on me since its inception, but I still think that it looks rather bulky and clumsy in some ways, especially the wheel arches; the previous S was more elegant to me.

    I think the new A8 received improved body surfacing, and I think the tail lights, though somewhat indistinguishable from other current Audi models, still look quite nice. However, the front looks over-designed to me, especially with the head light lens shape and cluster, a pity considering Audi’s wonderful work in this area in recent times.

    I’m sure the LS is a fine car and all, but like many have said here, it looks only like an upscale Toyota. I have to say, though, that the current LS is IMO Lexus’ best effort so far in making the LS distinct from its Toyota counterpart.

  13. lennardt says:

    word! you’re right!
    ok, but in my opinion brabus is just embarrassing. bmw is building engines, that don’t have 6.3 litres of volume and still have nearly the same power, because bmws engineering is so much better than merceres. for example compare brabus rocket and g-power hurricane. both tuned the hell out of the cars and still the bmw from g-power has more power, despite it has less enginsize. and i like it to drive a car ( i drive an old ’89 e30 325 touring) thats well engineered. it’s just thrilling to enter high rpm and feel the car pressing forward! i drive bmw because i like that, although the engines are still very reliable. and i think, people who drive hartge and alpina are driving these cars, for two reasons:
    -they CAN buy it
    -they want a bit of motorsportfeeling in their luxury cars, that brabus can’t offer. just watch fitht gear’s comparisn for that.
    still i’m very happy to have someone here, who not just says, that bmw is best, but criticises their cars! :-)

    • viper says:

      Id rather have 6,3 its a 6,2l by the way its just a marketing trick , Id rather have 6,3 in front of me instead of 4,4tt or 4,0 , do you guys even wonder why they put such a huge engine?…think about it…Brabus Rocket and G power Hurricane are two different worlds , why? because the Rocket is worth much more than pumped up bmw m5 , the Brabus Rocket is much more complex car , the base is cls500 , everything else is different and changed from bottom its a complete new car worth much more than bmw , more exclusive too , the CLS is the most beautiful MB to date , there is simply no such car like the cls , and that car sells if you want to know , call Brabus in Bottrop they already sold 7 in Germany , they sell better more expensive cars than less expensive G power Hurricanes Typhoons and Tornados which as u said have more power from less cc’s although never have over anywhere near 1100Nm like most of AMGs and Brabus cars

      • wazon8 says:

        Is Brabus Rocket totally new built car? Are you kidding? In the same way G-power Hurricane can be count as totally new car: new engine package, new exhaust, new suspension, new aerodynamics, new wheels and so on. Before you get excited about 1100Nm, ask yourself how poor transmission AMG along with Brabus offer to this engine. Just ridiculous 5 gear like in cars 10 years ago! And you should remember about Motor Currency’s M5 bi turbo with 1000Nm and around 800PS. It shouldn’t be problem that there are only 10 such cars, since Brabus sold only 7 Rockets. This M5 is a way faster than Brabus Rocket. Morover, even G-power hurricane RS is faster than Brabus Rocket despite lower torgue. What for is 1100Nm in Rocket since this car cannot use this torgue at all? I guess that for such such people as you who are mostly excited about numbers, but not real performance. Better start to drive such cars yourself, maybe you will get a clue what we talk about. I don’t mean drive Rocket or Hurricane, it’s enough to compare how is to drive M3 e92 and how – C63 AMG. I think that your problem about BMW and your assessment of their cars come from your experience with 3-er you had. I guess that if 3-er didn’t impress you, it was low level 316, 318 or 320i. Maybe you should try something more powerfull to get some sense of what we talk about when we refer to driving experiences, don’t you think? So many of your comments sounds so incompetent to me that I have to put the question: What car do you drive/own?

        • viper says:

          I did own 3 series , u are paying attention…wow…it really doesnt matter what I drive now , but you can only guess once , after that I will tell you which one I own now , Ill have the opportunity to drive rocket and g power , u drove both of them right?

          • wazon8 says:

            No, I didn’t drive neither of them. I even don’t know people able to pay 100K euro + for tunning. However, I did drive CLS 63AMG and M5 E60 both stock and after various modifications form Hamman and Kelleners Sport. From these experiences I can say only that BMW is a way better car and if one cares about overall performance CLS 63AMG is a way after stock M5 E60.

            I’m pretty sure that you own MB and perhaps it’s E-class W211. I doubt that S-class is your car, because it’s hard to have one and still be so impressed by it.

