LED Angel Eyes on the BMW 3 Series Coupe facelift?

Spy Photos | December 4th, 2009 by 16
e92 lci vergleich

BMW 3 Series Coupe facelifted test mules continue to be seen during testing sessions. The E92 and E93 life cycle impulse models will make their …

BMW 3 Series Coupe facelifted test mules continue to be seen during testing sessions. The E92 and E93 life cycle impulse models will make their debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010 with U.S. sales commencing in April 2010.

The latest spy photos show us again that the major changes in this LCI are around the headlights. The upcoming models will feature a slightly different design with the headlights now embedded in the front apron and have a downward curvature at the outer edge, as is clearly visible in our image comparison below.

Furthermore, for the first time the prototypes seem to feature new and brighter Angel Eyes, as seen in the new 5 Series. These rings are now LED daytime running lights powered by its lighter color and are even more obvious than before.

Apart from that, we expect headlights LED flashers like the E90 facelift, and the now typical “eyebrow” at the top of the headlights, similar to the one in the 7 Series, Z4 roadster, X1 or the new 5.

e92 lci vergleich

At the rear-end, we expect, as with any new other models, a slight L-shape of the light rod which will give the facelift models of E92 and E93 an unmistakable night-time look. Looking at the spy photos, the kidneys are slightly flattened at the top and they held just 13 grilles from the usual 14th on the current model. As with all the new models and thanks to the EU safety pedestrian regulations, much larger exterior mirrors caught our attention.

e92 lci vergleich2 655x203

Front and rear aprons and side skirts are also rumored to received slight changes. Even though not featured here, one of the prototypes spotted was carrying the Vermillion Red pain that was not previously offered for the E92 models.

Engine wise, several rumors have been floating on the internet, but so far none of them confirmed by BMW. It is still uncertain on whether the new N55 twin-scroller turbo will be used or just an upgraded version of the current twin-turbo N54.

The upcoming 5 Series includes the new four-cylinder diesel engine with 184 horsepower, but once again, we’re unclear if this engine will be used in the current 3 Series line-up.

With a world premiere in Geneva, the first official photos should hit the web sometimes in January.

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16 responses to “LED Angel Eyes on the BMW 3 Series Coupe facelift?”

  1. Wakly Pierre says:

    I don’t care! it’s all good for me! I am addicted to BMW!

  2. Artmic says:

    Meh, just the lights get the tweak, they should have included the DCT in the change.

  3. :p says:

    put an extra turbo on the next single turbo I6. Keep the same price but it but with the next twin turbo, the 3 can reach 330hp and it would be as fast as the E46 M3 and faster than the Audi S4.

  4. bunker says:

    why do I have this feeling that they’re going to screw up what is already a perfect design? the front end of the E92 is just plain gorgeous. the rear end of the E92 is just plain gorgeous. in fact, the entire car is just plain gorgeous. I may keep mine until it falls apart…

    • Tom says:

      +1 im not so sure about the new curve on the headlight edge.. and the new grill size is bothering me.
      im alittle nervous to see the official pictures haha

      its current design, is honestly just flawless. no other word comes to mind.

  5. Uxel says:

    sorry guys, can someone explain the word LCI? What does it stand for? :)

    • KidrauhlM5 says:

      LCI stands for Life Cycle Impulse. Which means a slight modifications or changes to a current model. Like from the original 2005 3er rear lights, hood to the 2009 3er rear lights, hood, bumpers and some others. Just very small. For this one, we can see slight modifications to the head lights and to the front bumpers also to the taillights. I think you got it now ;)

  6. viper says:

    like it matters…

  7. James May says:

    It seems to matter to you Viper why post a comment then. You dont like BMW but your always posting comments. If i dont like something i stay away from it. You love BMW really. I think your an attention seeker

  8. Tom says:

    I think they were using yellow-tinted plastic before to hide the white LED angel eyes (see this pic: https://www.bmwblog.com/2009/10/27/spies-facelifted-bmw-3-series-coupe-shows-its-m-sport-package/).

  9. B: says:

    Edited: Please no profanity, it will only lead to worse comments. I hope you understand.

  10. ferrarifan says:

    guess who’s getting leds now..

  11. Dutchie says:

    What?! New 3 series coupe? I thought the coupe was going to be called 4 series. How many times has bmwblog talked about that? And by the way this update is based on the old e90 platform. Don’t they know that their colleagues have created a new platform -> f30?

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