          • viper says:

            right on its a 280cdi W211 , and Im looking forward to W220 probably 400cdi, coming soon…..
            today I saw white 750 Li….I was impressed , very , but when I saw the same white S550 L my jaw dropped , the car looked so much better , they are almost the same , white color and both in Lang version but the S550 looked at least 3 times better. sorry , if you have at least a little bit of good taste then you will agree with me.

          • Jordan says:

            let’s take a step back, get our head out of all this arguing and look at the big picture.

            you’ve spent all this time posting on this site to basically state that you believe Mercedes is the best and BMW doesn’t even come close. with the amount of Mercedes-fan-boy posting that you’re doing it seems you’re trying to convince us BMW fans that Mercedes is better and we should be Mercedes fans…. correct me if i’m wrong but that’s the only thing that makes sense. otherwise, why are you posting here? do you believe you are contributing to meaningful discussions with regards to the articles that are posted on this site, and to which you post?

            you have an incredible amount of self-righteousness (look it up, because you’re a text book definition), that from my knowledge and education, i think is only scratching the surface of a person who is hiding other personality “abnormalities”.

          • TIM says:

            hi there i just wanted to tell you smart guy that you and your bmw need to learn what mercedez benz forgat ok, you dont need to be a merc fan because they have more than bmw and take it look their sales for a change, and you don’t compette shit bmw m power vs the ///AMG never take it look for your self, its all online, take any bmw vs merc and you see which one kicks ass so stop the crap you talk here bmw is probely the worst car you can get in the market. i rather get kia then bmw. so stop it. NOTHING BEATS MERSEDEZ BENZ UNTIL NOW THE END.

          • viper says:

            yes you should all be Mercedes fans not bmw , Im trying to open your eyes

          • AKSHAT says:

            @27900c34f4673e2500c36da967c3eef3:disqus f*u

  14. lennardt says:

    @:p :
    if you drive an 6 litre sized engine, consumption shouldn’t bother you, or you got something wrong. if you want power and low consumption, you can buy 730d.

    no one needs an v8 diesel. its just a exotic engine no one needs. a hugh inline 6-cylinder would do the job better than an v8 in allday-use!

    • :p says:

      Lennardt, the 730d doesnt exist in the US. We got the 750L(I) and the 760LI.. the base model 1, 3, and 5 are the x28i and the x35i. the 3 has the 335d and the 5 has the 550i. The US doesnt have cheap BMWs and are known as luxury cars

  15. efoza says:

    The “7” is designed and built for those who want to driver their own car. The S class and the A8 are designed and marketed for being used as taxi cars or cars for people who want to sit in the back and be driven around by a driver. This is the reason why BMW wins over the Merc and Audi. It is a car built to be driven not a car built to be driven in.

    As to power and what Viper refers to as “mean” looks, I would say this. Those who look mean, often lack power and ability. I think the same can be said about the S class and A8. Like for like (engine size by engine size) BMW wins- as it has always done.

    In short, if you want a really fab luxury car, the BMW “7” or the new BMW GT are a must. In fact the GT even rides better than the “7”. If you want to waste money on a badge and look like a taxi driver, a Merc S class is a must. If you want to be left to look a fool on the road, then the Audi A8 is a must. Take your pick.

    • viper says:

      not true , 7 sereis along with A8 are wanna be S class , because they are big luxurious and powerful they should be the best of what the company has to offer , bottom line , cars to driven in by a driver , but bmw should be a drivers car too but also a car to be driven in , you mean white E classes are taxi cars not S class , if u think different I say then all of three are taxi cars not just MB…
      cars who look mean…dont you like 60? it looks very mean to me and its a great car Im talking about E60 M5 , looks better than new 5er 5 times!…mean cars are often very powerful cars not otherwise as you said.
      why bring GT in this conversation I dont get it , that car is totally off in this class

      • efoza says:

        If you are after mean looks, why don’t you buy a truck? If you are after luxury and driver appeal, well that is another matter – you should go for the “7” flat out.

        The reason was I mentioned the GT is for reason that all tests are proving that the GT is actually more comfortable than the S Class to drive and even to be driven in. The GT is a new comer into “this class” as you call it.

        • viper says:

          I dont buy that sorry , GT looks dull fat and close to super ugly , Id rather go with W140 if you know what I mean , maybe when I see GT in person I will change my mind but I doubt that alot

          • efoza says:

            Your reply makes me laugh. You have not seen the GT in the flesh. You have not driven the GT. Yet, you comment so negatively. I therefore sense that your comments are ill-informed and based on your imagination rather than fact.

          • viper says:

            well first I dont like the name 5 ‘GT’…then that car has a really ugly rear , it has something that skoda had first , clever trunk opening or something like that , it may look big but it looks odd for a bmw , simply fat dull and ugly , nuff said

      • Luyandza says:

        Viper with all due respect. If we wanted to hear glory glory halelujah mercedes we would be in that blog. You dont like beemers fine, you are entitled. As saying goes different strokes… We dont like MB period. The might be a couple of things that they might do nice but thats it. Any and every bmw has always been abiut the some of all its it’s parts instead of 1 thing that stands hence they win all the time. Audi is trying to win The looks department, MB power and BMW heart, soul and mind. Which is the some every living being. Just like they build their cars. Maybe you like poking fun at beemer lovers thats fine maybe you like seeing us all worked thats fine but you also get to prove an interesting point of these well engineered machines stirs our souls instead of trying arrive @ logical explanation of how power a stupid 6,2 litre engine can as compered to an intelligent 4litre beemer with that said bye MB eat our dust!

  16. lennardt says:

    interesting! i didn’t know that :-)
    i like the cheap petrolprices in america. it makes strong cars more attractive! ;-)

    • :p says:

      Are we the only country that doesnt call gasoline petro. our gas or petro is not cheap. I think its about $3.00 (2 euros) per gallon (4 liters)

  17. lennardt says:

    i’m from germany and we pay ~1,3€ for a single litre ;-)

  18. stuizdaman says:

    7 Series is king. we knew that already

  19. :p says:

    Viper, you are making a bad example of MB. No one likes a someone whobrags. most people here likes BMW and thats Final. What you are doing is making other people dislike MB even more. dude seriously, stop crapping on BMW fans

  20. Saleem says:

    Well many will dare to say I blaspheme on this site buy saying this but the Audi A8 has all these cars beat. The 7 series coming in a close second for me. Lets all give Audi credit where it’s due. I also say Merc is overrated and they will never be on the level of BMW and AUdi in my book.

    I am not sure if you guys are familiar with the video game street fighter but I liken BMW and AUDI to Ken and RYU

  21. Redza says:

    bmw 7 se is a king….MB looks outdated..I will never buy a MB only viper love the MB..Remember viper don´t hurt others BMW fans heart!!!!!

  22. :p says:

    Hes not the only one who is a fan of Mercedes Benz. I respect Mercedes and Audi but BMW is just overall better with the majority of there models.

  23. ata says:

    bmw7 very very good car.bmw7 king.i love bmw7

  24. ok says:

    OMG the bmw won the test that was conducted by a bmwblog site i would have never guess this one for sure i thought the audi would win lol

  25. omojuwa says:

    i am of the opinion that Merc comes top considering the consistency it maintained in the poll result, that goes to tell what to expect from the car after 100000 km. Overall, the poll was a true reflection of where the best sedans (luxury) comes from.
    You guys did a good job. Though i am sticking to my BMW 330XD and MERC 200 cdi.

  26. majid says:

    I dont buy that sorry , GT looks dull fat and close to super ugly , Id rather go with W140 if you know what I mean , maybe when I see GT in person I will change my mind but I doubt that alot

  27. saied says:

    B M W the most prefer in my country

  28. gao says:

    A8 is my favarite.

  29. alex says:

    Well, what was I expecting from comparison on bmw blog???

    Look at the numbers. S class sells far better than 7 series and A8. Lexus comes 2nd in US in luxury segent. Not 7 series…S class is on top. …I live in NYC, for every 7 series I see 5 S classes here……No surprise here too.

    Why exluding S65? It is still S class. Exterior design? Interior design??? That is subjective, I like 7 series a little bit more than S class, but that’s really up to each person’s taste. But design is smth I dont take in account when I buy a car like that…..Brand name is all. Mercedes here is out of comparison.
    I’ve driven S classes ever since W140. Nothing and I stress it, Nothing comes close to ride comfort to S class. MB just grabbed the notion of luxury car 100%. Its not a car for sporting from one stop light to another, not the best cornering, not the best fuel economy…
    Once again I am bored even to finish my comment…….S class is far more superior than 7 series, Audi A8

    • Daniel H (aka :p) says:

      Then again, the majority of Americans who buy full size luxury cars are slightly older people who prefers comfort over . Since Mercedes Benz leads in Comfort, The S takes lead in this segment. It also comes to location. Down in Austin, Texas, you would see more Lexus Leading in the segment.

    • Babken says:

      It’s not. Now the 7er sells more than the S-Class. If what you say was true the 7 Series sales wouldn’t rise so sharply.

  30. Marjan says:

    it’s shame to compare BMW serie 7 with this sheat. BMW is outstanding brand. BMW 4ever

  31. taqiuddin says:

    BMW 7 Series is the king. Who is the 2nd and the 3rd? Well, it doesn’t matter to me at all. The most important thing is that BMW 7 SERIES is the 1st.

  32. taqiuddin says:

    Well, what was I expecting from comparison on bmw blog???

    Look at the numbers. S class sells far better than 7 series and A8. Lexus comes 2nd in US in luxury segent. Not 7 series…S class is on top. …I live in hyd., for every 7 series I see 5 S classes here……No surprise here too.

    Why exluding S65? It is still S class. Exterior design? Interior design??? That is subjective, I like 7 series a little bit more than S class, but that’s really up to each person’s taste. But design is smth I dont take in account when I buy a car like that…..Brand name is all. Mercedes here is out of comparison.
    I’ve driven S classes ever since W140. Nothing and I stress it, Nothing comes close to ride comfort to S class. MB just grabbed the notion of luxury car 100%. Its not a car for sporting from one stop light to another, not the best cornering, not the best fuel economy…
    Once again I am bored even to finish my comment…….S class is far more superior than 7 series, Audi A8

  33. taqiuddin says:

    Hes not the only one who is a fan of Mercedes Benz. I respect Mercedes and Audi but BMW is just overall better with the majority of there models.

  34. Luyandza says:

    Viper with all due respect. If we wanted to hear glory glory halelujah mercedes we would be in that blog. You dont like beemers fine, you are entitled. As the saying goes different strokes… We dont like MB period. The might be a couple of things that they might do nice but thats it. Any and every bmw has always been about the some of all its it’s parts instead of 1 thing that stands out, hence they win all the time. Audi is trying to win The looks department, MB power and BMW heart, soul and mind. Which is the some every living being. Just the way they build their cars. Maybe you like poking fun at beemer lovers, thats fine. Maybe you like seeing us all worked up, thats fine. But you also get to prove an interesting point of how these well engineered machines stir our souls. Instead of trying to arrive @ a logical explanation of how much power a stupid 6,2 litre engine can bulch out as compered to an intelligent 4litre beemer with that said bye MB eat our dust!

  35. flamur says:

    this is not at power gets 4p and MERCEDES 3.s65 has more power than’s interior is not as good as mercedes’ wich is the BEST in here.MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS IS THE BEST.<3<3<3<3<3

  36. Christian Zimmermann says:

    what a review! im not a big fan of the german auto industri in generly terms but most say that BMW, Mercedes and Audi makes some of the finest cars around.

    Lexus on the other hand is the only car out of the 4 testet that has a totaly other proces when it comes to making cars.

    It is the only car where im left impresed, by the tech, engine touch and ridefeel behind the steering wheel and as a passenger.

  37. Batboy says:

    Mercedes: sry BMw, as much as i owned u for years and loved u, The S class is now the lord of all saloons(in that price range)

    BMW: the new 7 series is the ugliest BMW in the history of mankind, it looks like a damn lexus wearing Armani jeans and a Burberry cologne :D

    Lexus: A wannabe pimped out toyota :P u shall never be a symbol of lexury, sry :'(

    Audi’s: still an air-conditioner on wheels! :P

  38. Fifth wheels says:

    All four manufacture plays an important role in Automotive Market. All of these manufacturer has given the best of the best.

    Comparing them with each other is not a good idea because all of these manufacture has plus & minus points.

    Talking about This series of cars BMW has some more plus point that other. But their are some other car model series in with BMW has less point.

  39. bubbles says:

    well i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but still i bow to MB even the price of the MB says so. if the BMW was the supreme out of all it would definetily be the most exensive.

  40. bubbles says:

    well i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i bow to MB even the price range says so because if the BMW was the supreme out of all these models it would definetly be the most expensive in addition MB has class.

  41. kcsnyud says:


  42. mike says:

    i think the car is worth to drive.

  43. Louis Bousquet says:

    How convenient the BMW won on a BMW blog

  44. AKCFA says:

    yall are crazy lol I personally believe the Lexus designers did an amazing job this year and I cannot wait to purchase my own Lexus Ls 460.

  45. mercedes says:

    hell! no. merc should be first.

  46. Jack says:

    BMW 7 Series scoring high this time when you count it for power and performance….. Car is also well designed apart form LED in back….Even Lexus Ls seems good but here all 4 are big brands having own fan base….. So as a BMW fan i will definitely thumbs up for this one……….

  47. Wanna like to see these major giants competing with each other. I like AUDI and BMW because of their stunning looks and design.

  48. John says:

    I would have thought the lexus would have done better in terms of engine, what with the hybrid?

    The new A8 has a lovely interior, but the exterior is just so dull.

  49. leon says:

    i like bmw very much…

  50. Julie Watson says:

    I think it is great to compare all the four but it is unfair to one of them as best. I think all the four are best i think they have their advantages.


  51. Baloney says:

    Wow, guys, like, wow! I got tired when I read half of the comments, so I just skipped down here and so I’m probably not really in tune with the conversation, but, judging from the first half of the comments, YOU’RE ALL RETARDED!!!!!!!! (except for viper). The BMW 7 Series is an ugly piece of ****ing crap! Just look at the front of the S-class. It’s beautiful!!!!!!!! In my opinion, the new S65 is the best-looking car EVER made. Just look at it! Beauty on wheels. The A8 is nice. I’m not going to say anything else about it. The LS is Toyota crap. Now, I think we should be adding the new Jaguar XJ to the comparison. In my eyes, it’s the only car that could even hope of dreaming of competing with the gorgeous Benz. Now, lets add the XJ to the comparison.

  52. Baloney says:

    I forgot to put this in my last comment. THIS COMPARISON IS TOTALLY UNFAIR TO THE BENZ!!!!!!!!!!! Why aren’t you including the S65 AMG? It’s A LOT faster than the 7 series, classier than the LS, and more luxurious than the A8. Why is the guy who wrote this not including the S65? HE’S NOT EVEN INCLUDING THE S63!!! The S600 is crap compared to the S65! Why are we not including AMG models?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t you go and find the specs for the best BMW 7 series model (there are like 50 billion of them, which is another thing I hate about BMW), and compare it to the S65. The S65 will SQUASH it in terms of performance, luxury, and looks. I would have an S65 over a Porsche, Range Rover, Ferrari, and even a Gallardo (not a Lamborghini Murcielago, though, of course) any day!!!!!!! I even prefer it to Rolls-Royce or Bentley because it is the best-looking car in the world.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      Maybe the S65 is 100 grand more then the rest of the cars. and another thing, Preformance wise, the S AMG cars are best for Straight line only. the most an S can be here is an S550 since the rest of these cars have about 400hp. The S65 fits with bentley and Rolls Royce since its a quarter Million a car and it has 600hp.

      • Baloney says:

        Well I guess you’re right, but we’re still not being fair to Mercedes in a way. Besides, you HAVE to agree that the S class looks better than the BMW and Lexus and Audi. And, actually, the S65 is a fifth of a million dollars, not a quarter.

    • RK says:

      The BMW 7 series is not composed of 50 billion models, it’s quite simple so do your research. Also, you are retarded… in the ending of your paragraph, your comparing a luxury sedan to high end SPORTS CARS (Porsche, Ferrari, Gallardo) and a luxury SUV (Range Rover). Do you understand that each vehicle has a class of it’s own? stay within the boundaries. And its funny that over a rare italian machine, you would take a common flagship sedan that is not of the same value and which depreciates at a faster rate…

  53. Baloney says:

    These are the kind of people that buy BMWs:

    A lawyer opened the door of his BMW, when suddenly a car came along and hit the door, ripping it off completely. When the police arrived at the scene, the lawyer was complaining bitterly about the damage to his precious BMW.
    “Officer, look what they’ve done to my Beeeemer!!!”, he whined.
    “You lawyers are so materialistic, you make me sick!!!” retorted the officer, “You’re so worried about your stupid BMW, that you didn’t even notice that your left arm was ripped off!!!”
    “Oh my gaaad….”, replied the lawyer, finally noticing the bloody left shoulder where his arm once was, “Where’s my Rolex???!!!!!”

  54. Baloney says:

    Lets add the Jag to the comparison now, please. SOMEBODY???!

  55. RK says:

    The BMW 7 series is the best out of the bunch. I have always appreciated the Mercedes-Benz S-class but ever since the 2002 debut of the 7 series, it stole my attention. I never cared much about the Audi A8 or the Lexus LS. I would have to give it upto BMW for creating a magnificent flagship luxury sedan for the past couple years. It is both sporty and luxurious with a younger persona than the other sedans. .

  56. Baloney says:

    How can you possibly prefer the Beemer over the S-Class?! The S-Class looks SO much better!!! And it has more features, and Mercedes is a more prestigious and business-meeting-kind brand.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      It depends on what people want out of there cars. Most people who buy benz are executives who prefer a large comfortable vehicle to be driven around. BMW are for people who like to drive rather than be driven in.

  57. Baloney says:

    What’s wrong with you, Daniel Hoang? No- absolutely not!! Have you ever seen a chaffeur-driven C-Class? A chaffeur-driven E-Class? A chaffeur-driven S-Class? A chaffeur-driven CL-class? I certainly haven’t. Benz are NOT made to be driven by a chaffeur- in fact, they make for a very dynamic driving experience, especially the CLS.

    • plaxico says:

      Finally some normal folks around here.
      Dont pay attention to Daniel H.,he s a good kid but judging by his photo he doesnt have a driving license yet , so i dont understand from where all these opinions are coming from.
      S class aka spaceship !

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      If you think about someone owning a Mercedes Benz, what is the first thing that comes in mind. Wealthy, classy , and loves to be surrounded in luxury. Why woulnt the S or even E class be chaffeur car? Benz make some of the most luxurious, comfortable, and good looking cars in the world. Its just that those aspects are not what many others and I are mainly looking for.

    • Doug says:

      Actually, mercs have a long history of being chauffeur cars. Just not very much in the US.

  58. Baloney says:

    RK- YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RETARDED!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT! THE S65 IS NOT A COMMON FLAGSHIP SEDAN! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT COSTS? $200,000. Common, huh? Depreciates faster?- no; absolutomente NO. I have never even SEEN an S65 AMG, while I have seen a Lamborghini Murcielago, Gallardo, and a Ferrari 599 and 430. There you go.

  59. Baloney says:

    The only BMW that’s worth anything is the 6 Series. The 1 Series is too cheap and the C-Class is better, the 3 Series is a pretty good car, but the Audi A4 looks better than it AND has leather seats as standard, while the Beemer doesn’t. The 5 Series looks too much like the 3 Series so people will mistake it and think that you’re poor. The 6 Series I really do like, actually, I’d prefer it to the Benz CL because it looks better. The 7 Series is destroyed by the S-Class, and I actually would consider it if they made an “M7”, but they haven’t. The Z4 is too ugly and I just don’t like it, and the X3 and X5 are completely destroyed in terms of looks and comfort by the new Volvo XC90. The X6 is the ugliest car of the century (well, when I say ugliest, I really mean 2nd ugliest, because all ugly cars are quenched in terms of ugliness by the Nissan Cube. I throw up just thinking about it. Ope. I need to go to the bathroom)

  60. E F III says:

    What no price comparison?

  61. Matt says:

    Although I’m a big fan of BMW and Mercedes I’d have to say I that I do like how the new Audi styling is looking. I did like the older (late 90s) A8 models, though they seem to be plagued with transmission problems.

  62. Tripp says:

    As an owner of a 2008 BMW 7series I would personally go with the Mercedes. I have owned both cars and was in a serious car accident where my airbag did not deploy in my 750i……..I would not recommend these cars.

  63. Great to watch this compilation between these world class car manufacturer.

    I am big fan of BMW so I will support to BMW.

  64. Baloney says:

    Yo, gyes, I’ve been seeing the BMW 7 Series a lot recently, and, I have to say, I’ve changed my mind. I like it more than the S-Class. It just looks better in some way. If only the front grills were a LITTLE smaller, it would be perfect.

  65. Luca says:

    Umm…the Audi A8 please……

  66. alin oprea says:

    in other classes …the more sporty ones BMW is better than Mercedes but in this segment you simply cannot beat the Mercedes …you all should know that
    BMW = sport
    Mercedes = luxury

  67. Hummer Limo says:

    Obviously I will support to “Hummer”.

    But as their is not Hummer in the competition I will support to BMW.

    • Baloney Sandwhich says:

      You know, the BMW is okay. I’m not saying it’s a bad car. But what’s better than all of these cars is the new Jaguar XJ. It looks better, has a much better ride, is more comfortable, British, it’s just better in all ways! I wouldn’t even think between the Jaguar XJ and the Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8, Bimmer, or the old Jaguar XJ (obviously). In fact, it’s my favorite car in the world- after the Bugatti Veyron and the Lamborghini Reventon.

  68. Neloax says:

    This could’nt be more bias.. Exterior design is merc for sure.. engine power you clearly say mercedes is better but you still give bmw the top engine..…

    Exterior design: Merc, Audi, BMW, Lexus
    Interior: Merc, lexus, audi, BMW (BMW have horrible interiors)
    Engines: Merc, BMW, Lexus, Audi

    The real conclusion is that a 7 series, A8, LS, S-class are all saloons ment for comfort yet this is not even mentioned here..Jaguar for some reason was completely ruled out which is retarded. I am sure if this post was on an Audi A8 forum the A8 would be top, Merc forum would be the S-class.. and so on and so on.

    Unless it’s done third party by professionals there is always going to be smucks that no nothing about the car and just read 2,3 spec sheats on a website and make a judgement on whats better.

  69. Rvs for sale says:

    I totally agree with you that BMW 7 Series is the most powerful of all and really a fun to drive this car…

  70. Steve J says:

    Aesthetically Audi is the worst. The obvious mistake they made was not keeping the C-pillar side window within the rear doorframe. Cosequently in profile, the side windows seem to be too many! Audi need to redesign the exterior. It is simply not appealing enough.

    It is easier to make a car luxurious inside. It’s all about furniture and interior design. Humanity has had years of practice. It is harder to make a car as agile and fast as a cheetah.

    The BMW looks the most sporting and drives the most sportingly. It resembles a lion about to pounce on prey. The Audi resembles a robot especially with those LED headlights!

    The Merc S65 may be the fastest in linear acceleration but it is nose heavy because of the copious engine. Its front/rear weight distribution is not as balanced as eg a 750/760i. Furthermore the handling is inferior to the 7. So overall the BMW 7 is the better car.

    Lexus is cheaper in every way, but it is still a competent allrounder. So it cannot be dismissed.

    The Jag XJ has a major failing in the headlights looking beedy, seedy, too thin and slit-like. It would have stood a better chance had the makers thought more on headlight design.

    For most people, before one spends north of $70000. The exterior has to be inspirational. Once you get that visual inspiration that is akin to nearly a sensual encounter,the car invites one to explore its inner assets eg luxury appointments, handling and velocity.

    The BMW has a commanding stance. It really has presence. The look on the front of the car says: if you want a marriage between luxury and performance, hop on board!

    • Baloney says:

      You’re sure advanced! By the way, everybody must have thought that I disappeared, but I did not! I’m still here, good as new. Anyway, I cannot believe what you say about the Jaguar. The headlights are the best part of it! They make it look like a REAL jaguar cat, and it is a simply gorgeous car (except for the rear lights, which are a bit awkward).

  71. ZR1 says:

    The 7-series may win in performance as all bmws do in comparisons, but when looking at interior and exterior design the bmw isn’t as refined as the mercedes or the audi. (Though this probably wasn’t the best website for a fair comparison [i.e. the name of the site is bmw blog].

  72. Kolby says:

    You people are only going by what this blog has to say, this blog is called BMWblog. It is going to be 100% biased to the 7-series. But really, the 7-series isn’t the best car up here, it might not even be 2nd on this list. Why don’t you people research these cars by yourself, or go test drive them then give your thoughts to this website

    • Baloney says:

      So true, Kolby. But, you have not said which car YOU think is the best. Which is it?

      • Kolby says:

        Personally I like the S-class. Test drove one a couple weeks ago, and I loved it, then I test drove the 7-series a week later and wasn’t as impressed. My second choice would be the Audi because I like the way it looks, but I cant totally rule it in because The only Audi I have test drove was the s4

    • 1m rocks says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but look at the article. bmw blog clearly did not rank these cars, the rankings came from a general automotive magazine. I don’t see anywhere in the article where bmw blog praised the 7 Series.

      • Kolby says:

        Actually, the blog does give points to BMW where they are not deserved. I.e. The power category. The top of the line 7 series isn’t as powerful as the s65 amg. Also in looks the Audi clearly looks the best, but the Mercedes is given 2 points. When you look at the 7 series and s class, neither one of them look better. They both look really cool. I’m not bashing on the BMW, it’s a nice car, but the point is that this blogis too biased toward BMW.

        • 1m rocks says:

          The points again came from another site…but keep in mind, the 7 Series cannot compare to the S65 AMG since there is no M7.

          And yes, bmw blog clearly will be somewhat biased towards BMW, but I have been on here for years and never seen an aggressive biased behavior. Actually, they just posted an article where Audi pretty much wins…

  73. -_- says:

    Funny how BMW won on the bmwblog for no real reason. Jezz, this is DEFINITELY not biased… not one bit. They are all nice cars, but if they are going to line them up and chose who is best, it shouldn’t be a biased site doing it.

    • Baloney says:

      I’m confused deathly pale! Are you saying it is NOT biased, or are you saying it is biased??? First you say “funny how BMW won on the bmwblog for no real reason,” then you say it is “DEFINITELY not biased.” What the fuck? Can’t you just say outright whether you think it’s biased or not?? (Sorry if I appear to be rude, but DO YOU THINK IT’S BIASED OR NOT!!!!!????)

      P.S. Not that your opinion matters to me ;)

      P.P.S. I tend to be random.

      P.P.P.S. Actually, now that I have calmed down, my true intentions were to confuse YOU deathly pale.

      P.P.P.P.S. To be confused deathly pale means to be very confused, or to be very confused deathly pale, in which the deathly is the adverb describing the adjective pale, which could be describing confused, but some very stupid people say that it might somehow could possibly maybe may be describing or modifying, or stating more information about (although that is not a very common thing for an adjective, being described by a strange adverb such as deathly, to do), the ugliest of the deathly pale of these, why, of course, the phrases I am talking about, such ugliness peeling up out of its sleeve, unpurtruding its ugly thing (even though such an extremely strange thing indeed, as the word unpurtruding may possibly appear in the dictionary in 2012), as the phrase “to be.” In other words, pale is describing “confused,” but some dumb people think it’s describing “to be.”

      P.P.P.P.P.S. You’re fired! Your boss told me that you’re not going to work at Maaco anymore.

  74. me says:

    Truthfully it is either Audi or BMW. I find the look of the interior of the Mercedes S class hideous and similarly I am not a large fan of the looks of the inside of the new XJ (prefer in fact the look of the XF). The only reason I would consider the Lexus is concerns over reliability but it lacks of any real dynamic prowess which is a concern. Thus I would only choose either the BMW 7 series or Audi A8, providing they have long warranties.

  75. Mansi Malik says:

    This is great review of BMW. This car looks awesome. Interior looks top notch. ATV For Sale

  76. I am always go with BMW & Audi. Actually both car looks fantastic.I can;t compare these 2 cars.Because BMW is my favorite car from long time………..and Audi is really passionate car…
    But I will give the first preference to BMW 7 series.I really like the front lower facia and rims.Sweet looking ride!!

  77. The old model Audi A8 look better than new current model look more beautiful besign this model more attractive and internal look very nice….

  78. Allouzi says:

    Mercedessssss Is The Besttt Car Than The Bmw

  79. Ferrariyellow42 says:

    This is such a joke. The s class has always been the best. The only reason the 7 series won is because this is a BMW blog. Anyways, the grilles on the 7 are so hideous they remind me of a black guys nostrils! Flagships shouldnt look sporty, they should look elegant. The S has always done so…

  80. Chris says:

    Overall, I agree with this. but i voted for Audi cause its the biggest one here and like big cars

  81. Dusa Mohan says:

    Mercedes Benz the best on this planet

  82. Darrell says:

    I have my second bmw 7 ( new shape). It’s 750 petrol and disappointing, but that’s my fault. I should have test drove the actual engine I went for. I want smooth elegant silence. I’ve got aggressive urgent grunt. It’s like having to please an immature 18 year old mistress, when you would prefer to enjoy the sophistication of Michelle Phfeiffer.

  83. Jiminfl says:

    Because the term “petro” is used it would seem this is a review by a British or european group.  Another totally irrelevant review of luxury cars.  There is practically nowhere in the world where one can enjoy the high speeds of which these cars are capable.  In my opinion the value of the big motors lies only in those situations where one can get out of trouble by having an exceptional amount of power avaiable.  How about emergency handling?  How do these cars perform on a 2000 mile trip?  Can one sit in them for eight hours at a stretch? Can a tall or fat person get enough leg room  to stretch out?  Do they have large enough gas tanks for long distance cruising?  Does the air conditioning do well in Arizona in the summer?  Can they get decent radio reception in eastern Wyoming?  Is the noise level tiring after a couple hours?  How many miles will they go before an expensive repair has to be made.  How much are repairs?  I had a French car that had Bosch injection tubes, they cost 130 US dollars.  The same injector tubes for a Porche cost about 1000 US dollars.

  84. Supersalal says:


    • Baloney says:

      Heh, last time I was here was 8 months ago.  :p  Don’t worry, I’ve become more mature since then and am willing to listen to other people’s opinions.  So, basically, this is exactly what I was saying, what, a year and a half ago?  But I’ve realized that these are all cars in the $100,00 price range, and the S65 is $200,000.  So, it’s actually kind of unfair to the other cars if the S65 was included here…

  85. Welc0me says:

    The Audi A8 is the refined german car,and has the most space,in my opinion the audi looks the sexyist unlike the other cars in this comparison.In my opinion the mersedes c class is the cheapest and best looking of all the mersedes.But the audi isnt the fastest car here,but its the only good lokking.If you want performence by a catty cts v.But in my opinion the audi a8 is the best lokking best by,and most liviable than all these ugly mersedes and bmws here

  86. salman nasir says:

    bmw 7 series is awsome but s class is also good

  87. Ben says:

    Shame on your racist unfortunate remarks about a black man, have you forgotten how long a white mans nose is bt i agree with you on S class being the best

  88. Koudane Miizoox Koukou says:

    i prefer s class 400 she has a new technologie i love it ♥

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